What Are Your Biggest Challenges While Promoting Your Business Online ?

If you want to succeed with your business in our modernized, technology-focused world then you’re going to need an online presence. People are now accustomed to hearing about something, whipping out their smartphones, and looking it up right then and there.

Of course, there’s probably information about your business available online, whether you put it there or not. Hence, you need to have as much control over this information as possible and you want to provide your own image to people. But, before you can do that you need to answer this question: What are your biggest challenges while promoting your business online?

There are certainly some obvious challenges to start with and perhaps none of them are as important as perfecting your social media presence. Without a good following on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, you are at a severe disadvantage. These sites allow you to deliver promotions and information directly to your customers without paying a dime. But before they can be effective at doing so you have to convince people to follow you—to “like” your pages, to subscribe to your feeds.

This can be accomplished in one of two ways: you can either build your community organically and through cross-promotion between different media platforms, or you can purchase extra “likes,” sponsored space on consumers’ media feeds, and advertisements on every platform. The best route to take is always, without fail, the organic route. Why is this?

For starters, purchasing extra “likes” and followers from companies you don’t know about can cause problems. It is a problem some services that offer you fans like that are a scam. This is where the accounts that start to follow you are generally run by computers and not real people.

The official options that social media platforms offer – such as sponsored space and advertisements – are more effective, but still not always worth your time. Some advertisements are becoming less effective, as there has been increased usage of advertisement blocking technology amongst consumers. With this tech, the consumer can instantly hide your ad before it even appears. The sponsored space or recommendations that you can purchase is generally not vulnerable to this tech. It is a great way for a company to force itself onto media feeds. However, this needs to be done carefully and not in a spammy way, as it can push people away from you rather than towards you. Another thing that can be annoying to consumers is lengthy video advertisements, which should be avoided at all costs. Keep your videos short, sweet and interesting or entertaining.

If you have the staff or time, you should go with the organic approach: hire someone that is competent with social media to run your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Youtube accounts. Have them post engaging, appropriate, and relevant content. Make sure it’s the stuff that your target audience really wants to see. Sprinkle in some good deals every now and then so that they have more incentive to pay attention.

This is your biggest challenge: keeping your social media foothold. If you can get them following you on their media feeds, then your posts will be mixed with those of their friends and family. You’ll become a part of their daily lives and you’ll be able to shape your online presence as you please.

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