10 Tech Trends In Thailand Startup For 2020-21

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Innovation is continuing to disrupt business models. In a fast-moving world, professional leaders have to embrace emerging technologies for discovering many new opportunities in Thailand’s digital transformation economy. 

Thailand is a nation driven by high-tech innovations. Technologies like Big Data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and 5G would be key differentiators in the next decade of Thailand’s advancement.

Emerging technologies and promising innovations would continue to disrupt every industry and business leaders should embrace this change to sustain growth by defeating the competition.

Here’s a list of the Top 10 tech trends for a tech startup in Thailand:

1. Advanced Wi-Fi Technology For The Faster Moving World

The dependence on Wi-Fi and the need for ultra-fast internet connectivity is ever increasing especially during these times. Hence it can be the right platform for anyone to achieve their goals with the right kind of occupational plan. Wi-Fi 6 ushers an era of advanced Wi-Fi technology that meets the growing needs of a demanding population. Technological advancements has enabled the industry to provide better user experiences while using a limited amount of unlicensed spectrum.

2. 5G Technology

2020 will be the year of 5G. Most of the global 5G deployments are on track and major handset makers will start releasing 5G enabled phones in 2020.

5G will bring a range of benefits to the IoT market as well. These include 5G’s ability to support a massive number of IoT devices with diverse range of speed, bandwidth and quality of service requirements.

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3. AI And Machine Learning

In the digitalized world, AI and Machine Learning plays an essential role in data analytics. Investing in analytics and AI, machine learning is the right choice for making a massive difference in the future. In general, the value of AI, as well as machine learning to data analytics, has three value propositions, such as convenience, speed, scale. Still, many business people take advantage associated with AI and machine learning because this will be useful to get rid of difficulties related to complex data sets.

Without a doubt, analysis plays an essential role in the business, and it also scaled in the cloud. Unlike any other traditional data analysis tools of yore, it is better to take the benefits of AI and machine learning to make them intuitive. First of all, these are easy to use tools and also reliable when compared to many other options. The speed and accuracy of the analytic tools will be expected to improve significantly in 2020. 

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4. Analytics Is A Competitive Advantage

In the modern world, most companies are investing in analytics by collecting and processing customer data to generate insights that are essential to have a competitive edge in the market. The consolidation of analytics in the tech world is essential to sort out any problem.

5. Blockchain Moves Away From Crypto

Thailand has emerged as one the most interesting cryptocurrency and blockchain countries in Southeast Asia. Thai government is increasingly promoting  cryptocurrency projects and exchanges. Blockchain is the popular option among Thailand based traders.

The blockchain platform brings a new range of opportunities to newcomers and experts. Before starting a new business in Thailandit is essential to know how blockchain will be used in food safety, royalties, real estate, intellectual property, asset management, etc.

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6. Robotic Process Automation:

Robotic Process Automation is an advanced technique which will make significant changes across industries. Robotic Process Automation is automation software for manual tasks that consume a lot of time, are rule-driven, repetitive, are tasks with high workload and prone to human error. RPA is leading the way for new investments across industries.

RPA is an important part of an organization’s digital transformation strategy. Robotic process automation will thrive in Thailand as businesses gear up to improve cost efficiencies and adopt digital transformation.

7. ACPCs Make Impacts In Laptop Market :

Always Connected Personal Computers (ACPC) are the future of laptops since they are always connected, have amazing battery life, instant-on power, and have pervasive connectivity. ACPCs with embedded 5G and LTE connectivity will start becoming popular. Whether you are starting a small business in Thailand or prefer to form the largest one, it is essential to pay close attention to the ACPCs. It will allow you to enjoy near-full-day battery life in your laptop making computers truly portable.

8. Xaas, UX/CX

Anything-as-a-service, or XaaS, refers to the growing diversity of services available over the Internet via cloud computing. Currently, technology makes everything possible, and the technology-adjacent Digital Transformation changes itself. Digital transformation success is closely tied to user and customer experience (UX/CX) and that will continue to drive business investments in digital transformation. Of course, these factors almost change the tools that enable it. When it comes to setting up a business in Thailandyou need to highlight the technology-adjacent trends because this will be essential for Digital Transformation discussions and digital privacy.

9. AI Becoming A Rightful Interface

In the modern world, we are still experiencing some kind of technical issues when it comes to opening a business in ThailandYet, the conversational AI becomes useful in the software side. Now it can be utilized in more number of projects, including Microsoft Conversational AI. It will be working incredibly for building a hassle-free platform. Apart from that, this can be useful to follow complex conversations as well as supports you in understanding the nuances of emotion.

Due to the increasing needs, this will improve over time. Currently, the smart devices are becoming more popular as well as these are good at isolating human voices from accurately processing natural language as well as noisy backgrounds. First of all, it can offer real-time benefits to users. Before that, it can be necessary for approaching accessible Asia business consulting services for getting proper guidelines to start any profession with ease.

With technology advancements, we will experience some kind of radical improvements in 2020-21. It is the right start as well as considered as the great foundations for next-generation conversational AI because this will solidify in the coming year. 

10. Digitized Employee Productivity

Due to technological advancements, most of the companies are altering traditional and office-based hierarchical companies or organizations. The result of software development will be helpful to structures where innovation, as well as insights, can come. It will be a comfortable choice, with the help of these employees work from anywhere.

The advanced software will play an important role and helps many companies map conversations. It would be happening naturally as well as this can be useful for businesses to continue their functionalities as well as conventional processes with minimal interruptions.

The usage of advanced technology allows anyone to create a particular interest group; this will be useful in facilitating collaboration, to update all employees related to the new improvements within the organization.

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