How Important is Online Reputation in Modern Business

Then & Now 

Once upon a time, back in those days when there was no usage of the internet or in other words when the internet was not invented, managing the business was pretty much easier. It was far easier because all you need to do is to provide your consumers with good quality of services. Keep them happy with your quality of work and encourage referrals by word of mouth. In most of the rare cases, those time businessmen used to face problems and if they had, it was solved within a fraction of seconds with face to face conversation with the consumers. It never took that long or harder way to keep the consumers happy and smiling.

But now the scenario got fully changed after the invention of the internet. In this fast-paced world, following old as well as traditional methods would not be enough. In this modern age of social networking where various websites and other instant methods of communication have taken place in the life of people, to do business in Thailand, one must be ultra-careful of maintaining its reputation whether it is online or offline.

Reputation Counts

A businessman needs to very cautious to maintain its good reputation in the eyes of people. Reputation is an intangible asset that cannot be touched but can be felt among the people. It takes long-long years to build a company’s reputation but takes just a few seconds to break it. The reputation of a business is essential for the growth and survival of the company.

A negative reputation can affect the sales rate of the company and lead to the loss of the company. A good online reputation is of utmost importance for a business. Due to all technological advancements, people have become an extremely net savvy and whenever they need any information about any professional outfit, they always sift through the online reviews. In fact, good or bad online reputation can make or break any organization. Some of the importance of online reputation has been discussed below.

1. Helps to increase in sales

Now a day’s most of the consumers make a purchase after doing research on brands, products or services before they think of making a final decision for purchase. In order to increase sales, a company in Thailand must ensure to have an account on social media. A company must also ensure to update information about the related product or services they are offering to consumers and post it to social media so that the existing consumers get a glance and stay updated by following the post. A company must try to post regularly to grab the attention of the new consumers. Personal interaction of the consumers may lead to boost sales of the products. Personal interaction with the consumer on social media helps the company to understand the need and their wants for the product and the changes they need to make with the help of the feedback.

2. Attracting new consumers

The internet also plays a key role in propagating the word of mouth publicity. If consumers find good reviews about certain products or services, we human beings have the tendency to check it out and spread positive word of mouth publicity if we like it. By spreading good reviews on social media, it would help to attract the attention of the new consumers. In other words, it would be indirect marketing for the company which adds to the credibility of the company.

3 Online insights

The Internet is the biggest source of information and reliability or the trustworthiness factor of any outfit is also easy to check. Along with the positive feedback, it is also very common to see negative feedback on business social media pages. If the problems are not being addressed properly by the company, then a negative comment or a review could be the reason for the downfall of the business or result in the failure of the business. Negative feedback on social media spreads like wildfire. So establishing an online presence of your company would help to gain valuable insight into what your clients or competitors are saying about you and your company. If something goes wrong, your company can take action for a solution before it spreads on social media.

4. Helps in the expansion of the business

As the internet is used worldwide, a good online reputation also helps a company to expand its boundaries and reach out to people from different nooks and corners which in turn helps in expanding the customer base of the company.

5. Gaining trust and credibility

“Trust and credibility” are the most two important and crucial factors that can either make or break your business online reputation. If you can deliver as per the consumer expectations, there might be good chances they will spread the word about their experiences and that would help to build the credibility of your Thai business. Try to make an effort to       earn the trust of the consumers that would help you create a strong brand image and at the same time would attract more and more potential consumers for years to come

6. Show your best side

Potential clients always do their research on the basis of online information before thinking of doing business with any respective company. It is not possible to get an idea about the company they planning do business with. Online presence helps your client to judge your business on the basis of the information available to them. Whatever product or services you offer to consumers, the reviews or the feedback given by the consumers appear online and it may remain visible for a longer time. A better reputation offers a company to come in the main limelight to attract more customers which may result in increased revenue. So showing the best side of your company always helps to gain more consumers more popularity and earning more goodwill. Always try to remember that it only takes a few seconds to destroy a brand’s online reputation that took years to build it.

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