International Business Development

This is ideal for local Thai companies who are looking to expand their business worldwide and are looking for an external facilitator or partner to help them become global.

Startup in Thailand partners with Thai companies and mutually works together for development of trade with the international markets by leveraging industry best practices to reduce time to market.

They normally work with their clients from an early stage, helping them with their business development strategy and planning and assisting them to find potential customers, dealers, or strategic business partners in the international market. They use their local/international knowledge and network of contacts combined with international experience to make their client’s business development efforts successful and efficient.

Startup in Thailand provides business development advice and also assists with market assessment and industry analysis as well as providing a broad range of hands-on expertise.

Startup in Thailand’s “one-door” support service is a complete and convenient solution for Thai companies. They arrange all essential services that clients need, from finding international prospects, business partners, suppliers, and sales agents to recommending how and where to market their products.

  • Operating in Thailand with local customers is possible but not desirable.
  • One needs to export to grow.
  • Business can be expanded globally with your own marketing efforts with an experienced team that can communicate both in Thai and several global languages.
  • Access to global market trends to remain competitive in the local marketplace.
  • Cross country sourcing and marketing are possible all over the world is based in Thailand.
  • The globalization of your business builds trust in your brand among your clients and suppliers.
  • An international business increases the chance of penetrating the world by doing business with the largest economies of the world.

Someone not only experienced in International Trade but also overall marketing & operational management to help them to build their business and maintain their quality of service, by having their own strong presence in Thailand.

Someone trustworthy, someone they can rely on – at all times, to efficiently handle all essential elements of business enhancement activities.

An elite “International Marketing Director” who can take-up an independent all-rounder role and act as your company representative in the global market. Someone with an overall knowledge of Business Management & Operations/ Import & Export/ Production/ Marketing/ Product Development/ Purchase/ Finance would just be the right one for their business.

Hire Andy Aditya as an International Marketing Director, who has all the requisite experience to not only advice but also implement the international market strategy on the company’s behalf.