Newsbuzz – After 28 Years, Isetan To Quit Thailand

Isetan, a Japanese department-store chain is quite famous across the world. The department-store chain has reached worldwide attention for its high-end facilities and service offered. Isetan has set a strong establishment in Thailand and serves for more than 28 years. Now Isetan is about to quit its Thailand project. According to the recent report, the company would not be renewing its leases for space in the Central World shopping center. Space has come for the renewal in August this year and it would not be renewing the lease.

Huge Japanese Department-Store Chain:

Isetan is one of the leading Japanese department-store that has been established in any number of countries apart from Japan. Isetan also has made one of the finest establishments in Asian countries that also includes Thailand. After 28 years, the Isetan is set for leaving Thailand as it is not going to renew the current lease in the space in the Central World Shopping Centre.

Based on a recent source stating that the Central World Shopping Centre’s owner and Isetan could discuss the plan for creating a Japanese restaurant zone. Therefore, the Japanese restaurant zone could be operated from the Isetan without any hassle. According to the experts, it could be one of the reasons why Isetan has not signed its lease for the departmental shopping store.

In the year 1992, the Isetan department store has been opened in Thailand in the CentralWorld and this place has been called the World Trade Center. With starting a business in Thailand, the Isetan has majorly created the greatest phenomenon. With more number of people have been choosing the place for buying the basic needs, there has been a better growth in the business.

Isetan is one of the foreign companies that invested in Bangkok and attained a greater success rate to the highest aspects. Of course, it has reached a wide revenue since its establishment in Thailand. A wide number of people have been attracted to Isetan upon its establishments. major renovation in the space has been taken in Dec 2015 and it has mainly opened as the largest food con cep called the Washoku Gallery.

Ending Its Lease:

Isetan Thailand has recently issued the statement that it would be ending its operation in the CentralWorld in Bangkok as of August 31. Isetan has the contract for its space in the Central Pattana. In fact, upon ending its lease, the restaurants could be opened or closed on the 6th floor. But the decision is dependent on the management team.

Since the opening of the 6 stories Isetan store has been opened in the year 1992, the popularity of the store has reached the nationwide competition. Isetan opened in the World Trade Center has gained more attraction from the people of Thailand especially in Bangkok.

A New Restaurant:

Since the Japanese department-store chain has stated that it would not be renewing its lease of the space in the Bangkok location, the company is about to close its branch in Thailand. There are rumors about the new opening of the restaurant in its place.

Upon the renovation of space in December 2015, the place has been called as the called Washoku Gallery with gaining more popularity as well as renovation to the maximum. In fact, the business space attracts most of the people.

Opening Business:

With opening a business in Thailand to become much easier these days, most of the foreigners have been looking forward to easily increase their establishments in Thailand. Bangkok becomes the most well-known sport in the world for major business hubs.

Isetan has been widely attracting many numbers of customers as this department store has a heritage. In fact, this gallery also features food products that are mainly imported from Japan. Isetan also stated that most of the Japanese foods along with the culture has been widely preferred by many numbers of people in Thailand. Of course, it is a great option for Thailand’s urban consumers to get the food that is imported from Japan. Isetan has been into this business for more than 28 years in Thailand.

One of the well-known Japanese retailer Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. In 1992 have been setting up a business in Thailand and retained major growth with the rising consumers. Recently, it is about to shut down the Isetan Bangkok. The reason for Isetan Mitsukoshi’s official closing of the departmental store in Thailand has not been disclosed.

In fact, the Isetan (Thailand) Co., and the Isetan Mitsukoshi’s subsidiary would be terminating the rental contract or the lease in the Thai conglomerate Central Group. The departmental store has been organized in the six-story store and this has been primarily opened in the year 1992. It has reached one of the famous shopping centers which are also called the Central World.

With the introduction of this new shopping outlet or starting a small business in Thailand in the year, 1992 with the most amazing Japanese flavor by the Isetan Bangkok wide number of consumers were attracted towards. During the July to September in 2021, the local Bangkok Post newspaper also reported about the authenticity of the news. Deputy CEO of Central Pattana Plc. also commented on the Central Group shopping center developer.

