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The world economy is slowing down post-COVID and Thailand has not been spared too. However, Thailand is recovering fast and in the current scenario one of the best countries for doing business especially since it is ranked as 1st in Asia and 2nd in the world in terms of Covid-19 recovery. Even though international tourism is yet to commence, it is business as usual for local Thai businesses. 

While small and medium-sized enterprises feature prominently in the Asian expansion plans, Thailand has become a strategic choice for most of them to stimulate their business growth. 

For an international company, doing business in Thailand has its own set of challenges primarily related to accessing relevant market information, dealing with language and cultural barriers, handling red-tape bureaucracy, and retaining local talent.

Therefore, it is essential for the startup business operating in Thailand to leverage local leadership talent who has the required experience, skills, and expertise to deal with such business contingencies successfully and can help the business grow.

Startup in Thailand‘s Virtual Director provides the leadership skills and expertise, an international company would need to run their business successfully in Thailand.

A Virtual Director for international business in Thailand would ideally be an Asian with more than two decades of experience working in Thailand and would be someone with established business networks, and having the right blend of experience and knowledge working in multi-cultural and diverse environments. He would be available to work part-time at very reasonable rates.

As a multi-tasking, independent strategist, the Virtual Director is available to be hired on contract with time-bound, performance guaranteed deliverables.

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Introducing Andy as a Virtual Director

As a Virtual Director, Andy takes up a directorial role for his clients in local and regional operations. He focuses on driving growth and profitability for the business through process efficiencies, best practices, and workforce improvement processes.

With high work ethics, sincerity, and complete transparency, Andy provides a firm commitment to achieving the desired results for the startup business. He assists business owners to see the big picture by attending to minute details and highlighting aptly what is needed for improvement.


As a  Virtual Director for his client, Andy’s role is multi-faceted. His responsibilities could include one or a combination of the roles mentioned below:

Thailand Director

Andy, as Thailand business expert, has its own infrastructure and a competent team to help any company to start its operations in Thailand immediately. He acts as a Virtual Director in Thailand providing one-stop solutions for all the requirements of his clients. Andy represents his clients in their fullest form, heading their operations in Thailand.

Andy guides the startup business through the various stages of setting up in Thailand, from the exploration stage to the final implementation of the project. He proactively helps his clients in business strategy development and implementation, sourcing or distribution of products, new business development, Account Management, and overall Project Management.

Regional Director

This role of a Regional Director is particularly useful when a company does not have a branch in Asia but needs an experienced individual to manage its business, customers, and suppliers in the Asia Pacific region.

In a Regional Director’s role, Andy will be responsible for business development for the company and will jointly develop effective go-to-market strategies and business expansion plans for the ASEAN Region. Andy will leverage his management techniques, technical knowledge, and network of contacts along with his international experience to make the business venture successful.

Once Andy is hired as Regional Director for Asia, he will assist his clients to acquire and build relationships with new customers, build trust with existing clients, mitigate potential issues, represent the company in local events or meetings, help with vendor selection and negotiation, develop a strategy for business growth, project manage, and also facilitate partnerships and joint ventures with potential companies.

International Director

If someone is experiencing difficulties to market their products abroad, they can consult and hire Andy to be their business consultant in Thailand. This way they can focus on target-oriented revenue generation overseas, by implementing the right business strategies to succeed. Andy could help represent the company in international events, develop the brand locally, and introduce best practices for business development. Learn more here.

Sales & Marketing Director

By engaging Andy as a marketing consultant in Thailand, clients can leverage Andy’s sales and marketing expertise for business growth in the South East Asian region.

Andy can build and execute effective sales and marketing strategies including demand generation and digital marketing services that are aligned to the company’s business objectives and revenue achievement plans. Learn more.

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