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Thailand – Starting a business

Thailand, the second-largest economy of South East Asia, located at the crossroad of ASEAN and with a population of almost 70 million has great potential to lure investors to start a business in Thailand.

However, most international companies get intimidated by the challenges they have to face while doing business in Thailand, including discerning Thai laws, language barriers, and cultural shocks. A large amount of unreliable information available online often confuses the investor whose startup initiatives then take a backstage as things turn out to be more complex than expected.

Startup in Thailand provides effective market entry advice for startup businesses, guiding them through the local intricacies which could otherwise be more time consuming and difficult to execute. Their intent is to provide their customers with reliable and expert guidance on setting up new business operations, exploring potential business acquisitions and joint ventures and understanding the legal implications, which in turn provides the business a rock solid foundation in Thailand.

Options for doing business in Thailand

Startup in Thailand provides a helping hand for business owners who want to startup a business in Thailand.

There are basically two ways a business owner can start up a new business in Thailand. They are:

  1. Company Registration in Thailand – Meant for investors who are interested to have their own business presence in Thailand and have the required capital to invest. 
  2. Representation in Thailand – Meant for business owners who are not looking for capital investment but would like to take advantage of Thailand market opportunities. 

Check out the FAQ page for a quick overview of the critical factors to consider before starting a new business in Thailand.

Company Registration option is ideal for companies seeking support to start their own setup and operations in Thailand.

The most commonly used process which has flexible and easy options for an investor is to set up a Thai Company that requires a minimum of Thai Baht 2 million or approx USD 68,000 as capital investment and a minimum of 3 shareholders. A single work permit is provided to a foreigner in such cases. However, foreigners are not allowed to have more than 49% equity in the business. Learn more about Thai Company Registration and Visa/Work Permit. 

If an investor is setting up a large infrastructural project or a project related to technology, the best option is to apply for company registration through The Thailand Board of Investments and take advantage of additional incentives provided by them. 

Another option that an investor can explore for the registration of the company is to set up a Branch or Representative office in Thailand. Additionally, American companies or American individual business owners can take advantage of the US Treaty of Amity with Thailand and own 100% of the registered company.

Startup in Thailand helps startup businesses in Thailand with the entire company registration process by exploring best options available for registering the company.  They provide expert guidance around corporate laws, joint ventures, licensing issues, tax implications, accounting procedures, staff obligations, immigration processes and work permits in Thailand.

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Thailand Representation Services option is ideal for companies looking to start operations in Thailand immediately from day one.

Startup in Thailand offers  Thailand Representation Service meant for companies or business owners who would like to avail all the facilities of a fully functional branch office at a fraction of the cost. It includes an office space with full fledged operations, all included under a highly customizable package. 

Startup in Thailand represents many of it’s clients for their buying, sourcing or product distribution needs in Thailand. To know more please check out Thailand Representation Service.

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