NEWS BUZZ – Thai SMEs and Startup Companies To raise funds via Capital Markets

SET or the Stock Exchange of Thailand is pushing hard and making all sorts of efforts in order to motivate and encourage the startup businesses and SMEs for the purpose of raising funds through the capital market. However, when it comes to general investments, this year, it is likely to face challenges from various external factors. This is one of the reasons as why the investors are a bit reluctant in investing. However, SET is trying its best to make sure, that despite all the odds, a considerable amount of investment could be maintained. The initiative has already started, and many investors have shown interest, responding with a positive tone.

Pakorn Peetathawatchai, the President of SET, has stated that SET is aiming towards the promotion of balanced growth as huge technological changes are taking place in the production and industrial sectors of Thailand. The change in technology is also likely to affect the capital market. This is expected to bring about a drastic change in the overall efficiency and production level and is also expected that it would attract more Foreign Direct Investments. Besides, the export of Thailand is likely to grow by many folds with the advancement of technology in the capital and industrial sectors.

The SET is planning to urge the SMEs and other Startup Companies to get involved in the process of raising funds through the capital market. This would help to improve the regulations which would offer ease in doing business.

The President of SET has further added that as far as the overall scenario of Thailand is concerned, in terms of investment at the Capital market and stock exchange, they are likely to get affected by various types of fluctuations and challenges. Some of these factors include; monetary policies of the central bank, trade policies of some of the major countries, and other aspects related to international relations. Investors have been advised to invest in diverse assets, in order to manage their risks properly. Besides, adopting long and short term investment plans can also prove to be quite useful for them.

Last year, Thailand’s stock market experienced an average figure of daily trading if 53 billion Baht. This resulted in the highest level of fluidity in the ASEAN Region

. Trade figures which were achieved via TFEX showed an average daily value of nearly 430,000 contracts; which happens to rank as the 26th biggest in the world.

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