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Thailand Representative / Buying Agent

A total branch office for your buying/sourcing needs

 Your Thailand Representative and Buying Agent

Unlike other Agents, we represent our clients and their brand in it’s complete form by  providing  a comprehensive branch office support for all their Buying/Procurement needs in Thailand with adept market research and negotiations. We associate with our customers as partners of trust, providing guidance and long term assistance.

As a buying agent in Thailand, we take care of all your worries about dealing with Thai vendors in their language and sourcing things which may seem so difficult to procure otherwise.

We offer full service procurement & operation team with  dedicated Thai persons, assisting in Procurement/Liaison/Logistic support with Manufacturers/vendors on behalf of the Principal for smooth operations.  The entire supply chain process of procurement and delivery is monitored regularly through as well to ensure customer satisfaction.

Representing as the Buying Agent in Thailand , the scope of the services include the following on best efforts basis :

  • Sourcing of Products
  • Finding new Suppliers and Validating Suppliers
  • Price Negotiations
  • Sample Development and Confirmation
  • Order Followups
  • Contract Negotiations and Conflict Management
  • Local language and secretarial support
  • Inspection and Quality Control
  • Production Monitoring
  • Support in dealing with local authorities as needed
  • Logistic support – Warehousing, Packing and technical staff mobilization
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Shipping & Documentation
  • Supervising operations and Budget Controlling
  • Manage all tax, revenue and repatriation issues, if needed
  • Management/Liaison support for your suppliers, vendors and your team
  • Local Management of overall operations and team

Optional Value Added Services :

  • Legal consulting in different sectors for local operations with our lawyers network
  • Work permit and Visa advice whenever needed
  • Market Research of the competitive landscape
  • Cross country sourcing
  • Advice on procurement of any outsourcing services that maybe needed
  • Any other general consulting which is necessary for YOU to be successful in Thailand/Asia

Though many still believe that working directly with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors are the best because it gives them access to better quality, price and service, but it may not be so in countries like Thailand, Korea or China  where language and cultural differences often makes a huge impact on the business. Time lost on struggling with operational issues mean business and revenue loss.

Working as your buying agent, we help you to reach out to the market – faster and  more effectively. You need to work with us because:

  • Sourcing process is time consuming if you don’t know the origins 
  • When quality of the goods are of major concern, you need regular supervision
  • Suppliers may not be as honest and responsible as you thought, so vigilance is essential
  • Inexperienced suppliers can cause big problems on documents, shipping etc.
  • Thai language and unique work culture can be a major hindrance.
  • Ineffective communication may lead to slow, unprofessional or even irrelevant response from the suppliers.

We work with our customers on long term assignments through an agreement which is mutually beneficial for both parties with comfortable exit clauses, if our service is unsatisfactory.

We support you in all aspects to explore Thailand with respect to your Buying needs, reducing your business risk with a faster market penetration.

Do More, Faster, with fewer Mistakes