For Startup Business: How to Attract Potential Employee

Skilled employees are an asset for any startup business in Thailand as they play a significant role in developing a brand’s reputation and its ongoing success. If entrepreneurs are lucky enough to have a strong team who believe in their business and take pride in their work, it is worth doing everything they can to retain them. Keep in mind that building a strong workforce is crucial for any business startup to thrive within a challenging and rapidly changing economy.

However, recruiting skilled and experienced workers is always a top concern for any startup entrepreneur that needs them. Many small businesses are looking to grow, but are stuck on where to begin their talent search. Today, posting a job opening online is not the end of the recruitment process. Entrepreneurs must make an effort to connect with the top talent that fits their company culture so they’ll see better results.

Attracting potential candidates to the organization is a challenge that must be met head-on, in innovative ways. Moreover, the key factor when advertising a role to potential employees is highlighting the benefits of working with the company. Keep in mind that employees prefer companies with good cultures, competitive pay, and advancement opportunities. The best recruiting techniques have their roots in the most effective marketing tactics.

For startup businesses, recruiting is a challenge. Finding the right talent isn’t easy, and it takes a good recruiting strategy and an experienced local business consultant to find and hire quality candidates. Here’s how to attract the best of the best in a job market that favors the candidate.

  • Define the Position

    When posting a job opening online, entrepreneurs must take time to draft a job description that provides the details of the role while maintaining some flexibility. Try not to be so specific in the requirements that might scare off excellent candidates by making them question whether there is room for their unique vision. At the same time, don’t be so vague with the job description that can attract everyone. To strike a balance and write a powerful job description, explain the role clearly and briefly while leaving space for the candidates to bring their vision and skills to the table.

  • Alignment of Values

    Company culture is an important factor that sets a business apart from its competitors, making it attractive to new employees and customers alike. Keep in mind that top performers are attracted to a company that puts value on its attributes. Entrepreneurs can promote their company’s ethics, which might be anything from delivering top customer service to social improvement and thought leadership. Although most companies will have their guidelines written in a company handbook, actions often speak louder than words. Put these values into action through company initiatives, whether it’s an extra day off for employees on their birthday, a company outing, or even free pizza once a month.

  • Entrepreneurs can also convey their values to their potential employees about their rewards, such as teamwork or competitiveness. Doing this ensures like-minded individuals will apply for their roles. Publicizing these benefits to the wider world through social media, website blogs, and new job listings would also be a great step to attract potential employees.

  • A Trusting Employer-Employee Relationship

    Apart from the company culture or values, potential candidates also value a good employer-employee relationship. That means entrepreneurs should view interviews as opportunities to develop a good rapport with the candidates. They should aim to form a good relationship through the interview process, giving them an idea of what working relationships they can expect within the role.

  • Map Out Career Progression

    Career progression is one of the most important factors for potential employees when choosing where to work. That means training courses and opportunities for career advancement can attract job seekers. Keep in mind that candidates are more likely to invest their skills in a company that’s willing to invest in them in return. The importance of career development seems to be even more prominent in young people. A recent poll by Gallup found that 59% of millennials say opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important to them when applying for a job.

  • Startup businesses

    can also showcase some success stories of their employees who have progressed through the company. By doing this, prospective employees will consider the company a good place to develop their careers over time. Make continuous career progression and personal development a key aspect of the company culture to retain and attract new talent.

  • Instill a Sense of Purpose

    Although this is true for most employees, many job seekers place even greater importance on having a sense of purpose in their work, often valuing this even over material benefits such as a large salary. When attracting a potential candidate, entrepreneurs must make sure that they highlight the values of the company – how employees value each individual’s ideas and input into the direction of the organization. Entrepreneurs can describe how their day-to-day working timetable looks and how their actions will help the company develop in achieving its goals. Expressing the importance of the role to the candidate at an early stage in the recruitment process is a great way to instill a sense of purpose and make the company culture more attractive to new and existing employees.

  • Be Creative With Perks

    Although startup businesses may not be able to offer the perks large companies can offer to their employees, they can still offer reasonable perks. For instance, many large companies offer on-site health facilities such as a fully equipped gym. Chances are, with small businesses, they are not going to be able to add one of these to their premises, but they could offer employees coupons to use a local gym or spa facilities. Moreover, startup businesses can also attract potential employees by offering benefits such as flexible hours and work-at-home options. These perks will attract potential employees and will likely appreciate saving a few extra bucks.

  • Find Out What the Going Rate Is for the Position and Match It

    One common mistake start-up businesses in Thailand make when recruiting potential employees is that they base the salary on their budget rather than the market realities, making it more challenging to attract job seekers, especially the top-quality ones. If the starting salary for a retail salesperson in the local area normally makes $10 an hour, offering them an $8.75 an hour job can discourage a job seeker.

  • Widen the Scope of Advertising

    There may be perks of placing a job vacancy ad in local newspapers, but it’s not enough. The chances of attracting potential employees will be much better if entrepreneurs broaden their advertising. Apart from placing ads on job websites and college/university campus boards, utilizing social media can also be a fantastic platform for job recruitment. Posting a job vacancy on social media allows entrepreneurs to share an ad with their entire network and encourages a two-way conversation. Plus, sharing photos and videos from company events, workplaces, and day-to-day office life that align with the brand’s values gives potential applicants an idea of the company’s culture.

  • Conclusion
    When it comes to finding and hiring potential employees, entrepreneurs have to be persistent and willing to think outside the box. By using these recruitment strategies and seeking professional advice from experienced startup specialists, they can quickly discover highly qualified, passionate professionals ready to join their team.

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