6 Cost-Effective Ways to Market Small Businesses

The success of a startup business in Thailand has a lot to do with its marketing plan. Marketing strategies are crucial in attracting potential customers and are needed to keep a business viable and operational. Through a variety of marketing strategies, entrepreneurs work to attract the right customers to the company. However, the thought of marketing a startup business can be overwhelming, especially when entrepreneurs have a small business with an even smaller budget. Many of them look at their marketing budget as just conglomerations of expenses. But marketing a business is not simply an expense. Rather, it is an investment because a business will fail unless marketers get the word out to their customers. 

However, determining how to promote a business can also be a challenge. New entrepreneurs may not know how to advertise their business to get their name know. Keep in mind that the way customers shop for what they sell may have changed, their needs may be different, or they are mission younger, new customers with their outreach efforts. Whether entrepreneurs are just starting a company in Thailand or have already a well-established business, they need proven advertising and marketing tactics to find new customers without spending a fortune.

Apart from seeking professional help from a skilled and experienced startup consultant to help new entrepreneurs to work their way up in the local market, they can also use these cost-effective strategies listed below.

  1. Create a Website

    Having a professional-looking website is one of the most vital assets entrepreneurs can create for their small businesses since it is the foundation of a marketing plan. A website is the first thing potential customers see when they search for a company name; and the first chance a company to make an impression. Companies can use their website to show their target audience who they are, what they offer, where they are, and how a potential customer can get in touch with them. If a startup business does not have a website yet, it is easy enough to create one.

  2. Utilize Social Media

    Social media is a great way to connect more directly with potential and existing customers and show off the more playful side of the business. 
    Whether posting photos on Instagram, Snap-chatting specials or blogging on a Facebook page, startup businesses should utilize social media to promote and create a consumer buzz around their products or services. Social media give entrepreneurs a chance to respond to customer feedback in real-time and show how much they care about their experience with their business. Moreover, being active on the social platforms keeps entrepreneurs relevant and at the top of their audience’s minds. Even a small comment or update can refresh a businesses’ online presence, and it shows their commitment to communicating directly with their customers.

  3. Email Marketing

    Email marketing is also vital in promoting a business. However, many startup businesses aren’t aware of the benefits of email marketing and fail to leverage their website or blog to grow their mailing list. Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps entrepreneurs reach and connect with their target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. Just like with the other platforms, email marketing tools give a business the ability to reach customers easier than ever. Entrepreneurs can use a newsletter to provide their customers with valuable and relevant information and keep them stay up-to-date. 

  4. Word of Mouth Marketing

    Before printing and broadcasting transformed communications, people relied on each other to spread news and information – a practice that became known as word-of-mouth communication. A word-of-mouth marketing is a free-of-cost marketing strategy where the users of a brand are encouraged to share their experiences with their friends, family, peers, etc., about a product/service or a brand. Today, many startup companies in Thailand employ word-of-mouth marketing tactics to build their customer base. The idea is to give the audience something to discuss that is relevant to the brand and helps in enhancing the brand image. It is the most credible and reliable form of marketing which is driven by the authentic experiences of the users. Moreover, tapping into the goodwill of happy, existing customers is one of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective ways to grow.

  5. Local Business Listings

    With a lot more people heading to the Internet for answers, ideas, and suggestions, it is no surprise that businesses with an online presence are the ones who seem to be performing so well currently. A proven way entrepreneurs are getting ahead with customers is by including their company details on the local business listing websites. Local listing services and business directories help startup businesses stay competitive and allow prospective customers and clients to find what they are looking for when these customers are in the market for a specific service or product. 

  6. Advertising

    Advertising a brand can be done offline and online, depending on how suitable they are for the business goals, the budget, the target audience, and the camping content. Apart from utilizing the internet, specifically, social media, entrepreneurs can also maximize their brand awareness by sending out press releases, advertising in local or national newspapers, magazines, and radio stations. Some local newspapers may have a section in the paper for businesses that are just starting out. Keep in mind that advertising campaigns should be aligned with the overall marketing goals for the business, demonstrating specific messages and encouraging specific actions for the targeted audience.


While more and more companies are spending more and more money on digital marketing, the free methods are still incredibly effective. Small businesses can take advantage of a ton of free tools to collaborate globally and compete against big businesses. Keep in mind that the use of cost-effective strategies and interacting with the potential customers consistently allows businesses to connect with new customers in a meaningful way.

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