Success Story of Zilingo – And How Thailand Inspired It

Zilingo path to success in the fashion platform valuating more than $1 Billion inspired most of the people in Thailand. It all started when Ankiti Bose, an analyst at Sequoia India, chatting with friends in the house party in December 2014. Ankiti Bose was then 23 years old, while Dhruv Kapoor was a 24-year-old software engineer. He was working at the gaming studio Kiwi Inc and then started a company with his skills and experience level. The growth and success rate of Bose especially inspired many numbers of businesses in Thailand.

Ankiti graduated in Mathematics and Economics at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. At an early age, Ankiti has joined McKinsey but then joined the Sequoia capital. Her main role was to analyze the start-up companies along with their investments. Her skills and job experience as a business in Thailand mainly led her into building the Billion-dollar start-up called Zilingo. While she was doing her job as an analyst, she was highly enthusiastic about starting her own company with more number of functionalities. Luckily, Bose met Dhruv Kapoor, who was a graduate from the IIT- Guwahati having the same skills and ambitions as Ankiti.

The Start:

Ankiti and Dhruv invested in their savings that amounted to more than 30,000 dollars from quitting jobs. When Ankiti began as a start-up, she would work for more than 18 hours initially. She was also known for her hard work and skills. Zilingo has its headquarters in Singapore, and the company also received the Tech support from Bangalore in India. Zilingo has been operated mainly in the South-East Asian countries. Zilingo has been mainly established in South-East Asian countries as there was no competition from any of the Ecommerce giants. But it is not established in India as there were many numbers of eCommerce players such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and many others were found in India.

What Changed Her Life?

Once Ankiti was visiting Bangkok on a holiday trip with her friends. When she entered Thailand’s Chatuchak market, most of the merchants were from the remote villages far away. They did not have the opportunity to sell their products online. The main reason is that they lack Technical Expertise as well as financial support. She decided to do business in Thailand as it could be helpful for more than 8000 small merchants in Thailand. She founded Zilingo, which is one of the leading online platforms in South-East Asia. Especially sellers gain more benefits on their product reach by forming the right customers in the world.

The Funding:

Many numbers of companies have helped Zilingo previously in the area with providing funds. These also involve with the Burda Principal Investments, Sequoia capital that especially raised about 308 million dollars for Zilingo.

What Are The Reasons For The Success Of Zilingo?

Zilingo has been offering the free listing of the products by the sellers. One of the major benefits for the seller is that they are no longer required to have any kind of registration fees or licensing fees.

Zilingo has been charged a 10% to 20% commission for the sale rate. It would be charged only if the product is sold in the online market. In the modern-day, Zilingo has developed many numbers of technological tools that mainly facilitates the clients from various country to get connected. In fact, the tools also mostly play a pivotal role in the inventory management with shipping the part of the network that also includes the cross-border shipping.

Financial Assistance:

In the modern-day, Zilingo has been offering many numbers of financial assistance for the small manufacture called as FinTech. Zilingo was a great success from the business startup consultant to the highest business entrepreneur. FinTech is mainly helpful for those who lack the funds but possess more magnificent workmanship. Zilingo also works with the other financial companies for paying the advanced payments in the lowest interest rate. Zilingo has been providing the FinTech for many numbers of clients as a fashion product in the highest margin. Later, it also becomes Zilingo’s trusted partners by many numbers of clients.

The startup consulting has specially developed into a huge network with prominently establishing the company called the Asia Mall. Clients could use the Asia Mall for quickly purchasing the raw materials at the most affordable price companying from various clients. Asia Mall mainly works from the Business to Business service model. Zilingo also mainly helps the small clients on the documentation, keeping everything informed and training about the fashion trends. Starting a small business in Thailand also have been empowering many numbers of local communities with extensively offering more employment opportunities.

Perfect Business Model:

Zilingo has mainly implemented the most innovative solution for quickly creating a win-win situation among the clients. In fact, the business model does not have any pressure on the infrastructure, so that it would be a much more suitable solution. Since most of the clients were small-scale merchants, it is easier for availing of better benefits. Based on a recent report by Google, online shopping would be reaching more than 100 billion marks at the yea 2025.

What Is Zilingo?

The word Zilingo is called Zillions, and it also meads Gift of God. She has been motivating young entrepreneurs across the world with the most astounding achievements. Upon opening a business in Thailand, there is a wider growth in the market, and many numbers of people have been attracted to it. Ankiti has set the business in the right direction by creating a good strategy and enabling more number of benefits.

