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Sales & Marketing Services in Thailand

Sales is a technique for expressing your business products or services effectively and persuasively. Nothing gets greater response than a professional direction with right strategy for a targeted prospect. It has been proven time and again that it is the sales approach and the first impression of the company that makes all the difference in this professional world.

Focusing on sales should be the primary goal for any business. Along with our own persistent sales workforce, we can assist you to generate revenues &  business in Thailand. Full sales cycle can be outsourced to us including  Lead Generation, Winning New Customers, Managing Key Accounts, International Sales, Franchise Appointment or Dealer Network Development.

We help you not only with go to market strategy but actually go to the market ourselves to sell on your behalf. Check out our credentials and contact us for a proposal.

When it comes to the sales, be it on any platform of business, lead generation plays a crucial role in boosting up the business. Lead Generation is the marketing process of stimulating and capturing the interest of people towards the product or service you are dealing in. Lead Generation uses Digital Channels most of the time but, with the ongoing changes in the marketing scenario due to social media, the internet and other platforms, the technique of Lead Generation has also reframed.

All you need to do is build a relationship with the client and to do so there are a number of efficient ways and some are listed below and trust us we would help you at every stage of establishment.

How will Lead Generation contribute in Growing your Business:

  • Direct Mail
  • Effective Advertisement
  • Referral systems
  • Host Beneficiary Relationships
  • Telemarketing
  • Qualified Lists
  • Networking
  • Internet/E-Commerce
  • Circle of Leverage
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing

And much more ways can be used for the same purpose and with that we can help you.

“From designing to branding, all that you would need, we will take care of that, while you concentrate on the enhancement of performance of your company.”

What shows, sells …. this is how the world of business is working from the beginning of the time.

Whether you are a startup corporation or an established business in need of a new identity, our Virtual Director can help you create a professional, larger than life look and feel. Working closely with key visionaries at your company, we will help you establish an image that conveys a persuasive message about your unique benefits. As a full service interactive, marketing company, we specialize in integrated marketing and promotional campaigns that include both traditional as well as new media campaigns, with a focus on the latter.

Providing unbiased advice on your marketing needs, ensuring the best ROI

Concept to execution, we do it all to build your business. Helping you with anything that you may get stuck with, will be our pleasure. One needs to have good graphics, better contents and best strategy for their marketing campaigns. In-depth Market research, formulating Marketing Strategy, result oriented Digital Marketing, Email marketing, Content creation and Events Management has been our forte for almost two decades.

Every organization requires in-depth information and thorough market research for succeeding with its business plan and with our services play you can reach newer heights of business success.

Acting as an adept market research company, we are often admired for our top-notch market research services. We take pride in being one of the preferred market research vendors for several big multinationals.

We offer both primary and secondary market research with the help of our established quantitative and qualitative methods. We provide our services to an extensive range of industries spread globally.

Our market research services includes:

• Market Entry Studies
• Testing Concept
• Industry Study
• Studying Consumer Behavior

“Strategize marketing plan and achieve high visibility in the market”

Proper strategy leads to massive popularity of the product/services that will lead to proper generation of the customers.

We not only provide you with the marketing plan but, will discuss it properly with you and implement it accordingly. Building up the plan won’t lead to success but implementing the same will and that is very crucial part because, several points have to be kept in mind while planning the strategy to market the product or service and we are with you in it.

Points to remember while strategizing the marketing plan:

  • Know about the target Market
  • Management of the marketing
  • Finance management

The three points mentioned above are the focal points but in the process of strategizing the marketing process for any business no matter whether it is new or established one, keeping the plan updated is a must.

With us, you will be able to strategize the market with proper market analysis and clarity in head on what to focus on.

Today, appearance and presentation is everything, specially when the time is short to engage and grab a prospect’s attention.

My effort is to enhance your company’s image to the world by helping you to create eye-catching Logo Designs, Presentations, Marketing Collaterals, Graphic & Web Designs so you have a stronger brand presence.

Startup in Thailand is the answer to all your branding needs. We will be a part of your ENTIRE branding process, right from ASSESSMENT to IMPLEMENTATION. We will give you SUGGESTIONS, we will brainstorm to give you IDEAS and we will make sure that those ideas take the RIGHT SHAPE & FORM; all we ask for is YOUR trust.

Market your brand digitally

With the heavy use of Internet and booming cloud applications, it is certain that this is the best way to reach out to your target audience, fast and effectively.

Online Media is a broad category that can mean anything from Search Engine Marketing on Google to Search Engine Optimization, Social networking on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Buzz marketing, Consumer generated content or Banner ads as well as site design and user experience.

We provide effective Social Media Management and marketing strategy can help you build your online and offline reputation, increase and maintain your customer base and most importantly, increase your profits !

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We provide an effective and visible search presence which leads to a substantial surge in sales, cost-efficiency and profitability for the clients. Our outcome based approach, milestone-based SEO strategies assists your websites rise organic search radically and contest for better rankings in the competitive markets. Our exclusive blend of Marketing and Technology makes us a formidable opponent for the competitors.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

The well-known techniques for digital marketing which are commonly used include the SEO and SMM. With our team of professionals, we will understand your business and will place your respective niche under lens. Your brand is certain to become a much active member in social media with our innovative social media strategies.

Content Creation

What will happen if the content of the website for your business is not appropriate or is not that interesting to attract the customers?

Well all that will lead to loss of the clients and loss in the interest of the people reading your website. And loss of the client is what businessmen can’t afford and here we step in and help you provide the best, catchy and appropriate content for the website that will attract more and more people and expand the business at the top. With that we can expand the business and help you climb the ladder of success that every businessmen dreams about.

Is the question popping in your head about why not create your own content? Why to outsource the content writing?

Well let’s see why:

• Scaling the efforts quickly creating your own content will pressurise you and lead to extra expensing that a new start-ups cannot afford.
• Custom focusing on just the content writing will generate awesome results.
• It does not only save the money but will save a lot of your time and hence, will give you a load of time to concentrate on your business.

So, let us handle your content creation while you concentrate on running your business and boost the profit.

Multi-media services

All the challenges faced comes to the point where the multimedia is playing a vital role for promotion of the business no matter if it is the new start-up or is the well established company, everyone needs the platform of multimedia to reach to the desired customers. This is how the actual promotion is done for the business. The best platforms provided for making you visible to the public are through multimedia services like:

• Photography
• Video-graphy
• Animation or motion graphics

contact us for a proposal.