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Start & Outsource Your Business in Thailand

In an alien country like Thailand, your business is always under constant threat where local language barriers along with mitigation of cultural shocks and work conflicts plays a critical role.

At times, you might like to find a solace amidst all the business operational headaches.

You may wish to have someone to take care of all your business operational headaches and let you concentrate on your main focus of revenue generation.

These back end operations are non-revenue generating and can often topple a startup project if wrong hirings or operation delays happen. So often it is quite wise for any startup project, to have these operations to be outsourced.

We are business startup business consultant, geared to provide all backend operations under one roof as a single source of business operational contentment.

We work on various options with our clients wherein we hire administrative & operations staffs on their behalf or they have the option to outsource their entire backend operations to us by utilizing our team of experienced and efficient professionals, taking care of all that they need.

It is mandatory to have a commercial office space for your operations if you are doing business in Thailand. For setting up business in Thailand, a lean startup option is always the best in a startup scenario. Keeping this in view, we offer our customers a fully serviced all inclusive office with trendy, modern decor, fully equipped with all modern equipment’s. Please download our Infrastructure brochure to know more.

Unlike other serviced offices, we offer personalized working environment with all inclusive cost for all our services at a fixed rate. This service acts as an add-on to the startup options and more information can be found from our Infrastructure brochure, when downloaded.

For our clients, taking our startup consulting services, we offer them a fully serviced Thai business office with exclusive cubicles to work on. However, as an option, Virtual Office addresses are also offered to customers who are specially keen in taking our Thailand Representation Services.

Whether you need to register a company in Thailand or do a due diligence on a local company or need to get work permits for your employees, you need a trustworthy business and legal consultant who can guide you the way you like to provide you ‘Just What you Need’.

Most foreign companies are fascinated with the unique benefits offered by Thailand Board of Investment and would like to opt for it but not all projects can be a part of it. In an alien land, you often have to  look for a the right, unbiased consultant like Startup In Thailand to assist you  to flourish in Thailand. Contact us for any legal assistance.

Getting a Work Permit in Thailand can be quite tedious process and though we assist getting you proper work permit and visa for your employees, often companies prefer to outsource their resources for easier operations. We assist in that by having the payroll process outsourced through our proficient HR team who does all statutory requirements on regular basis to have your employees in place of work – legally secured and operationally active.

Financials are the backbone of your company or for that matter any business startup. If Financial Accounting is not maintained properly, the company can get into all sort of problems with the Thai Government leading to unnecessary tensions in an alien country.

Often foreign companies face a severe challenge in matching their Thailand books with their global centralized accounting system and specially when the same is done by an international software.

We, with our qualified accounting and auditing team in-house, provide a seamless integrated service to you and not only handhold you to cross all critical hurdles but maintain your Thai accounting procedures as per GAAP procedures.

As a startup business in Thailand, sometimes a company may not like to hire permanent individuals in their payroll system as then they are committed long term and bound by Thai labour law. Often, it is a testing period of 1-2 years, when any company would like to focus on revenue generation rather than taking up the hassle of employee retention.

In this case, we offer our valuable pool of resources to assist such companies execute their daily duties. We hire suitable resources as per the demand of our customers, including foreign nationals with suitable work permits to do your job effectively.

Professional and skilled manpower from similar industry is often vital for any startup business success. In Thailand’s high demand, low availability of good local talents, it becomes extremely challenging for any foreigner to recruit and more so to retain people. People management and handling cultural gaps often becomes an issue for foreign companies trying to establish business in Thailand.

Finding the right team to get the right job done is our specialty. We have a full fledged recruitment division which identifies the right candidates for our customers and then depending on their need and options, we hire them on our payroll or theirs. With our two decades of recruitment experience, we ensure committed professionals, with excellent working experience and good attitude.

Right person at the right time to get the right job done is our customer’s roadway to business success. Not only recruitment, our HR division provides HR strategy, training and other consulting services which often determines the success criteria for any startup project. For more information about recruitment division, please check out Interactive Recruiters for more information.

One of the most important activities is Business Development for any company who are trying to start their business in Thailand. Foreigners can spend more than they expect in developing business in Thailand as it has it’s own cycle of constraint filled timeline. The first year might just go by sooner without much efforts as you may have thought. It is important to have the return on Investment on any startup as soon as possible so often the correct decision of outsourcing of your business development activities might just be the right way.

We provide Lead Generation services for companies who need to tackle the market on their own but need some tele-marketing support utilizing our industry specific database.

Apart from that we provide all Integrated Marketing Services which takes care of all your marketing requirements like Brand Building activities, Digital Marketing, Multi-media solutions and many more. Click here to know more

Management supervision and guidance is vital for any startup projects, specially when it is in a foreign country.

Our clients have an option to have their own management persons, permanently stationed locally and we can organize their necessary work permits/visas while they can monitor the local team. However, it could be long learning curve for any foreigner to be actually productive in the local market. So we have our own Management services program which help our customers to get the startup ROI in a shorter time.

We act as a your representative Management to take care of all operations of your branch locally on your behalf. As a business consulting company, comprehensive representative management support services are provided to have hassle free operations in Thailand, specially when our clients choose our Representation Services .

Please check out the Business Management Services by downloading our Representation services brochure that we can provide.