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Business Development – Thailand

Business development process is key for breaking even for any startup project. But it could be a long learning curve for any foreigner to be actually productive in Thailand, unless he knows the tricks of the trade. Often, people or companies who are willing to startup in Thailand look for someone who can provide comprehensive support to have their ROI in a shorter time.  Under our business consulting  services, we have our proven Business Development in Asia programs, which might just be suitable.

After starting a company in Thailand or opening a branch office in Thailand, Business Development is probably the most important activity required. When any business owner sets up their goal to start up operations in a foreign country, the constant thought of revenue generation occupies their mind. They have to delve on the answers about how to get the ROI as soon as possible on the investments that they have to commit in the country There are so many constraints and challenges that a business owner faces in a new country – language barriers, cultural issues etc and the time taken to overcome that increases the cycle of business development and eventually results in delayed revenue generation thus affecting the break even time in their plan. Time to market is vital for any startup ventures – be it a new company or a branch of an existing company. Right Business development strategies are needed for quick revenue generation, but the same can be very expensive in a foreign land and can result in fruit less efforts, if it is not done in the right direction.

As startup specialists, cultivating our experience, we have summed up business development into two workable model for our clients which is not only cost effective but also generate revenues at a much shorter time.

For any business development, it is quite mandatory to have a team who would be on the ground, knocking doors and focusing on customer management while  senior management is required at the backend to strategize, monitor and provide direction to the team. We, as a business consulting company,  have divided these into two areas:  Sales & Marketing Consulting and Virtual Director Services.

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Through our Sales & Marketing consulting services, we assist our clients with a variety of services like Startup consulting, Thailand Market Research, Market segmentation, Lead generation, sales strategy, sales execution, customer management, brand consultancy, customer relationship, public relations, event, online marketing strategy and development and many more. We act as your one stop marketing consultant in thailand.

Through our proven methodologies, we hire the right sales & marketing team and then train/motivate/supervise them to execute perfectly.  The local business development team are hired in consultation with the client, from the same industry with adequate experience in the relevant field so as to minimize the ultimate sales cycle. We dedicate a team of people, well experienced in local market, exclusively for you, monitored daily by us, for your success in Thailand.

For understanding more on the marketing services that we can provide, please download our Marketing Consulting  brochure.

Also please check out this video which explains how we can promote your business in Thailand.

Hire Us As Your Virtual Director  |  Do More, Faster, With Fewer Mistakes

We have worked on several models of operation, of which the concept of Virtual Director services has been the most popular. Virtual Director is a concept of having a senior management presence in this alien country where companies are willing to operate.

As a small business owner, specially at a startup stage, it often becomes difficult to hire a senior executive with high salary to run the operations, since higher and quicker returns on investment are expected.

We also understand that it is quite difficult for foreign small business owners, to have their expat executives stationed in Thailand permanently to monitor operations, as it not only involves high cost of operation but also a long learning curve for them to understand the foreign market, work culture, identifying potential buyers and then be successful in this

So we offer  the Virtual Director Service, where we take up multiple roles to ensure your success. We can either take up a Business Development role or an operational role, totally based on your requirements. We act as your Thailand representative, totally focused on business development and management of overall operations of the company, on your behalf. Once retained,  we not only help you by adding clients and building revenues quickly but also offers you a constant supervision on the operation expenses. Vital management decisions are taken on your behalf to bootstrap your operations and make the setup flourish as soon as possible. Virtual Director services are offered at a marginal cost in comparison to the high cost of expat employees. A senior experienced executive, who  takes care of all their business needs by acting in multiple roles, dedicated and committed to be a part of their success story in Thai Business.

For understanding more on the Virtual Director services that we can provide, please download our Virtual Director brochure.

Also please check out this video which explains one of the vital roles of a Virtual Director  – being your Marketing adviser

Single Person Representing You As Your Man Friday For ASIA

Asian market and work culture can be quite challenging for companies who are determined to follow the footsteps of other successful Asian expansions. The go to market period can be too long and uncertain.

To make the road to Asia, easier, we have come up with a solution. We let our customers concentrate on their business in their own country while we handle their business development and client management in Asia. The objective is to find the best returns through business operations in the quickest possible time with lesser mistakes. We have an Asian Director who can be hired on assignments without any obligations or long term commitments. Someone who can assure your existing customers with his presence and solving critical management issues. Someone who can also help you in enhancing your business and revenues in the region. Someone who can provide business ideas, brand consultancy and marketing consultancy services. Someone who you can trust and who can provide you unbiased advices.

For more information, please download our  Asian Director brochure.

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We are one of the leading startup consulting firms in thailand whose focus is to provide 360 degree business consulting support to our clients by consulting them in areas of  investment opportunities in Thailand, business development in asia,  recruitment, starting business in Thailand or being a Thailand representative.

If you have already decided to start a business in Thailand or opening a branch office or looking for a Thailand representative, but you are not sure the way to go, check out our online consultancy and also earn a free ebook as your helping guide for doing business in Asia.

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