Investment Consulting

A Platform where Investment Seekers and Investors meet

Startup in Thailand is a part of Aditya Group, a fast-growing visionary group of a companies in Thailand providing business, startup, and marketing solutions to various international companies and constantly innovating and establishing new projects in Thailand.

Startup in Thailand with its partners from the USA, Japan, Thailand, and India, is committed to building relationships within the business community of Thailand and foster new ideas to identify excellent growth opportunities for their customers under the investor panel portfolio.

Startup in Thailand partners and collaborates with entrepreneurs with bright business ideas and investors with a vision of success that ultimately generates superior returns on investment. Their aim is to build a mutually productive business confluence of potential investors and investment seekers in Thailand.

Startup in Thailand assists companies on their financing needs through their listed panel of investors.

Investment opportunities exist in the following models:

  • International Project Loans
  • Business Start-up Loans
  • Credit Lines
  • Lease of Bank Instruments
  • Equity Participation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Startup in Thailand specializes in financing international projects, difficult projects and transactions that banks and conventional lenders won’t approve due to issues with the nationality, territory, region, real estate, borrower, business, or other problems. They offer a two-way approach for any projects that require funding.

With working experience across 15+ industries, Startup in Thailand’s management team is all geared up to invite a panel of investors to be a part of this lively and enterprising group.

Startup in Thailand is looking for individuals and investment corporations, focused on making strategic investments as opportunities arise in any part of Thailand.

Potential investors who have surplus funds and are looking to invest in a safe market environment with assured return on investment are invited to become a member of the investment panel of Aditya Group that provides periodical project opportunities in Thailand that require funding across various stages. Investors can choose to be a part of a green startup project, acting as an angel investor or as an individual/ corporation interested in existing projects. All investments are open for equity participation as well as long term financing, with guaranteed and flexible returns.

Startup in Thailand is open to partner with companies and financing projects as an angel investor or through equity funding provided the companies have any viable project and business plan. They can also make investment in the form of debt-financing.

Startup in Thailand works with a team of international financial institutions as well as a panel of individual investors residing in Thailand and other countries like USA, Japan, and Singapore to cater to the financial demands that a business needs, in terms of Project Financing and Joint Ventures.

Startup in Thailand also promotes entrepreneurship in Thailand through their BUILD Entrepreneur scheme, wherein they provide venture funding to potential entrepreneurs looking for investment for their dream projects by private investors and money lenders. Startup in Thailand specializes in starting up small and medium businesses across 15 diverse industries. The typical funding size for these projects could be USD 100,000 to 3,000,000.

Seed Round 

The Seed round investment amount is typically ranges between a hundred thousand to several million US dollars. These are specially raised from the seed funds as well as high net worth angel investors. Investors are rewarded with stock options, convertible notes and equity during the seed round.

Series A Funding

This funding comes from Venture Capitalists from our panel and typically ranges from USD 5 million to USD 10 million. Typical Series A equity investors will receive common or preferred stock of the company. The entire investment will be based on the valuation of the company, how much it is worth, and how that valuation may change over time.

Startup in Thailand with its partners in USA, Japan, Singapore, and India work through its network of partners on M&A deals. Their industry-leading work spans corporate strategy, private-equity investing, and related disciplines.  They combine data and financial analysis with industry knowledge to help their clients to realize the true value of an opportunity.

Larger projects are taken mostly as a joint venture or full acquisition wherein the management team participates in equity of an existing project or a new project which envisages substantial long term growth strategy. Typically these projects have a range from USD 5 million to USD 100 million. Contact Startup in Thailand for a list of investment opportunities/industries under the M&A or JV schemes.

They work with you to:

  • Advice on strategy and screening, due diligence, integration, divestitures and separations, joint ventures/alliances, corporate finance, and much more.
  • Apply a comprehensive set of best-in-class diagnostics, frameworks, proprietary benchmarks, and other analytics tools and capabilities to guide target prioritization and screening, integration workflows, and other essential elements of successful M&A.

Their global team of M&A advisory experts has helped companies across industries and geographies develop a disciplined, repeatable model that addresses four critical capabilities: target selection, investment thesis, value creation, and risk mitigation.

They also help clients plan joint ventures, alliances, and other alternative structures. Their approach is research-intensive, unbiased, and confidential. They combine data and financial analysis with industry knowledge to help you realize the true value of an opportunity.

Startup in Thailand works with a team of international financial institutions as well as a panel of individual investors residing in Thailand and other countries like USA, Japan, and Singapore to cater to the financial demands that a business needs, in terms of Project Financing and Joint Ventures.

Joint ventures (JVs) and alliances are an attractive alternative to buying another company. Sometimes, structures like these are the best bet for accessing certain resources or markets. They can get someone to market faster than a merger or acquisition, or help address industry structural challenges. They also mitigate one’s downside risk by sharing it with a partner and by limiting your upfront investment.

Startup in Thailand assists its clients in the success of a JV or an alliance by performing in-depth due diligence.

Startup in Thailand will be glad to receive your project initiative in the form of a project presentation (pdf format recommended) for their review. If the project is acceptable and within their scope of funding, they will make an offer on very clear and precise terms.

They expect the project presentation/business plan to be able to cover the following functional areas:

  • Profile – Introduction of the project owner/initiator
  • Introduction of the company/structure
  • Executive summary of the project
  • Summary of investment requirement and returns
  • Historical evaluation of business plan (whether existing or new project)
  • Financial structure and analysis to support the investment plan and proposition as presented (if available)
  • Scan copy of any form of identity and contact details

They should summarize the amount of investment needed in US$ or Thai Baht to fund the project with clearly defined time frames with expected return on investment.

Contact Startup in Thailand for more information and an understanding of how to collaborate together for success.