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Asia is the largest continent in the world by a considerable margin, and it is rich in natural resources, such as petroleum, forests, fish, water, rice, copper and silver. Manufacturing in Asia has traditionally been strongest in East and Southeast Asia. With its population of 4.43 billion (2016) is the world’s largest purchasing power party and always been thriving on a bubbling economy.

The Emerging markets in Asia, like Thailand provides huge market potential for Business owners and corporates.

With population of 68 million, Thailand is recognized by the World Bank as "one of the great development success stories" in social and development indicators. Over the last four decades, Thailand has made remarkable progress in socio-economic development, moving from a low income country to an upper-income country.

Thailand has laid out its long-term economic goals in its 20-Year National Strategy (2017 – 2036) for attaining developed country status through broad reforms. The reforms address economic stability, human capital, equal economic opportunities, environmental sustainability, competitiveness, and effective government bureaucracies.

There are opportunities in the horizon, including improving the business regulatory environment, expanding trade through enhanced integration with the global economy, bolstering growth by implementing transformative public investments to crowd-in private capital, stimulate domestic consumption, and improving quality of public services across the entire country.

No person can ignore the possibilities of business opportunities that exist there.

But, Starting and Building a Business in Thailand is quite challenging.

The numerous, different languages and cultural differences make it quite difficult for people to do business in Thailand.  So, it is no wonder that Thailand works differently and enjoys a distinctive cultural gap with the rest of the world. The diverse culture of Thailand demands careful consideration and treatment while entering into a business relationship in Thailand.

This e-book – START UP - Your Business in Thailand will guide you through the various constraints of doing business in Thailand by understanding the people, their culture  and way of doing business.

You would get to know :

  • Asia: The Spotlight!
  • How Thailand is distinct from its neighboring countries
  • Understanding Thai People & the Cultural Shocks
  • Cultural dos and don'ts in Thailand
  • Why should you do business in Thailand?
  • Prospective Sectors to Invest in Thailand
  • Understanding the Basic Business Laws in Thailand
  • Business Planning - Tips to develop a strong business plan
  • Business Startup & Execution - Essential Tips
  • Resource Planning and Outsourcing to penetrate thai market
  • Business Best Practices in Thailand
  • Critical Success Factors

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Writer of this book,  Andy Aditya can be consulted for a possible options and procedures for a practical, easy approach for your business startup in Thailand.

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