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Startup Specialists

A Single Source for all your Thailand STARTUP needs – Consult the STARTUP Specialists for immediate ROI

Startup specialists belong to a different genre of people in business. They are self starters, patient, resilient, positive and more importantly result oriented performers

It is difficult for a Start-up to have expertise or domain knowledge across multiple functions. Every Start-up needs to rope in the mentor-ship, guidance and direction from the experienced stalwarts/ veterans from the seeding stage. This helps in bringing in the Expertise, Methodologies, Tools, Technology, Best Practices, Experience, Outsider’s Viewpoint into the Start-up company at an affordable cost with almost guaranteed success assurance.

Selection of the right person who would take full ownership of the project is they key between the success and failure of the Startup. Business Owners who have limited funds to gamble and in two minds about the person executing the project, should consult with a Startup Specialist.

Who brings in strategic insights, rapid execution with a pragmatic hands-on approach

If you are a Business Owner who wish to execute his vision successfully but cannot really rely on senior staff members and need someone professional to make his dream come true….a  Startup Specialist is the right choice who can evaluate, guide and handhold people to succeed.

If you are an ambitious startup, having already secured the seed capital and have a wonderful idea to execute but struggling or hesitating on the way forward, then look no further ……a Startup Specialist is an invaluable resource, just when you need it.

Startup Specialist is a flexible and bespoke resource who can seamlessly work you and your team as a friend, philosopher and guide to carry all the startup headaches on his shoulders and work around to execute your dream, perfectly.

Andy is a startup specialist  with experience of 20+ startups encompassing 15+ diverse industries. Hire him as your Virtual Director if you are looking to start up your business in Thailand/Asia.

A Virtual Startup Specialist consults and advice business owners to execute any project without being on a payroll. He is remotely based and keep in touch through Skype, Phone and scheduled face-to-face meetings. He is not a 40 hours per week employee, rather he may put much many hours to make the project successful as his only mandate is project success. A Virtual Startup Specialist not only has diverse industry knowledge with multitasking business abilities in multi-disciplines but also mentors the junior staffs on demand.

Save money & Time when you hire a Virtual Startup Specialist, as he comes with his own experienced team and in-house services that are critical requirement for any startup project. Multiple business components may include Market Research, Legal, Office Space, Recruitments, backend operations and business development which can be all taken care by the Startup Specialist team. Consider the entire project is outsourced to  him while you observe and learn the startup process of success. All these all-inclusive services are available at an affordable cost for a stipulated period of time till you taste success.

A  Startup Specialist, when hired, will not only work externally for your project success, but also lends a helping hand to your team to ride the waves of success by guiding them throughout the startup and build process. Mentoring is done through an unbiased approach, keeping in mind the implementation of right strategies at the shortest possible time. Startup consulting is carried on for a specific time, mostly for a period of 3 years, so there is enough time for people to get tuned up to the entire startup process and learn on the job to take care of the project going forward.

It is not a rocket science to understand that every Startup Specialist with dozens of startup projects under his belt, would have definitely had enough experience to learn the tricks of the trade and be a master of handling setbacks. A thorough self made startup operational process, using his best practices is developed for your project and implemented carefully so that there are no fall outs – the idea is to do the work – with minimum mistakes.

Save time with instant access to proven partners to outsource any job or take assistance on adhoc basis whenever needed. With decades of working in national and international level, the Startup Specialist can connect to his hundreds of contacts in his network to solve any startup issues. Not only business connections, but strong social connections are exploited at the hour of need, each and every time of need.

Knowing your industry is an added advantage. With 16+ diverse industry knowledge, as a Virtual Startup Specialist it take little or no time to understand your desires, your customer’s requirements and mapping it with your business model. Deep understanding  of technology solutions, manufacturing, retail, financial markets are just to name a few focus areas where the Startup Specialist has experience on.

Not everyone is a Startup Specialist. He has a multi-faceted work experience and is adept in sharing dynamic multi-tasking responsibilities. His overall skills encompasses Legal ideas, People Management, Procurement, Customer service, Production, Business Development capabilities, Financial Knowledge and of course, strong administrative and controlled discipline to run projects on a bootstrap. He is a person who never quits even though sometime his heart may desire but his brain does not allow. Hiring a Virtual  Startup Specialist is your ultimate endeavour to your project success – just what you   need.

Small business owners and individuals trying to setup their business in Thailand and looking for expanding business in the Asian region, should also consult the Virtual Startup Specialist.

Few scope of work covered by the Startup Specialist would be  :

  1. Business: Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Product Management, Alliances, Operations, Recruitment, P&L
  2. Financial : Accounting, P&L, Taxation, Legal, Contracts & Agreements
  3. Technology : Project Management, Product Development, Research & Development
  4. Networking : Contacts with Key Corporates, Government, Industrial Bodies, Banks, Venture

Services that are offered by Andy & his team  :


Thailand Market Entry Services

Startup Consulting | Market Research | Company Registration | BOI Consulting | Due Dilligence

Thailand Infrastructure & Business Outsourcing

Serviced Office | Factory Setup | Accounting | Operations | Manpower | Business Development |Management

Thailand Business Representation Services

Representative Office | Sourcing | Distribution | Franchisee


Thailand Sales & Marketing Services

Lead Generation | Distributor Appointment | Marketing Strategy | Branding | Content Creation | Business Development | Content Creation  | Digital Marketing | Multimedia Services

Email Andy to hire him as a Virtual Director to startup, build and promote your project