Newsbuzz- Thai Edtech Startup Quest Raises Six-Digit Seed Funding

Who is Edtech Startup Quest?

Quest is the Thailand-based coding education platform that gained more reputation in the country for its high-end technology. Recently Quest announced that it would be raising the six-digit seed funding with the Reapra, a Singapore-based VC firm. The main reason is that Quest has planned for the new way of funding the real-time coding platform. It also offers the full-stack automated teaching curriculum with Blockchain technology. Normally, being one of the businesses in Thailand, Quest as conquered more revenue with the startup.

All about Raising Funds:

CEO and co-founder of Quest, Kirk Pathumanun, have stated that they are looking for a better way to raise more funds from the local agency Depa, Reapra, and many other investors by Q4 2020. These are mainly enabled as the most important multiparty investment deal.

In 2018, Quest started the Edtech Hackathon in Bangkok. In fact, it also has become one of the finalists in the Project Alpha that has been enabled by Singapore-based SeedPlus. The main focus of this strategy is to completely determine the soft skills along with extensively monetizing service with the appropriate workforce as well as the reskilling program.

Quest also has recently suggested the development of the company in Thailand along with more number of new job opportunities. Quest has been doing business in Thailand with more innovation to the highest standard. Based on the company’s recent report stating that more than 20 million manufacturing jobs will be replaced across the world with the introduction of automation to the maximum in 2030. Quest also sees more people about better business opportunities with the reskilling of people. Of course, it is helpful for finding better jobs in the top companies and increase the economy rate.

Newly-Added Capital:

according to TechInAsia, Quest, which is a Thailand-based coding education platform, has been receiving the backing from the Reapra and angel investors, Singapore-based VC firm. With the amount mainly raised on the six-digit undisclosed seed amount, there could be more number of new possibilities listed on with the introduction of the new schemes to the maximum level. In fact, the newly-added capital also used for enhancing the platform to the next level.

These are mainly helpful for creating the full-stack automated teaching curriculum, and it uses the Blockchain as the most amazing style. With more ways are available on starting a business in Thailand, following the new strategies would be quite an efficient option.

Quest is also one of the startups that have a higher history of receiving more than US$80,000 in grants from TED as well as Depa funds. Quest has been looking for raising funds from the Depa, Reapra, as well as many other investors in the 4th quarter in 2020. In fact, there are many numbers of business opportunities in Thailand that could be seen with the rise in the economic rate to the highest level as of 2020.

Preparing For Digital Literacy:

Quest especially offers the online real-time platform for extensively allowing the pathway for digital literacy in the 21st century. With the growth of the education system in Thailand also become one of the finest ways for easily increasing its standard.


Quest has been offering more number of features that include Preparing For 21st Century Jobs along with learning the soft skills. Experts have been looking for a better way of blending the knowledge in the training as well as a global language in coding proficiency. It also mainly enabled with the better option for preparation for future professionals in Asia.

  • General English
  • Business English
  • Career Coach
  • Project Management
  • International Exams
  • Digital Entrepreneur
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Story-Telling Skills

Quest has been providing the ultimate real-time platform online with allowing the pathway for easily enabled with digital literacy. In fact, the expert’s team is looking for a better way of focusing on language expertise with coding skills and soft skills. This is also an efficient option for blending knowledge for the training along with global language in the coding. Quest also started from Edtech Hackathon 2018 with selecting the finalists for the Project Alpha with Singapore-based SeedPlus. Experts also focus on the coding skills and soft skills along with monetizing service with the workforce reskilling program.

Better Education Solution:

Recently, the company also states that expanding online conferencing business along with the Reach LeanSpace product. It is also enabled by providing the education solution for the medium and small-sized enterprises in the country.

According to the Markets Insider, the global e-learning market has been expected to reach more than US$238 billion by 2024. In fact, it has also reached more than a compound annual growth rate, with 8.5%. Normally, in the Asia-Pacific region, such as India and many other countries have attained huge growth with the education industry revenue. Thailand also has been invested heavily in the education system with more number of new technology implementation in 2020.

In 2019, Jakarta-based Ruangguru raised US$150 million by General Atlantic as well as GGV Capital. In fact, it is said that as one of the largest rounds as an Edtech company gaining more funds in the process. Another example includes that the India-based Byju also valued about US$8.2 billion with the funding of more than US$200 million in the General Atlantic.

