7 Amazing Steps To Develop Your Brand

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Your logo, slogan, tagline, products or anything that distinguishes your business from the rest of the competition form your brand. Developing your brand can take years of promotion and hard work. After all, business is ever-evolving and so is your brand.

What is brand development?

Brand development involves analysis and study of both the product and the end consumer. A brand/product should cater to the needs of a specific group of people. A good example of a product that caters to the needs of a specific group of people is a fat reduction product.

Fat loss products are designed to be sold to people who want to lose weight. The branding of weight-loss products involves creating a tagline that suggests the efficiency of the product, like “Lose a pound per Week “.

The weight loss products may also carry graphics that showcase a trim and fit body, testimonials and success stories of past customers and other persuasive techniques.

The brand clearly distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition by doing so. The ultimate aim of brand development is to make emotional connections between brand/business and consumers.

Brand awareness shows the extent to which a brand is recognized by its potential customers. The image should associate the product with its purpose. A product may be used to alleviate a problem, or it should be used as a solution to a problem. Increasing Brand awareness requires the advertising of the entire business. The ability of the consumers to correctly remember and retrieve the brand in their memory increases the chances of product sales.

My 7 amazing steps to developing your brand

  • If you have created a unique brand image or logo then place it on your business cards, email signatures, brochures, signs, website and merchandising materials so it reaches more and more people. Your aim here should be to reach potential clients rather than reaching everyone. Well researched and targeted advertising helps you reach your potential client base with ease.
  • If you are a new business/brand then try to create business relations with complementary industries. Partnerships with complementary industries help to spread awareness about your business to people who are using different products in the same niche. Business partnerships with these industries can be hard to form because the established industries can easily spot whether a business relation with your company is providing any value to their business or not. Once a successful business relationship is formed, then whenever a customer encounters one brand the other brand comes to their mind, and vice-versa.
  • Try to hire a Public relations (PR) firm. They will create publicity for your business via news write-ups, press releases, and other techniques.
  • Promote your business online by setting up a business website to showcase your products or services. Creating a business blog creates more awareness about your brand too. Your blog post helps your website’s SEO and brings natural search engine traffic free of cost. Using pay-per-click can also help your business reach more targeted traffic. Another benefit of internet marketing is that you can measure your ROI and your online business reach by using applications that track internet traffic. Even if you have a small advertising/marketing budget, internet marketing can help you.
  • Offering promotions and freebies help to create additional sales as well as increase the reach of your business. Whenever you provide your company branded pens and calendars as a freebie, people tend to use it over extended periods of time and unknowingly promote your brand.
  • Being active on social networks can help your business reach more customers, interact directly with them and learn more about their problems. Social networks provide an opportunity for businesses to make one to one conversation with the customer. You can also run viral media campaigns to get more subscribers and followers on facebook and google+. Your fans and followers will advertise your business for you.
  • Develop strong relationships with your customers so that they stay loyal to your brand or business. Email marketing helps to build personal relationships with your customer base. A business that sends out Christmas cards every year to its customers shows that they care about their customers. This creates strong feelings of loyalty with customers.

Although just the basics, we hope that the above tips have given you a few ideas. If you would like to learn more, or get some help promoting your business, you may Contact the Startup Specialists

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