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The ASEAN Region (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is an integrated economy of 10 member countries and is the third-largest economic market in Asia with a GDP of USD 3 trillion. It is the home of 650 million people with an estimated consumer expenditure of nearly USD 2 trillion in 2019 which is expected to double over the next decade. 

For Thailand, the 2nd largest economy of South East Asia and the founding member of the ASEAN, business opportunities seem to be endless with free movement of goods, investments, capital, services, and skilled labor within the community. 

As per the Bangkok Post, Thailand’s consumer expenditure is projected to surge by 30.7% by 2022. Mobile commerce is expected to grow 234% in the next 5 years with a compound growth rate of 27.3%. Research also shows that Thai consumers spend almost 40% on food consumption.

Thailand ranks 21st out of 190 countries in the world in terms of ease of doing business as per the World Bank report 2020.  All these factors make Thailand an interesting market destination for foreign companies for opening a business in Thailand but domestic business development remains a hurdle to be overcome. 

Doing business in Thailand often throws up unexpected challenges to foreigners like language barriers, cultural differences and misinterpretations, all of which become a hindrance for their startup projects that eventually delays revenue generation. Time to market is vital for any startup ventures – be it a new company or a branch of an existing company. But it could be a long learning curve for any foreigner to be actually productive in Thailand, without knowing the tricks of the trade.

Startup in Thailand, with its an in-depth understanding of the local market and decades of experience, offers its clients wide-ranging business development services to acquire new business opportunities to accelerate growth and profitability. As Startup Specialists, cultivating their experience, they have packaged business development into few workable models for their clients that are geared to generate revenues in the short term.

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It is pertinent for business owners to have someone trustworthy, with local market expertise to guide them to succeed in their projects in Thailand. A big challenge awaits for any foreign manager trying to grasp the reins of a newly started business in Thailand. The gestation period of business and work culture understanding in Thailand may prove to be too long to survive. High salary costs and non-performance may stretch the project to a point of no return. 

To mitigate such challenges, Startup in Thailand offers business management support to its clients by providing the services of a Virtual Director, experienced in local business expansion and management with a promise to deliver. The Virtual Director, as a Startup Specialist, is capable of undertaking multiple roles such as business development, operation management, business, or marketing consultant. He provides handholding support for the entire duration of the project and executes the project as per business plan by understanding the client’s future positioning of the business and based on that ascertain the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). Read more to know more about Virtual Director.

Startup in Thailand provides a health check of the business by doing a critical evaluation of the current and historical performance of their client’s business and factors impacting it so as to provide a comprehensive business strategy which when executed by them can demand a return on investment in the shortest possible time.

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When sales initiative is the primary objective of an organization, the strategy would entail an aggressive development of the same. For effective sales development, it is mandatory to have a team on the ground, knocking doors, and focusing on customer engagement while a senior manager is essential to strategize, monitor, and provide direction to the team.

Startup in Thailand dedicates a well-experienced team with local market intelligence, established networks, and proven methodologies. The full sales cycle is offered to its clients including lead generation, winning new customers, managing key accounts, international sales, franchise appointments, or dealer network development.

Along with their own persistent sales workforce geared to generate revenues for its customers in Thailand, Startup in Thailand offers it’s client an option to choose their own local business development team, from the similar industry with adequate experience in the relevant field to optimize the sales cycle, while executing a project of longer duration.  

Utilizing their experience in Thailand and best practices in business development, Startup in Thailand has developed several, flexible, cost-effective business models for market penetration. Contact Startup in Thailand to understand more about it. 

Once a client has established its presence in Thailand, promotions of its brand become essential as the next step. It becomes vital for a foreign organization to understand what works in the local context, giving more mileage at an affordable budget. Marketing channels are plenty, the right selection of it is crucial. 

Startup in Thailand offers Integrated Marketing services, a strategic approach to its clients which can deliver a unified message to its consumers across multiple channels and provide a seamless experience. An effort to combine packages of advertising, public relations, direct marketing, digital marketing, sales promotions, etc to propound a blend of communication. 

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