Success Stories – Setting Up a Company in Thailand

As one of the leading startup consulting firms in Thailand, our focus is to provide 360-degree business consulting support to our clients by consulting them in areas of Investment opportunities in Thailand, Business Development in Thailand/Asia, recruitment, starting a business in Thailand or becoming their Thailand representative.

As Startup consulting specialists, we have been involved in several projects in the past. Here, we mention a few references of clients where we have been engaged in providing representation and marketing consultancy services. Contact us anytime for a free consultation by our Virtual Director.

Azure company logo

IT Consulting & Services – Azure Computers, USA

Azure Computers, New Jersey, USA with operations in UK, Singapore, Australia, and India, has started up their operations through us. Azure provides IT solutions and services primarily to the Financial Services industry globally, with strategic alliance from Sybase/SAP for their E-Banking product suite. Apart from e-Banking solutions, Azure has a large outsourcing division that provides professional services to its clients including web and application development,  software support and IT-enabled services.

Story – They wanted to establish a presence in the ASEAN region and grow their business through a local partner. So, we tied up with them and started operations in Thailand by providing them our Market entryInfrastructure / Operationsand Virtual Director services. As their main business line in Thailand, they are concentrating on IT Outsourcing by providing technical experts to various clients, especially in the financial sector. Break-even for this project was done in 8 months and now is in the growing stages with steady profitability.  Since inception, Azure is enjoying a successful growth rate of 70% consecutively for the last 3 years. Check out  for knowing more about the company.

Servion company logo

IT Communication – Serviont Global Solutions, India

Servion specializes in Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions that help companies provide superior customer experience. With over 600 customers and 1000 installations in more than 60 countries, Servion’s products and solutions handle in excess of 7 billion voice/fax / ACD / Web/e-mail interactions per year.

Story – They won a project with a major bank in Thailand and soon they realized that to execute the project, they need to form their own branch, otherwise it would be impossible for them to implement the project due to lack of onsite project control measures. On consulting with us, we gave them the idea to set up their branch under the Board of Investment (BOI) as they needed to have a constant flow of foreign technical experts, coming from abroad for project execution. They were time-pressed to start their branch immediately. With our guidance through market entry services and BOI’s prompt service, they were able to get the BOI approval within 4 weeks and could start-up operations immediately. Presently they are doing extremely well in Thailand and are operating through our Business Outsourcing services,

Zee Entertainment company logo


Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (Zee) is an integrated media and entertainment company engaged primarily in broadcasting and content development, production and its delivery via satellite. Through its network of 30 channels, the Company reaches more than 650 million viewers globally and in 168 countries worldwide.

Story – Bollywood is a global buzz word in the Entertainment industry and as such is immensely popular in Thailand. ZEE holds license rights for thousands of Bollywood films as they screen it globally. They have a significant presence in Singapore and wanted to startup in Thailand. Being a public limited company, they had to do all sorts of market research before they could think of opening a representative branch. After 6 months of market research and based on several demographic reports, they finally chose to startup in Thailand. Utilizing our Business Outsourcing services, they are now poised to establish the only Thai Bollywood TV channel in the world, providing exclusive Thai dubbed Bollywood movies to meet the ever-popular demand of Bollywood in Thailand.

To mention here, earlier, as their representative partner, we helped them to gain considerable market popularity over other competitors by conducting events, on behalf of them. These events were popular television shows under their brand name, which acted as a platform to raise the demand of Bollywood and supported their present Thai Bollywood launch to be successful. It was ZEE’s first show in Thailand under their brand name, ZEE NITE.

Paharpur group of companies logo

Engineering – Paharpur Cooling Towers, India

In the past 50 years, Paharpur has emerged as one of the largest process cooling equipment manufacturers in the world, with products conforming to the best international specifications and service to match.

Paharpur is the only company in the world that has integrated manufacturing with 5 factories for process cooling equipment like Cooling Towers, Air-cooled Heat Exchangers, and Air-cooled steam condensers. The Paharpur team consists of highly qualified engineers and professionals with over 2,800 man-years of experience in the field of cooling tower application engineering, design, erection, and troubleshooting.

Story –  As their expansion plans in the ASEAN region, their top management visited Thailand and after talking to us, were convinced that  Thailand was the best place for a startup because of its various advantages. Through our market entry services,  in few months of market research, they found out the tremendous market demand of their products, not only in Thailand but also in the neighboring countries of the ASEAN. Thailand, acting as a hub of ASEAN for many manufacturing companies in Thailand and Paharpur found great demand for their engineering products especially in the Power, Sugar, Cement, Paper to name a few.   Paharpur has started it’s operations through our Infrastructure & Operations services and also now geared up for its market expansion plans in the ASEAN region through our Virtual Director option. More marketing, technical and implementation support is provided through our sister company NIIFT Co. Ltd which is a part of our Build Entrepreneur business model.

