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Project Financing & Joint Ventures

A Platform where Investment Seekers and Investors meet

Aditya Group Thailand is a fast-growing, visionary group of company providing business, startup and marketing solutions to various foreign companies has been constantly innovating and establishing new projects in Thailand.

Aditya Group is committed to build relationships in the business  community in Thailand to foster new ideas in their quest to identify excellent growth opportunities for the customers  under their investor panel portfolio.

Aditya Group partners and collaborates with entrepreneurs with bright business ideas and investors with a vision of success that will generate superior return on investments. In an aim to bring together a business confluence, Aditya Group, Thailand has formed a team to evaluate and match investors and investment seekers for mutual benefits. To learn about Aditya Group and other companies within the group  click here.

With working experience of over 15 industries, our management team  is all geared up to invite a panel of investors to be a part of this lively and enterprising group.

We are looking for  individuals and investment corporations, focused on making strategic investments as opportunities arise in any part of Thailand.

If you are having surplus funds and looking for investment in a closed safety environment with assured returns, then look no further. Become an active member in the investment panel of Aditya Group wherein we provide periodical project opportunities in Thailand that requires funding in various stages. Investors can choose to be a part of a green startup project, acting as an angel investor or as an individual/corporation having interest in existing projects. All investments are open for equity participation as well as long term financing, with guaranteed as well as flexible returns.

As a plan to expand our portfolio in Thailand in financing projects in different areas, in form of Angel Investment / Equity Funding, Aditya Interactive would be happy to partner with you, if you have any viable project that we can finance by making investment in form of a debt-financing.

Aditya Group works with a team of Thailand/International Financial institutions as well as a panel of individual investors to leverage the financial demand that the business needs, in terms of Project Financing and Joint Ventures.

We can assist you/company  on your loan needs through our panel of investors. Investment opportunities exist in following model

  • International Project Loans
  • Business Start-up Loans
  • Credit Lines
  • Lease of Bank Instruments
  • Equity Participation

Our specialty is with financing international projects, difficult projects and transactions that banks and conventional lenders won’t approve due to issues with the nationality, territory, region, real estate, borrower, business, or other problems.

We offer two way approach for any projects that require fundings.

In some cases, it is an entrepreneurial approach through our BUILD Entrepreneur scheme, wherein a budding entrepreneur is looking for adequate investments to fulfill his dream project.

Having access to private investors and money lenders, we specialize in starting up small and medium industries encompassing 15 diverse industries. The typical loan size for these projects could be USD 100,000 to 3,000,000.

 Some sample project opportunities can be found here

Larger projects are taken by mostly as Joint venture wherein the management team participates in equity of an existing project or a new project which envisages substantial long term growth strategy.

We shall be glad to receive your project initiative in the form of a project presentation in a compatible format ( PDF -recommended)  for our review and comprehension. If your project is acceptable and within our scope of funding, we shall thus make you an offer on a very clear and precise terms.

We expect your project presentation/Business plan to be able to cover the following functional areas:

  • Your Profile – Introduction of the project owner/initiator
  • An introduction of your company /structure
  • Executive Summary of the Project
  • Summary of Investment requirement and returns
  • Historical evaluation of business plan (if it is an already existing project or state if it is a new project)
  • Financial structure and analysis to support the investment plan and proposition as presented (If available)
  • Scan copy of any form of Identity and contact details

In summary, you should state the total amount in US$  or Thai Baht needed to fund the project in a clearly defined time frame and return on investment.

Contact us for more informations and understanding of how to collaborate together for success.