Thailand Industries – Market Knowledge & Latest Trends

Domain Knowledge of Industries in the Emerging Market of Thailand

Today, Thai Industry knowledge is vital for every business owner who perceives his business to serve as the world’s economic growth engine. Every Business Owner Needs to plan carefully with proper market research, taking distinct advantage of emerging-market opportunities. As the greatest hope for growth in the global economy for the past two years, emerging markets like Thailand have become the darlings of the financial press and a favorite talking point of C-level executives worldwide.

The world’s largest multinational companies find Thailand to be the most competitive, most reliable, and most desirable location for sourcing parts and components, and an excellent destination for establishing regional operating headquarters. With its highly developed level of infrastructure and proximity to Asia’s largest markets, Thailand is a natural sourcing hub. Geographically, Bangkok is closer to the heart of Asia than most other Asian cities. In addition, Thailand offers attractive tax and duty incentive packages that significantly defray operating costs and expedite your return on investment. Startup in Thailand has been operating as a reliable Thailand Representative for almost two decades.

Thailand is an attractive destination for emerging market investments, due to its rich availability of natural resources, low-cost manufacturing, cheap labor cost and overall being a very peaceful country for operations. Business owners like you, with visions of startup business ideas,  should consider Thailand as it’s choice for operation because of its rapid population growth, sustained economic development, and a growing mid-income group.

We, as Startup Specialists, have working experience with the below-mentioned industries over the last two decades of existence. Each of our projects varies from each other and quite diverse in terms of startup consulting, business consulting, project consulting and marketing consulting.

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Click on each industry to know how it fares in Thailand:

Fruits and vegetables on the wooden table

Agro-Food Processing Industry

Front right side of the car view on the street with beam of night lights

Automotive Industry

Gold coins on a brown pouch on top of a red table

Banking and Insurance Industry

Man wearing full gear overall with gas mask in a splash green paint like image with concrete blocks background with hand gesture two fingers up command

Chemical Industry

A Thai farmer carrying rice plant seedlings on a makeshift bamboo rod walking on the rice fields

Commodities Industry

Iron bridge in a construction site with large crane in a dark clouds view

Construction Industry

Three white painted power plant tower by the lake with one tower is releasing a smoke

Energy Sector

Cargo shipment with tons of container vans on board traveling by the sea

Export-Import Industry

A micro chip in the middle of a digital board with digital lines rooting effects

High-Tech Industry

A door in a hotel opened by a service crew showing only the right hand on grip of the door handle of the room

Hospitality Industry

A hooded green jacket showing black facial view with a ray of binary numbers coming out of the dark of the hood face

IT Industry

A brown leather sewed by a sewing machine

Leather Industry

A side view of a red trailer truck on the street

Logistics Industry

Oil and gas plant showing machine extractor in a sunset background

Oil & Gas Industry

Liquid yellow colored medicine capsules on a small plate glass on the white table

Pharmaceutical Industry

A colorful plastic wares soaked in a water with bubbly surface

Plastic Industry

Large building of a company factory with lights on a dawn sky

Public Sector

real estate industry in thailand cover photo

Real Estate Industry

Shopping center boutique shop in a black and white filter and rush by passers

Retail Industry

An open field with satellite disk tower in a cloudy blue sky

Telecom Industry

A man weaving a fabric in an ethnic design

Textile Industry

Thailand's landmark dragon fountain on side view with sunset background

Tourism Industry