In fact, the Central Pattana has been renovating the shopping mall network having better plans for increasing the space of the mail in the right manner. By 2024, the network of the mall is to be increased from 34 to 51. The report has been stated by the developer’s financial statement.

Financial Statement:

As of March 2020, Isetan Bangkok has been expected to have its sale in about 4.2 billion yen which is about ($39 million. Isetan Bangkok also gained the net profit of reaching more than 32 million yen in this financial year. In fact, it has been down from 10% as well as 60% respectively from the last year. The business in Thailand also still maintained the profitability even with expecting more in this fiscal year from the year March 2011. In the year 2010, the company also experienced temporary closure because of the many numbers of anti-government protests.

Japanese department stores that have been opened in Thailand also have mixed fortunes with the opening of the Takashimaya Co. however, the Tokyu Department Store Co. has been closed in the year 2019 for various reasons. But the Japanese department stores in Bangkok have retained its revenue with the majority of its features. A wide number of the departmental store is starting a business in Thailand and it is easier for the foreigners with the tax exemption facilities at the highest level.

A Brief Introduction:

Isetan is the leading Japanese department store first established in Shinjuku, Tokyo. With more number of Isetan, branches have been formed around the world that includes Bangkok, Jinan, Singapore, Selangor, Hong Kong, Vienna, Kaohsiung, London, Kuala Lumpur, Tianjin and many other major cities in South East Asia apart from Japan.

Isetan and Mitsukoshi have been merged in the year 2008 with jointly holding hands on various projects and were called as Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. Isetan is also one of the top businesses in Thailand to have opened the neighboring shopping mall at Orchard’s Wisma Atria which is the Isetan Scotts branch. In 2015, this shopping mall has been closed and has been converted into rental purposes.

No Renewal:

In the modern-day, the space that has been leased has been filled with any number of stores that include iora, Salon Vim, DRx, and more clinics. In May 2019, Isetan has announced in The Straits Times that it is about to close the loss-making location in Westgate. In fact, the company is also discussing the lease renewal with the mall management, and both the parties have not set the agreement. The company also decided not to renew the lease on March 8th, 2020.

Japan Food Town is a wide network of Japanese restaurants which is also known as the Isetan Wisma Atria has been shuttered in February 2020. With the close of the restaurant, the tenants have already moved from the premises. Many numbers of external parties have been offering the Isetan about leasing their space for doing business. Isetan has already made a list of places where it would be doing the business in the future.

Isetan And Central Pattana:

Isetan and Central Pattana has recently announced that the CentralWorld store in Thailand has been closed with the closure of the lease by August 31, 2020. With the expiration of the lease contract from both parties, the decision is taken by both parties.

Isetan and Central Pattana also stated that the restaurant zone would be kept open even in spite of the closure of the Isetan. Kinokuniya Bookstores would be normally would be open in the store so that it would not be closed. Isetan also reached worldwide attention for its departmental store in Thailand and acquired the major customers. In the recent day as the lease for the department store has been about to be complete in August, the business in Thailand has confirmed that it would not be renewing the lease for space. The main reason is that both the parties have not come to the agreement or terms in Thailand.

A Mega Business:

With the introduction of Isetan Bangkok in Thailand, many numbers of people have been knowing about the culture and food habits in Japan. In this store, you would not only get Japanese food but also any number of merchandise as well as service here. The renovated floor is also called the “WASHOKU GALLERY”, which has truly become one of the major merchandises as well as service and it has been called the “Japan Park”.

In fact, everything has been carefully calculated upon the renovation. With the selected works of craftsmanship enabled on the “Mind Living” on the 4th floor that is presented with the new lifestyle. Since starting a small business in Thailand is quite an easier process with a fast and efficient option for foreigners, it would be a much more suitable choice for saving more time.

Isetan ensures to offer the complete business in Thailand with suitable features and reached the top position in the merchandise. In fact, the Thai business has mainly established strong phenomena in this city with a major reach to the customers. Ultimately most of the people in Thailand are quite fond of the japan culture and food. It also paved a way for reaching more number of thai customers. Importing goods from japan for business also becomes quite an efficient choice. But with the recent update from the Isetan that states that it is about to quit Thailand with the 28 years of its establishment and covered a wide number of customers to its range.

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