New Ways To Raise Funds

CEO and co-founder of Quest have also stated that they are looking for a new way of raising funds with increasing the standards of education and training. With more number of opportunities available for the business in Thailand for foreigners, it would be a great option for getting funds. Quest is one of the startups that gained more reputation for its high-end service to the highest level.

Quest has mainly received funds from Depa and TED to about US$80,000 in grants to implement new strategies in the blockchain-backed workforce management in a much more efficient way without any hassle.

At the start of 2020, the startup also has been receiving the seed funding of US$15K and US$46K, with the growth and development, there has been new service and apps implemented for the benefits of the people to gain more knowledge. Having a strong customer base in Thailand, Quest reached a higher reputation among the clients for its uniqueness. Quest also made access to many numbers of world-class mentors as well as advisors.

The Edtech Accelerator:

Thailand-based ed-tech accelerator, Quest also has ventured to raise the six-digit seed funding in a much more efficient process. It also has joined the first bath in the inaugural program with a high-end manner.

According to the source, the recent establishments and five ed-tech companies have selected more than 70 applicants to be received in more significant aspects.  Each and every startup has been set for receiving the seed funding of THB 500,000 to THB 1.5 million (US$15,000-46,000). In fact, it also efficiently gives better access to many numbers of mentors and advisors. the accelerator also connects the startups to many numbers of global ed-tech VCs as well as top regional with the Series A stage,

Quest has been providing the self-paced curriculum for more than 1,600 hours with the interactive coding challenges as well as the web development process. With the advancement in technology, many numbers of companies have been switching towards the coding as well as a web development project in a much more efficient way. Of course, there is a modern trend in the highest manner. For the people who like to challenge the coding and the web development projects have been given with the specified curriculum that includes the

  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Front End Libraries
  • data visualization
  • APIs
  • Microservices
  • Information Security
  • Quality Assurance

Participants would be receiving various certifications based on the standard under each and every sector so that it will be processed accordingly. Quest ensures that everyone needs to have the appropriate training in the use of modern technology for doing business in Thailand. Of course, new technologies and languages have been taught that includes the

  • HTML5
  • CSS 3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • js
  • js
  • js
  • MongoDB
  • Git

Quest mainly have a greater way on the advance and is 100% project-driven learning. With the series of coding challenges and it is one of the better ways for building projects. Startups also get the connection for the Thailand Education Partners for testing as well as a pilot in prototype in Education Sandbox across the 3 provinces.

The company has been providing fast-track support with the LINE SCALEUP Package as well as LINE Thailand. These thrive a wide number of businesses, and many startups get the opportunity to receive the LINE officials as well as it is funded accordingly. When you are starting a business then it is best to have business startup consulting for knowing about the better way of funding accordingly.

Real-Time Coding:

Quest has been offering the superior in class platform with Real-Time Coding as well as Soft Skills Talent. The business in Thailand would automatically attract most of the people in much more challenging aspects. In the modern-day, the Real-Time Group Teaching is mainly integrated with the Apps enabled on the AI assessments. Quest also mainly featured with the prominent functionalities such

  • Coding Curriculum Placement
  • Blockchain Skills Tracking
  • Talent Database Platform
  • Mobile app talent tracker
  • Real-time Training
  • Hybrid Recruitment Agency

What Is Seed Round?

Normally, the Seed round will be from a hundred thousand dollars to several million. These are specially raised from the seed funds as well as high net worth angel investors. The startup is also mainly expected to have the investments in the market research as well as the early product development. Many numbers of businesses in Thailand have been using these advanced strategies for extensively saving their time for getting financial support to the maximum. Investors will also be rewarded with the

  • stock options
  • convertible notes
  • equity

What Is Series A Funding?

VC-led Series A or Series A will be from five to ten million. Normally, these Series A would be getting the name as the unique type of equity investors for receiving it. Series A mainly prefers to have shares accordingly. Series A does not require anyone to help the founders for determining the fundraising accordingly. There are also exceptions to the rule with the way of funding the organization. When you have a compelling vision or team, then you can also make it easier to raise Series A even without the metrics to the highest level.

For raising the seed funds round to the startup, there is no need to figure out everything. There is also no required for assembling the founding team that is enabled by the company. The cost of creating software becomes much lower these days and an effective option for availing more funds.

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