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Though Thailand has a very lucrative business landscape for foreigners to invest in, it has its own operational challenges to run a business successfully. The way you run a business in Thailand is quite unique and different from the rest of the world and only people with local experience can deal with the challenges successfully. Normally, it takes a couple of years before a foreigner is able to confidently deal with all the nuances related to business norms and operations in Thailand. The initial challenges of doing business in Thailand is high as English is rarely spoken and is usually never used for government procedures. The cultural gaps are also huge when compared to the western world. Thus it is imperative for any startup business in Thailand to have a local representative who understands Thai culture related to running a business successfully.

Startup in Thailand is a startup and business consulting firm based in Bangkok for the last two decades. In addition to their startup and business advisory services, they have a unique business model of managing their international client’s end to end business operations in Thailand.

Startup in Thailand works hand-in-hand with its customers, achieving its objective to gain the advantage of the prevailing Thailand market potential. With their customized market entry solutions and leveraging decades of experience, their aim is to startup, build, and execute effective business growth for their customers.

Startup in Thailand is usually engaged at an early stage of the business by their clients to help with identifying new business opportunities or potential business acquisitions in Thailand. They assist their clients through the entire journey, right from the initial phase of startup business registration procedures to running the business operations successfully and handing over the successful business venture to their clients. Time frames, deliverables, and management procedures are all kept flexible and mutually agreed upon with their clients, following the unified goal to succeed in Thailand.

The top 5 industry sectors where this business model has been implemented successfully are Manufacturing, Information Technology, Real Estate, Hospitality, and Retail industry.

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