6 Reasons Why Startup Businesses Should Use Email Marketing

In this fast-paced industry, competing for attention and acquiring more customers is intense. That means entrepreneurs must step up their A-game to achieve quality leads. However, when face with business hurdles such as having limited resources, tight budgets, time constraints, and when conversions are badly needed, startup entrepreneurs might reconsider their marketing options and opt for practicality.

Email marketing can save the day!

Email marketing is a powerful marketing technique many startup organizations use to promote their businesses and grow revenue. It allows entrepreneurs to have more flexibility in creating their brand image without spending too much time and money. Marketing products or services by email can be a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing ones. Studies have shown that email marketing campaigns help small businesses generate even more sales than social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. Startup businesses utilizing email marketing can drive impressive results.

  1. Reaching the Right Audience

    One way to survive in this competitive industry is to know the target market and understand their purchasing habits. Research has shown that people spend 30% of their time at work and 50% of their time working from home, checking their emails – this gives a higher chance for entrepreneurs to reach and connect with their target audience. The majority of their contact lists will receive their message for as long they have taken the necessary precautions to warm up their domain and avoid spam filters. 

    Keep in mind that when promoting a brand, trust is the most crucial sales & marketing component. Trust will lead to loyalty that will eventually lead to growth. If entrepreneurs cannot reach their audience effectively, then this may cost them a lot. However, utilizing email marketing allows entrepreneurs to build trust by establishing and building an authentic personal connection through sending weekly newsletters, promotional emails, and special deals to potential customers anytime and anywhere.

  2. A Cost-Effective Method

    Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to open a business in Thailand should know that they can start small and work their way up and succeed. That means an entrepreneur can start a business even without having millions of dollars in his bank. One of the most appealing benefits of email marketing for small businesses is affordability. Since most startup companies have a limited budget, getting the most out of their resources should be considered, and email marketing has the advantage.

    Utilizing conventional ways of promoting a business, such as printing and mailing pamphlets, may have its value but they aren’t something small businesses can do regularly since it needs a lot of funding. Email, however, can be made frequently, reaching hundreds or thousands of people at a minimal cost. The costs of email marketing can be much lower than many other forms of marketing. There are no advertising fees, printing, or media space costs. Startup businesses should remember that low cost + high ROI = a small business win.

  3. Effective Calls to Action

    People are bombarded with marketing messages every day. With overwhelming video, images, or promising solutions to everyday problems, customers are likely to have decision fatigue. However, a call-to-action can break the buying dilemma. It is usually a command or action phrase, motivating the audience to visit a site, book a call, or read a specific article. A Call-to-action eliminates confusion, allowing the target audience to take the appropriate next steps.

    Entrepreneurs starting up a company in Thailand should know that a successful marketing campaign begins with an effective CTA – it is the finishing touch on any type of promotional content. Skipping such a crucial factor is a grave mistake to make since it confuses the audience and ruins the chances of sealing the deal. Call-to-action buttons make it easy for customers to do what entrepreneurs want them to do. That’s good for them and good for the business.

  4. Targeted and Personalized Content

    Email marketing allows entrepreneurs to demonstrate value to their consumers and show their audience how to take the next step with their business. Keep in mind that sending emails should not be focused on heavy selling. Entrepreneurs should provide value in their emails. Once a potential customer joins the email list, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to send them personalized, practical, and relevant content.

    Personalization can be as simple as including the client’s name in the email. Studies have shown that emails that use the first name of the buyer in the subject line have a higher conversion rate than those that are generic. Moreover, apart from the campaign, entrepreneurs can also send information that customers may find helpful. For instance, entrepreneurs can create an email that links to a recent blog post about foreign investment in Thailand. Once they can show their customers the value they provide to them, they will look forward to hearing from the company every week.

  5. Tracking Metrics Over Time

    Managing a business in Thailand goes beyond promotional advertisements on social media or other platforms. One way to know that a brand is successfully marketed is when there is an increase in conversion rate. Entrepreneurs can measure this by tracking their metrics. Fortunately, businesses can now utilize email marketing tools like Google Analytics which allows entrepreneurs to see how many emails were opened, how many links were clicked on, and how many users unsubscribed after a particular email campaign.

    With these marketing tools, gathering data by tracking conversion and click-through rates is now easy. And with the gathered information, startup businesses can make major or minor adjustments that will improve their brand. For instance, when there’s an email with a great click-through rate, use that as a base for future sends. If a particular email with an image performs well, entrepreneurs can use it as a reference and have a compelling image in the next email.

  6. Increase Leads and Sales

    Email marketing provides a great opportunity for impulse buying. When there’s an enticing offer, oftentimes, customers act on impulse. Adding urgency to an offer and giving generous sales or free shipping are excellent ways to convert a subscriber to a customer. Some customers will make a buying decision if they receive a well-timed offer. According to a report from the Direct Marketing Association, 66 percent of consumers have made a purchase online due to an email marketing message. 

    Entrepreneurs can also influence their customers to make another purchase by:

    • Featuring items that are bought alongside the products the customer bought
    • Listing similar items to the clients’ past purchases
    • Creating a special offer or discount for future purchases

    Keep in mind that the more interested consumers you have on your email list, the more potential sales you can obtain through your email marketing campaign.

Start Communicating With the Audience Through Email

The benefits of email marketing for startup businesses may not always be obvious, yet there are many. An email marketing strategy can help businesses generate sales while maintaining a reasonable budget. It is easy to get caught up with the intricacies of building out an email marketing campaign that works. But entrepreneurs must also remember that there’s a lot of opportunities to communicate with their customers rather than just sending promotional emails all the time.

For startup entrepreneurs who are still learning, seeking help from a trusted and experienced startup specialist can help them with their email marketing strategies and track their analytics to help refine their future campaigns. This will help entrepreneurs spend less time worrying about marketing details and spend more time working on making their business successful.

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