What Makes a Successful Startup Team

Everything tends to move fast in the dynamic world of startups. As a company in Thailand grows, the challenges that go with managing a startup business are inevitable. Thus, building a strong team is necessary to thrive in the local market. Entrepreneurs must keep in mind that the future of their business lies in the people they work with. However, there is no such perfect employee, a perfect team, a perfect manager, or a perfect partner, and hiring the wrong people prove to be disastrous in the long run. But there are a few keys to great management that bring out the best in everyone. 

Building a successful team is about more than partnering with a skilled and experienced startup consultant and finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills. Studies have shown that skills and experiences alone were not enough to make a team thrive. While skills and experience broaden the team’s resource pool, help people identify opportunities, and are positively related to team effectiveness, a team should also consider certain factors to truly thrive. 

Establishing Positions and Responsibilities

Oftentimes, startup employees may not have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities due to a lack of organizational structure. Roles and responsibilities provide structure and allow entrepreneurs and employees to focus. Roles define the job functions within a team and responsibilities define the activities that a member is accountable for. Before hiring people, entrepreneurs must understand their roles in the startup. Who should be the technical lead? Who will handle the sales & marketing side of the business? They must first establish the foundation and structure of their inner circle.

Consider each other’s skill set, strengths, and weaknesses to ensure that everyone understands what they can bring to the table. When entrepreneurs have decided on their roles and responsibilities, then it is time to gather the rest of the team. Depending on their startup business needs, some of the positions they can open are project managers, sales and marketing specialists, finance officers, and so on. Keep in mind that a strong team is extremely clear about who is responsible for what.

Hiring the Right People

The type of people entrepreneurs hire can ultimately make or break their business in Thailand. A startup team with diverse skills and experience is essential to its growth in the long haul. Ideally, entrepreneurs want each member to have the right balance between hard skills (talents and abilities that pertains to a specific field) and soft skills (interpersonal skills that help people get along with each other and collaborate.) When choosing candidates, entrepreneurs must weigh if they can thrive in a fast-paced environment and learn quickly as they go along. They sure want someone who can get the job done and are a perfect fit for their startup’s culture.

Sharing the Vision With the Team

It starts with a vision. Entrepreneurs must know that sharing their vision with their team is crucial. It gives the team members a common goal and a sense of purpose. If the ultimate goal is to be a leading company in Thailand, then entrepreneurs must share it with their current and future employees. Make them see the big picture. When they know where they are going, they are more motivated and will work harder. Entrepreneurs must be candid about their vision with the candidates they interview. It’s great to be honest about this since not everyone likes to work in a big corporate setting. By sharing the vision with them, entrepreneurs can attract the best candidates with the same goals. Additionally, having an on-going discussion about future goals with the team helps everyone stay on the same page and prepare for changes when necessary. Entrepreneurs must also ensure that their vision clearly states what they want and why they want it. They should make their team feel like a part of the vision.

Offering Training or Mentorship

If entrepreneurs want their teams to succeed, they have to invest in them – and training and mentoring are some of the best investments they can make in their startup company. Employees can benefit when they undergo training to sharpen their skills. Although not all startup companies have enough budget for expensive training programs, there are still other ways to learn for free. Entrepreneurs can encourage their team members to take free online courses or network with great mentors in their startup community. By motivating them to improve themselves, entrepreneurs have helped them contribute to the success of their vision and reach their career goals.

Provide Feedback on Performance

Training and mentoring may enhance the skills of the employees, but what puts them on an accelerated path to excellence is regular constructive feedback. Having a feedback system plays a significant role in assessing an employee’s performance. By providing performance reviews regularly, entrepreneurs can help employees see how they are doing and the areas they need to improve on. However, a lot of entrepreneurs have a problem with communicating their feedback to their employees, which results in offending employees, discouraging them, or worse, making them leave the company. If entrepreneurs think that giving constructive criticism is not their forte, then they have to learn to do so. They can’t build a successful startup company in Thailand if they inadvertently keep on putting off their employees.

Upgrading Workspace

Oftentimes, expanding the office space would be the last thing entrepreneurs would do, especially when they are just starting their business in Thailand, due to the limited resources and funding. Some startup entrepreneurs start their business in someone’s basement to save on rent and other operating costs. While this setup is good at the beginning, sooner or later, entrepreneurs need to plan for the future and prepare for a proper expansion to accommodate the growth of their startup. One way they can do this is to try looking for vacant offices within their location and see if they can negotiate the terms that will allow them to rent the space as needed while avoiding the need for expensive relocations.

Entrepreneurs Must Get Ready to Scale Up Their Startup Team!

Having great and responsible team members is crucial for a startup business‘ success, but being able to lead the team successfully and to create a comfortable and nurturing work environment is the responsibility of a startup team leader. When it comes to building a strong team, entrepreneurs need the all-stars to get their business off the ground. There’s no secret formula for winning teams. They are built over time and assembled from the ground up, and entrepreneurs simply can’t afford to hire the wrong people. Remember, the backbone of a company’s success is the people who work behind it.

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