Why Startup Businesses Need a Strong Team

“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team” -Reid Hoffman, Entrepreneur

Regardless of the kind of business entrepreneurs own or the size of their company, one way or another, they will need a team of employees supporting them as they develop and grow their brand. A business is nothing if entrepreneurs don’t have an outstanding team to put their ideas into action. Like successful companies in Thailand, they were able to grow their businesses in the local market by understanding the value of having the right team in place – not to mention hiring a reliable and experienced startup specialist. The incredible loyalty for a certain brand wouldn’t be achieved if there weren’t people working to deliver the best result. Keep in mind that a company needs various skills to be able to thrive in the industry.

Hiring the right team is, therefore, necessary for any business, and more so for a  startup company, since it is the team that plays a key role in understanding and executing the founder’s vision. Here are some points that justify the importance of building a strong team for any startup:

Execution of the Company’s Vision

The vision of an entrepreneur would stay dormant without a team. A team is responsible for executing the founder’s vision by breaking it down into short-term, realizable, and scalable goals, ensuring that the company’s goals are met, thereby playing a crucial role in turning a vision into a reality. Each individual will take on separate roles while putting together their attitude, knowledge, skill, aptitude, and competence to meet these small targets. On the other hand, startup business owners can now focus on the larger goal and macro-level decisions.

Brings Fresh Ideas to the Table

One of the many reasons why companies, especially startup businesses in Thailand, should build a strong team is the ability and the opportunity to share ideas with the group. Businesses need innovative ideas to succeed in the competitive world. When a company creates a safe space where individuals with different ages, backgrounds, skills sets, and experience levels can work together as a team without the fear of criticism, new ideas and perspectives will start to flow. Keep in mind that businesses grow when they have a team of different people who can contribute individual ideas. 

Improves Productivity and Efficiency

To improve the productivity and efficiency of a business, entrepreneurs must get their employees to work together. Surveys show that organizations with employees who work as a team accomplish tasks faster and much more efficiently than those who work alone. Since the team is working towards a common goal, this enables entrepreneurs to split difficult tasks into more manageable chunks and complete them quicker. Ultimately, teamwork is crucial in businesses because it enables individuals to share ideas and responsibilities, which helps reduce stress on everyone, allowing them to be meticulous and thorough when completing tasks.

Drives Business Growth

One of the reasons why many startup businesses fail to grow and realize their goals is because they lack the right people and a strong team to achieve this. Studies have shown that the success of a new business often depends on the ability of the entrepreneur to attract a great team. Although the skills of an entrepreneur are crucial when managing a business, what’s even more important is their ability to bring a more experienced team with them. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that hiring the right startup specialist and having the right team in place is considered an asset for their business, and it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked at any time.

Increases Learning Opportunities

Building a strong team is necessary for the workplace as it brings people together from different backgrounds and levels of experience. Employees in the retail industry in Thailand may differ in terms of the level of work experience, expertise, and skills they possess. Moreover, they often have blind spots about their strengths and weaknesses. That means a strong and capable team is nothing more than a group of people who complements each different skill sets. While one member might be superior in creativity, the other might be excellent in goal setting. Working as a team allows employees to see the successes and failures of others in a supportive environment, providing insight into their behaviors and into how to get things done more effectively the first time around.

Helps Solve Problems

Problem-solving is an important part of business; working through difficulties, overcoming challenges, and finding solutions help businesses excel and advance forward. Thus, collaborative working is essential for businesses to thrive. When entrepreneurs, employees, and startup consultants work together, they can share and compare ideas and choose the one that best solves the problem. Moreover, brainstorming in an organization is a good opportunity for the team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things.

Fosters Cooperation

The difference between an unsuccessful and successful startup business in Thailand depends on how their team members cooperate. Cooperation in the workplace can mean many things. It involves the level at which employees participate in decision-making, how management and employees work together to resolve problems, and how all levels of the organization work together to achieve common goals. When a team dedicates more time to their duties in a cooperative workplace, they are more productive and things get done more quickly and efficiently. The result of effective teamwork is a finished product that meets or exceeds expectations.

Creates Healthy Competition

Contrary to common belief, competition in the workplace is an advantage. It can be an excellent source of employee motivation – when done right. Healthy competition in the workplace is described as genuinely motivating employees to reach their goals through natural competition. With the right incentives and rewards, it encourages team members to engage in a healthy competition where they have to work harder because their colleagues and peers are inspiring them to innovate and improve. Employees are also more eager to come to work and show enthusiasm towards setting goals and eventually achieving them. 

Reduces Work-Life Stress

Stress is a normal part of work and life, but too much of it can have dire effects on not only will it affect employees’ productivity but also their physical health. Entrepreneurs should think about how they can de-stress their employees’ lives so they can perform at their very best. Many studies reveal that being a part of a team assists the team members to not only share their workload but also to inspire each other. Connecting with other team members can broadly impact the levels of stress. It is because employees work better by uniting with coworkers who can share their difficulties and offer solutions.


There’s simply too much work for one person to do alone. Entrepreneurs need a team – a strong and reliable team. However, building a team for a startup requires a great level of commitment, honesty, and the formation of an intense relationship from both ends. Additionally, do bear in mind to find complementary teammates to balance out each other. Behind every successful startup business is a team of passionate individuals and startup consultants that works well together to succeed and produce great results.

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