Achievements And Recognitions:

Ankiti has been in the Forbes in the list of 30 members in 2019. Zilingo has reached more than Billions of Dollars within three years. With the increasing adoption of the smartphone along with the internet facilities amongst the middle class, there is wider growth to the maximum level.

Based on a recent report from Zilingo, then it has more than 7 Million users across various countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, and many others. Zilingo also has planned on entering Australia. Indonesia is considered as the biggest market for the company with more number of users.

Zilingo mainly employs more than 500 employees across various countries in the world. Recently Ankiti has merged the online and offline channels with providing the most ubiquitous experience.

In the recent report, Ankiti also stated that the modern online business in Thailand mainly transforms the offline model into a much better way for the customers online. Online becomes a much more effective option for creating a good experience. Ankiti becomes the role model for most of the young entrepreneurs and especially for the female entrepreneurs. She has attained great success upon setting up a business in Thailand.


With the growth of Shopping Online across the world has abundantly increased, most of the people have been accessing online for everything. Online shopping reached more than $23 billion in 2018 based on the report by the Temasek. In fact, it is mainly expected to reach more than $100 billion by 2025. Zilingo has posted its revenue rate of

S$434,000 in March 2016
S$1.8 million ($1.3 million) on March 31, 2017

As of 2020, the revenue reached more than I Billion, and the company has started to helping ten small merchants on selling the products to consumers with a wide range of expansion. Founders also especially dealt with more number of small scale from across the world where there was a lack of technology access, economy scale, and capital.

Zillion has started to expand with developing the software as well as other related tools. It would allow the vendors to easily accessing more factories in Vietnam, Bangladesh, and many more. It helps with providing the cross-border shipping along with inventory management. Zilingo was working on financial technology in 2018 with modern new technology.

Within four years, 27-year-old Ankiti Bose becomes CEO as well as the founder of the biggest giant called ZILINGO. From the startup business consultant, she has mainly reached the topmost position as the entrepreneur in the world.

Zilingo has reached the revenue close to that of billion-dollar valuation based on the Unicorn Status. Ankiti is the first Indian woman CEO as well as co-founder of a startup like Unicorn status. Ankiti also becomes 1st youngest CEO in topmost Asia to run a successful company with the highest value.
With the highest success rate in the startup, she has been noted as Forbes under-30 Asian list in the year. Ankiti has achieved greater things due to her smart approach and hard work in the field.

An Inspirational Start:

Ankiti has graduated in the year 2012 in Economics and Mathematics at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Ankiti met Dhruv Kapoor in a domestic party in 2014. Both of them had the same skills and experience with the ambition of starting a company by enabling a more innovative strategy.

Dhruv has been working as a software engineer in a well-known gaming company, and Ankiti has been working in Sequoia India as analytics. Ankiti and Dhurv made an agreement during the party, and it also gave both of them to quit the job to create the startup. Within 4 months, both of them quit the job and worked on the Fashion e-commerce startup project called Zilingo.

Both of them invested in the savings money of about 30000 Dollar in the Zilingo startup project. Even the Sequoia also invested in the Zilingo. Zilingo achieved greater success with the innovation and broad-minded founders. Dhurv becomes the Chief Technology Officer in Zilingo.
Zilingo is related to the wide number of categories that include fashion, lifestyle, and beauty market. It also mainly allows the Small Traders for easily selling their products as well as many other services.

Thoughts In Bangkok:

With the growth of business in Thailand for foreigners has been higher in recent years, many numbers of people have been using this opportunity for establishing their network. Ankiti went to Bangkok after graduation to spend the holidays. She found more than a thousand stalls while she was roaming in the Thai market. She also noticed that there were no e-commerce facilities for providing a bigger opportunity for shopkeepers. Therefore, she decided to start the Zilingo in Thailand to help the local vendors for easily saving their time in trading. Creating the unique eCommerce website which is suitable for the people to make the appropriate transaction and selling of goods become a good choice these days.

Having 400 Employees:

Zilingo has been first established in Thailand and Cambodia. Many numbers of people in Thailand have been inspired by the story of Ankiti and Dhurv Kapoor with establishing a strong network in various countries. Zilingo also has its offices in various countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and more with more than 400 employees.

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