Legal Assistance – Business in Thailand

For a business owner, starting a new business in an unknown territory is undoubtedly a huge challenge. One of the most important aspect of starting a business is to get appraised of the local laws so that one does not get into a problem later on. They also need to be well versed with company registration processes, available options for registering a company, various corporate laws, joint venture possibilities, licensing issues, tax implications, accounting procedures, staff obligations, the immigration processes and work permit procedures, etc.

Many business owners looking to start a business in Thailand are often misled by unreliable information available online. Startup in Thailand’s intent is to provide their customers with reliable and expert guidance on all the legal and operational processes and procedures that a business needs to go through to establish a rock solid foundation in Thailand.

Legal Assistance

Startup in Thailand provides effective market entry advice for startup businesses, guiding them through the local intricacies which could otherwise be very time consuming and difficult to execute. Their intent is to provide their customers with reliable and expert guidance on setting up new business operations, exploring potential business acquisitions and joint ventures and understanding all the legal implications.

It is essential for a new business to conduct a thorough research of the local market and the various processes involved in it before they decide to start a new business in Thailand. Listed below are some of the important topics a company should be aware of before starting a business in Thailand.

Foreign Business Act

  • The Business Lists under the Foreign Business Act BE. 2542 (1999)
  • Application forms and application fees
  • Procedure of issuing a license
  • Minimum capital and conditions

Thailand Board of Investment

  • BOI promotion more prominent than foreign
    business permit
  • Non-Tax Incentives
  • Setting Up a Thai BOI Promoted Company
  • How are incentives ascribed by the BOI?

Registering a Thai Company

  • Thailand Company Registration
  • The Steps needed to Register
  • Documents needed to Start a Business
  • Who can own or Register a Company

Setting Up a Representative Office in Thailand

  • Characteristics of a Representative Office in Thailand
  • Applying for a Representative Office
  • Benefits of a Representative Office in Thailand

Partnership Form of Business in Thailand

  • An Overview of Partnership Form of Business
  • Ordinary Registered Partnerships
  • Limited Registered Partnerships in Thailand
  • Registration of Partnership Company

Opening a Branch Office in Thailand

  • The Foreign Business Act in Thailand
  • Other Specifications for Setting Up a Branch in Thailand
  • Thailand Branch Office Tax Structures

Visas and Work Permits in Thailand

  • Visas for Business and Employment
  • Other Visas
  • Work Permit in Thailand Infographic

Setting Up an Association in Thailand

  • Establishing a Thai Association
  • Procedure for Establishing an Association
  • Dissolution of Association

Setting Up a Foundation in Thailand

  • Establishing a Foundation in Thailand
  • Obligations of the Foundation
  • Process to Set Up a Foundation in Thailand

US Treaty of Amity

  • US Treaty of Amity Requirements
  • US Treaty of Amity Minimum Capital Requirements


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