Why Lead Nurturing Campaign Crucial for Startup Businesses

Launching a business, especially in a foreign country like Thailand, can be a long, arduous process, which entails different moving parts to work together. Apart from hiring a startup business consultant to help with the groundwork in the local market, one of the tactics companies use to increase their customer base is acquiring leads online. In reality, not all people who visit a website or receive the promotions marketers have sent through an email will automatically become customers – that is because some prospects may not be willing or are ready to buy what they are selling. When it comes to digital marketing, lead nurturing is a crucial factor in garnering quality leads.  

What Is a Lead?

A lead refers to contact with a potential customer, also known as a prospect. The definition of the term lead may vary, depending on the organization. For some companies, a lead is a contact already determined to be a prospective customer, whereas others consider a lead to be any sales contact. But what remains the same across definitions is that a lead will potentially become a future client. However, since people or startup businesses have different needs and preferences, not everyone is considered a lead. 

What Is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of building relationships with prospects/leads throughout their purchasing journey through marketing communication. Lead nurturing ensures that potential customers are well informed to make an informed buying decision. That means this strategy enables marketers to educate, inform, and build trust with their leads and move them from the top of the purchasing funnel (when they are not quite ready to buy) into the lower part of the funnel (when they decide to buy).

A lead nurturing strategy also offers a splendid way to understand the potential buyer better. What pain areas are they trying to address through business offerings? With lead nurturing emails, it is possible to extract the information or even engage with prospects, so sales conversations become more focused or warmer towards closing the deal. 

Why Lead Nurturing Crucial for Startup Businesses?

Marketers cannot expect consumers to welcome their business with open arms immediately. They have plenty of options, and they can quickly do their research to find a competitor, which is why lead nurturing is crucial for startup businesses. Nurturing leads is how marketers present their business in Thailand is different from the others. They want to show their prospect that their product or service is high-quality and that they will always meet their needs, even after they have converted.

What Does Lead Nurturing Do?

  • It Educates the Target Audience

    A marketer with the right lead nurturing campaign mindset would never spam their target audience with vague sales emails. That kind of communication does not teach audiences anything, nor does it take them on any purchasing journey. Lead nurturing is about identifying specific audience demands and then curating content that addresses their needs. It should teach prospects about a particular service or product and allows marketers to show their customers a complete picture of who they are and what they can do for them. And by informing potential customers on what their business in Thailand has to offer, they will learn if their product is the best fit for their current need – or a future need.

    Additionally, since nurturing a lead aims to communicate with each customer on their level, marketers need to personalize their content on emails, digital ads, direct mail, etc. Keep in mind that nurturing a lead is not all about immediate sales – it is about developing real engagement and keeping potential customers at the forefront of their minds. By sending prospects content that directly answers their questions and relates to their needs, marketers can help solve their problems and lay the groundwork to offer solutions that result in sales and long-term customer relationships.

    Moreover, marketers can utilize a marketing tool such as automated workflows to advertise their company, brand, products, and anything else they deem crucial. Potential customers should be excited to open and engage with each new message, and marketers should be excited to see where their nurturing journey takes them.

  • It Sets the Stage for Sales

    Having the best marketing strategies may be all for nothing if it does not eventually result in sales. Good lead nurturing is about the Return On Investment (ROI). To achieve such, marketers should not rush anyone into purchasing positions. Instead, they should build an informed and interested audience mix of new prospects and returning customers and engaging them in a dialogue that continues over time.

    If marketers build a trusted relationship with their audiences, there is a strong chance that they will turn to them when they are ready to buy. However, if marketers bother them with overly sales-oriented marketing from the very beginning, they won’t want to build that relationship in the first place. 

Benefits of Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Lead nurturing campaigns have a lot of benefits. When a new prospect signs up for marketing communications, it is a great chance to show them what the business is all about and explain how its products can meet their needs. Every step in the campaign should be a motivation for potential customers to engage more with the brand.

  • It’s Good for the Audience

    In this digital age, more and more leads are turning away from offensive and aggressive ads, being more responsive to businesses that help them find what they want and need, then move toward a purchase. With lead nurturing, it gives them a virtual tour of all a brand has to offer. The clicks they make and their actions can paint a picture of their needs, giving businesses the knowledge to strategically send personalized content and solutions that address pain points and solve problems.

    Marketers should meet their audience where they are in their journey and breakthrough all that generic marketing jargon while providing them with information about the products and services they need—when they need them. 

  • It’s Good for the Brand

    Every nurturing campaign is an opportunity to showcase to the brand’s audiences who they are and how they can help them. The rewards of having steadily recurring sales and a growing roster of returning customers are achievable when marketers successfully deliver upon the promise of nurturing a lead.


People like to make decisions on their own without being pushed into a corner. Giving them as much helpful content as possible allows them to do this. Lead nurturing empowers a startup business to get more referrals from existing customers who are impressed by the informative content that the brand creates. In the end, this strategy helps marketers achieve one goal — increase the volume and quality of leads. 

However, when it comes to the number of leads, enough is never enough. More leads mean more chances to make a sale. Thanks to digital marketing, it is now possible to generate leads through multiple sources. If done right, marketers can garner quality leads that will eventually turn into customers. Keep in mind that lead nurturing never stops, and if marketers can outlast their competitors, they will win by default every time. If marketers are unsure about managing their business successfully, they can seek professional advice from experienced startup specialists.

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