Representation in Thailand

Representation Services 

Doing Business in Thailand by having FULL-SCALE Operations from Day One

Thailand has business opportunities in abundance. A well thought out market entry strategy is crucial for any international company for overall commercial success. 

Startup in Thailand offers a comprehensive and convenient market presence representation platform for its international clients in Thailand and helps it expand and branch out further in the ASEAN Region. They ensure that their clients accomplish their business objectives by leveraging their local expertise and established business connections.

The representation service of Startup in Thailand offers a customer-friendly, proactive environment with a team of Thai specialists who have deep market knowledge and skills in procurement and business development, and dedicated to working for the best satisfaction of their clients. 

Startup in Thailand understands that every customer and their requirements are unique.  With their diverse industry experience, they have developed few personalized market entry models for representation, each is flexible and fully customizable as per the exact needs of the customer. 

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Most companies believe in working directly with their suppliers or manufacturers to negotiate better deals. However, in a country of local language predominance like Thailand, for a foreigner to take control of the entire supply chain becomes a big challenge. The time it consumes to execute such sourcing projects due to varied operational issues often lead to business losses.

For global companies, the focus for sourcing has now shifted from low-cost country sourcing to best country sourcing.

Startup in Thailand has been finding accredited & certified suppliers for their international clients and assisted them to withstand competition, survive, and reap profits even in the event of an economic slowdown. Their sourcing programs are industry or product independent and their qualified, experienced purchasing team focuses on procurement savings that influence bottom-line results of their clients.

As your Thailand representative, they provide comprehensive assistance in :

  • Sourcing of products
  • Validating Suppliers
  • Sample confirmation
  • Order followups
  • Inspection and Quality Control
  • Production Monitoring
  • Payments & Receipts
  • Warehouse & Packing
  • Shipping & Documentation

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A successful business is that which is nourished with high efficient leadership at any stage of the business and someone like a Representative director may be a critical driver for any startup in Thailand.

If one does not have a branch in Asia but need an experienced individual to manage their business, customers, and suppliers, then they can appoint a Representative Director on contract, at a fraction of cost as compared to a normal employee.

The Representative Director, as Thailand business expert, having his own infrastructure and competent team to help any company to start its operations in Thailand, instantly. He acts as the Virtual Director in Thailand for his clients, providing a one-stop solution for all their requirements in Thailand

Sometimes organizations themselves lack skilled managers to take up such challenging international assignments that require more soft skills than hard. They might struggle to meet international business expansion deadlines and fail on business health audits in no time. Under such circumstances, local, experienced leadership is the only choice.  – A virtual Director from Startup in Thailand is on his way.

A Virtual Director, who is an Asian, working with Thais for the last two decades, having established business networks, with the right blend of experience and knowledge working under multi-cultural, diverse environments.

As a multi-tasking, independent strategist, the Virtual Director is available on contract with time-bound, performance guaranteed deliverables. An association with him to take care of the startup business can often be termed as – Do more, faster, with fewer mistakes.

He takes up the role of business development with the development of go-to-market strategy and expansion plans in the ASEAN Region. He uses his management techniques, technical knowledge, and network of contacts along with his international experience to make the venture successful.

He takes up a directive role in company operations. The process includes curing out extra profits from process efficiencies by deploying best practices, including workforce improvement.

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Startup in Thailand engages with their clients from the early stages of their business and assists them to generate new business opportunities in Thailand by finding potential partners, distributors, franchisees, and customers in Thailand and also advise them on an efficient route-to-market. They would facilitate a detailed market investigation to identify and validate key market opportunities, product feasibility, key competitors, strategic alliances, and partners. Local market knowledge blended with international client management makes their client’s efforts successful and efficient.

Startup in Thailand has been working as Sales & Distribution representatives for various companies around the globe for the last 15 years with a dedicated team of Thai professionals who often collaborate with country-specific specialist product distributors for business success.

There are 2 types of operational support that are offered

  1. Thailand Business Partner Search – Ideal for Companies who are looking for short term projects to look for business partners/distributors in Thailand. Here, their  Thai team identifies potential channel partners for our clients, shortlist, and do the necessary due diligence to present the best 3-5 partners for their clients to do business with.
  2. Selling Agent – Best for companies trying to penetrate the Thai market themselves but they are reluctant to establish their own company. In this case, Startup in Thailand acts as their representative in Thailand and help them with sales strategy, lead generation, pricing strategy and operation support.

Ineffective communication may lead to slow, unprofessional, or even irrelevant responses from the customers. Once Startup in Thailand is hired, the business can multi-folded with their assistance in marketing efforts in the Asian market, with an international team who can communicate in local as well as English for easier communication.

By having a base in Thailand, it is possible to have cross country distribution and marketing.