Top 10 Skillsets Needed For Becoming A Successful CEO

Top 10 Skillsets Needed For Becoming A Successful CEO


Thailand is preferred among itinerants and always for good reasons. There is so much available here, and you certainly need more than one trip to enjoy the experience the nation has to offer. Thailand Tourism undeniably covers so much – untouched white beaches, bright markets, flourishing cities, and lots of bargain shopping. Despite being such a traveler-friendly nation, with exactly millions of foreign travelers flying in every year, Thailand is still rural in big pockets, and villages contrast with big cities effortlessly. Cosmopolitan in viewpoint and yet pleasant at heart – this is what makes Thailand exceptional. If you are looking for business opportunities in Thailand, then be sure to contact startup consulting services, which is a startup consulting.

Thailand has something for every Tom, Dick, and Harry here. Travelers who want to enjoy the loveliness of its tranquil seashores, or those who have visited to sample some of the rich and varied Thai culture, or those who wish to taste Thai food. Thailand welcomes all and sundry with a grin and their traditional greeting “Sawasdee”. A fun-filled, culture brimming, history, and natural marvels, this Land of a Thousand Smiles is ready with numerous travel lures, and with the arrival of Thailand Tourism, it has emerged as a magnet for tourists across the world. This kingdom of wonder truthfully is an astounding place to endure it all. You will be able to discover some of the extraordinary tourist places in Thailand that will make you go in awe of this vibrant South-East Asian jewel.

Thailand Is Looking For New Ways To Boost Tourism

In 2019, the numbers of visitors in Thailand were approx. Thirty-nine million, which was one more than when compared to one year back, as per the country’s Tourism and Sports Ministry. However, when comparing to European and Chinese countries, this data is still low. Also, Indian visitors have been in rising from 22% to 1.9 million last year, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand. They made 84 billion baht or 2.8 billion in revenue, a 27% increase.

This data has been a concern for the Thailand government. While there were unjustified concerns of over a decline of Chinese visitors, it just goes to display the scope of new markets opening up to foreign travel. A challenge for Thailand will be discovering ways to keep the impetus going, which could prove difficult as carriers from India to Thailand are previously at full capacities. Small airports such as Phuket’s are unable to handle more flights from India.

Thailand needs to work with airports, airlines, and hotels to ensure they’re able to manage with the demand, not just from India. Some struggles are being made, such as the visa on arrival waiver, talk of blockchain visas being accepted to modernize the process, or cutting of airport landing fees for international flights, which are positive steps.

The government is also trying to increase the capacity of airports at beach destinations such as Phuket, Krabi and Koh Samui, etc. As per JLL’s Global Resort Report, the airports mentioned above have registered an increase in international arrivals of 27%, 24%, and 14%, respectively. Apart from Indian tourists, Thailand is also looking for a new market and starting a new route. These include such as Munich to Phuket, Doha to Chiang Mai, and Sendai to Bangkok. Furthermore, two new low-cost carriers, Thai Eastar Jet and Thai Summer Airways, have recently been started and will hover between Thailand and South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

Thailand Geography- Situated In Southeast Asia

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and is divided into six regions – East, West, North, Northeast, Central, and South. Each area has something marvelous to offer, particularly if you’re looking to experience the best of Thailand Tourism. Starting a small business in thailand seems easy with business startup consultant.

The North is well-known for its majestic mountain ranges and nature tracks while the Northeast is eminent for its Thai Jasmine Rice that is grown here. Central Thailand is identified for its farming and farming, but what stands out is the historic Chao Phraya River, which runs through here. Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, lies here with its many magnetism and shopping centers.

To the South of Thailand, there are attractive beaches crowded with tourists. Phuket and Koh Samui fall here, whereas Eastern Thailand has some spectacular wonders on offers such as Pattaya and Koh Samet. Towards the West, there are mountains, waterfalls and dams, and also national parks such as the Thong Pha Phum National Park.

What’s Special In Thailand Climate

There are typically three seasons in Thailand- hot, wet, and cold. It’s vital to check the weather before you travel as some places are better in definite seasons. Nevertheless, with its tropical climate, Thailand is likely to stay hot from March to May. If you don’t like the heat, then the best time to visit Thailand is throughout the cold season, which is from November to February and far more easy for travel. The rainy season lasts from June to October. It does incline to be quite moist in Thailand in most places, so come ready with cool and light clothes. If you’re planning to seashore hop, then ensure you’re carrying sunscreen with you. Undoubtedly, the popular months for tourists visiting Thailand would be during its chilly months as the weather is impeccable to check out the beaches.

Let’s Know Thai Culture

Thailand is well-known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Smiles’, and Buddhism has a significant impression on Thai culture. There is a robust sense of national and cultural individuality here. It’s apparent everywhere, be it in the temples or the many religious festivals that are celebrated with passion. While the ethnic Thai people form a considerable part of this culture, Thailand is also a melting pot of several other religions, imbibing generously from the nearby countries of China, India, and Myanmar to create something uniquely unforgettable.

An important aspect of Thai culture is their food, and it’s a must while in the country to have a whole experience of Thailand Tourism. Sticky rice, fresh seafood, and spicy curries are some of the delicious cooking delights that are on offer for travelers who want to experience the best of Thai foods.

Top 10 Skill Sets Needed For Becoming A Successful CEO

If you want to start a business in Thailand, then it is essential to think like a CEO. Thailand has become new heaven for Tourism entrepreneurship from all over the world for many reasons. The CEO is much more than proper administration; actually, many candidates who demonstrate excellent skills in this field are all competing for the top job.

Below you will get to know the top 10 skill which is required to become a successful CEO.

1. Be Innovative

The key to success for any organization is to be able to revolutionize continuously and offer a series of features their products and services that are not yet advertised by their competitors. A CEO must preferably be able to forestall the future and design a set of plans that efficiently battle change and result in success in the long term.

2. A Risk Taker

Any risk-averse individual is not generally suitable as a CEO candidate, as an executive that cannot take risks is likely to force the company to lag behind other competitors. A CEO should be able to take risks, although the threats must not endanger the survival or the success of the company.

3. A Steward:

The right CEO should know how to complete those governance issues, and legal duties that boards face cannot be underestimated. This requires a clear understanding of the nature of worldwide business organizations the national and global backgrounds.

4. A Mentor

CEO must be able to find the capacity of another person to perform to their best means that not only do their successors and next-generation management develop, but also the mentors themselves learn and benefit from the experience.

5. An Optimistic Nature

The CEO must be able to think to innovate and design strategies that can efficiently combat the threats faced by the organization while motivating others to keep a positive attitude and work hard to get through a bad phase.

6. Coordination with Team Members

A CEO should know how to do proper communication with their fellow team members and discover ideas and recommendations proposed by the team.

 7. An Investor

Investment is one of the most critical success factors for any organization. The CEO must know how to get funding for their business using resources to the best effect.

8. The Ability to Take Action

A CEO must take timely action as per their strategies and planes, in keeping the future’s plan. CEO must not be unwary and should take action after careful thought and analysis.

9. Innovator

CEO must know how to work on the idea and then innovate to something useful for the people. They all must find a solution by using flexibility, uniqueness, vision, and critical and insightful abilities

10. Listening skills

A good CEO must have the aptitude to listen attentively. CEO must know that not every idea is a good idea, and not every direction is the right one. However, they know they will learn more when listening to more.

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