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Professional and skilled manpower is vital for any startup business success. In Thailand where there is a high demand but low availability of local talents, it becomes extremely challenging for a foreign business owner to recruit and retain talented employees. People management and handling cultural gaps often become an issue for foreign companies trying to establish a business in Thailand.

Finding the right team to get the job done is one of the specialties of Startup in Thailand. Whether it’s hiring for a senior management executive or a factory worker, they have a well-established network of professional references and a huge database of potential candidates.

Startup in Thailand has a full-fledged recruitment division which identifies the right candidates for their customers and can hire either under their own or the customer’s payroll.  With two decades of recruitment experience, they ensure committed professionals, with relevant work experience and a great professional attitude. The HR division also provides HR strategy, training, and other consulting services which are often critical for the success of a startup business.

HR & PAYROLL Services

Work Permit & Visa Services – With a team of immigration experts who specializes in immigration regulations and legal advice on residing and working in Thailand, Startup in Thailand offers effective work permit solutions for its clients for obtaining, renewing, amending and canceling work permits for individuals and their families. Sponsorship of Work permits is also a preferred choice for many technology clients.

Payroll Services – Startup in Thailand provides payroll services to their clients and maintains utmost confidentiality of personal and remuneration data. They will ensure that the staff are paid accurately and on time and provide management and reporting of all procedures and compliance status related to processes like Tax Returns, Social Security, Provident Fund, etc..

Manpower Recruitment 

A company needs to invest and dedicate a lot of time to hire employees with the right talent and skillset and this can sometime causes distractions in the functioning of core businesses that are more crucial. For such cases, manpower recruitment would an ideal solution for clients who would like to hire the right manpower without taking any hassles on their own. 

Scouting for the right person – With two decades experience in Thailand, Startup in Thailand has developed an in-depth understanding of the exact requirements of their customers. They have a wide professional network of contacts and over a period of time built a large database of potential candidates, that can be matched with the exact business needs and work culture of the client which in turn leads to retention of valuable talent.

Staying abreast – To stay updated on the cutting edge of talent strategy, it is important to track key trends in the global market for talent and continually innovate the manpower recruitment services and approach.

Staff Augmentation

Startup in Thailand can also provide staff augmentation services if the business demands additional resources to bolster technology operations. The staff augmentation model offers a lot of flexibility to clients and is an efficient way to add team members with specialized skill-sets to either temporary or long term assignments.

It is mostly used in scenarios, when there is a large project in the horizon or when the company is in the the midst of completing a project and there is an immediate need for additional resources for fulfillment of the project.

Key benefits of staff augmentation services include : 

Flexible duration – Clients can hire staff for any duration they need, whether it is for a few months or few years. Staff augmentation services offers flexibility to match the requirements of the desired time-frame. 

Scalability: Whether there is a need to hire one resource with a specific skill-set or multiple resources for a specific project, the staff augmentation model is scalable to meet all resourcing needs.

Expertise: In case of skill gaps, the staff augmentation model can address it with their team of industry certified experts. These experts can join whenever needed, will blend in perfectly with the existing team and be productive right from day one.

Cost Savings: Staff augmentation services provide multiple cost-saving opportunities with regards to recruitment costs, management cost, salary perquisites, etc. One just needs to pay a consolidated fee for only the time the staff has worked for the company. 

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