A4 Copier Paper Scam in Thailand – Few Insights

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A4 copier paper is one of the most popular products in international trade as well in the domestic Thai market since it’s widely used for printing magazines, letters, forms, and several other official documents. In this blog, we will try to discuss some of the common scams which are associated with this flourishing business in Thailand which fraudsters are using to cheat unwary entrepreneurs.

Scamming Tactics Used by Scammers in the A4 Paper Trade in Thailand

The modus operandi of scammers in Thailand is quite straightforward. Since procurement of the A4 copier paper as against the demand isn’t that easy, there’s a huge demand for it. These scammers would make you feel that you’re lucky as they could produce tons and tons of paper every month and sell it to you where you need to pay only 30% as a down payment. You would also be guaranteed a trial order.

These scammers would be so convincing and prove to be influential that you won’t think twice before providing your details without inquiring about their credentials. Even their export manager would be very kind and efficient. He would respond to your messages immediately through WhatsApp. He would also give you his bank account details for crediting the sum. The bank details provided by him at times would relate to an account in Thailand, Hong Kong or others in Singapore. And once you remit the fund, you won’t get any messages from them again.

Every form of business is prone to some risk. One of the major threats to any business is getting scammed. Such scam arises due to the fact that most of the business dealings are executed without physical contact and are done mostly over the internet.

In Thailand alone, thousands of traders fall prey to such scammers every year. These scammers are experts who have perfected their skills and their method is difficult but not impossible to notice. Some of the tactics employed by the scammers in Thailand for A4 paper include:

Pricing –  The easiest way which scammers employ to deceive is by offering an unbeatable price. They would offer A4 paper in containers at prices ranging between EUR 0.30-0.80 on a FOB (Freight on Board) basis. This is significantly lower than the international average. And since the traders are always looking for the best price, they easily fall into this trap.

Down Payments – Most of these scammers push for an upfront deposit for securing the deal for manufacturing the A4 paper. This upfront deposit ranges from 30 to 40% of the entire trade value.

Fake Companies and Factories – Most of the scammers set up a traceable company in countries that are well-known A4 paper suppliers. They may also carry out business activities with such companies for a small period of time to showcase a track record and then they close it. In case they aren’t the citizens of such a country, they would take a trip and set up a bank account there and buy a SIM card. They often operate via Whatsapp which are registered on that SIM for warding off any suspicion.

Fake Sales Representatives – It is among one of the tricks which these fraudsters use by posing as the agents of some respectable and real export companies.

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How You Can Save Yourself from the A4 Paper Scam in Thailand

One of the key things is to invest in small proportions. There are several professional A4 copier Paper producers in Thailand. These manufacturers sell at the market prices providing excellent quality. All you need is to get to know them and check out their product offerings.

Most of the genuine exporters have some sort of documentation confirming their validity. Ask the supplier for the export license and such other documents that could help you in verifying their legitimacy.

Negotiations with the scammers mostly revolve around financial matters as they want to get into your pockets as soon as possible. It is advisable to avoid traders demanding any upfront payment. There are several financial instruments that can help in case of risky transactions. You can use LCs (Letters of Credit) or escrow services which provide some security to both the parties by delaying the payment until the confirmation of the arrival of goods.

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