Integrated Retail company logo

IT Products – Integrated Retail, Singapore

Integrated Retail is a leading Retail Automation and Technology Services provider in the Asia Pacific regions. Integrated Retail enables retailers in omnichannel retail sales and consumer engagement through implementing retail solutions for Store Automation; Task Management and Staff Productivity Solutions; Cross-Channel Consumer Engagement; Inventory Management, Merchandise Management, and Planning. Integrated Retail service offerings include Business Consulting, Best of the Breed Solutions Implementation, Custom Development, On-site, and Off-site support.

Integrated Retail provides services to its retail clients with cutting-edge Retail solutions like Retail Pro; JDA; Board BI; J Restaurant etc.. Integrated Retail’s mission is to deliver value in the form of dynamic & scalable Retail solution to retailers at an affordable price. Integrated Retail has its offices in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Story – Through our Infrastructure & Operations service, they have recently started their operations in Thailand. Their Retail Pro solution has already created a recognition in the Thailand market and has several installations in its first year of operations, including the prestigious chain stores of the Central Marketing Group, house of the largest network of retail stores in Thailand.

Netlink company logo

IT Technology & Supply Chain Consulting – Netlink, USA

Netlink is a premier provider of information technology, supply chain, and business process solutions, since 1997. Netlink is one of the only technology solutions providers that use a fixed bid model. Netlink has proven that it can improve efficiencies and costs and therefore, uses the 20:20 rule with its customers. The 20:20 rule guarantees 20% cost savings and 20% service improvement as a result of using the Netlink model.

Story – Being based in USA, it was almost becoming impossible for them to service properly to their global clients who have their footprints in Asia. Even flying out people from their nearest branch in India was becoming exceedingly difficult and clients demanded for a closer introspection of their problems by troubleshooting on a timely basis. Managing clients as well as expanding geography was their prime objective when they opted for our Virtual Director service model. Working with large accounts in the region has been the primary practice since then.

Phoenix Commodities Ltd company logo

Export – Import – Phoenix Commodities, Thailand

Phoenix Commodities Ltd is an International Trading Company headquartered in Dubai with branches in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, and India, focused on the global trading of Rice, Sugar and Coal business, besides certain allied commodities into its niche markets.  Phoenix is considered as one of the biggest and reputed Rice traders in the world.

Story – As startup specialists, we helped Phoenix to set up their first coal screening plant in Thailand when the company wanted to diversify and get into the retail market of Thailand. Through our Startup Consulting under Thailand Market Entry Services, we provided them with a total solution in setting up their plant, machinery, manpower, and implementation of the project. We were also involved in the Business Development activities in promoting their brand and products to the Thai market. Presently, Phoenix is a major value-added trader of Coal in the Thai market.

NIIFT Co. Ltd company logo

Engineering – NIIFT Co. Ltd, Thailand

NIIFT is an innovative management and engineering consulting firm providing end-to-end consulting services from strategy to execution. We are a Thailand based professional consulting company, committed to building up long-term relationships with our clients through quality service delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Execution of right Business Strategy, based on industry research and gap identification between customer needs and competitors’ products and services. Strong customer orientation and focus on building sustainable core competencies. Forge Strategic Alliances with various business partners to provide the right solution to our customers within a short time is our specialty. Technical expertise combined with skilled and resourceful consulting makes us your preferred partner.

Story – An Engineering graduate, working in a multi-national company for a decade, was getting impatient with corporate guidelines and wanted to give shape to his new ideas of success. He wanted to follow his own path and not be bound by corporate sovereignty. He had his own vision of what would make him happier in life and given an option he was ready to quit his job. But, he had a family to take care and financial uncertainty made it difficult for him to come out of his job and start up something new. It was then when he met us and together we crafted out a plan under Build Entrepreneur scheme wherein we handheld him for the initial years of his business till his project yielded enough returns for him to join the enterprise, quitting his job. It took 2 full years to get the ROI on the investment made and to have the business flourishing as it should. Today, with its establishment  NIIFT has been our active partner for our Engineering projects. We utilize their technical domain expertise for executing Engineering projects.

Serene Senses company logo

Personal Care – Serene Senses, Thailand

Serene Senses is a brand dedicated to luxury personal skin & baby care churning out natural and organic extracts from Thai herbs and then manufacturing herbal beauty products, catering to international markets.

Story – A budding entrepreneur met us with some investment plans but without any solid idea and we provided the concept which we believed in and set up a Joint Venture company to create the brand for luxury personal & baby care products, churning out of natural and organic extracts from Thai herbs. The brand was registered in the UK, the pioneering market for natural and organic cosmetics and marketed worldwide. It is an example of complete execution of business startup from business concept development, formulating business and marketing plan, brand development, production, and operational support to global distribution.

Started the assignment under Build Entrepreneur scheme and with a combination of  Virtual Director and Business Outsourcing services  for the project, we developed unique formulas for the range of products manufactured in Thailand catering to Skin, Hair and Baby Care. Marketing of the brand is continuing through various channels through ATL and BTL promotions. The brand has been awarded 3 times as the best products in Hongkong and the UK since it starts in 2016.

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