Brand Development is crucial at the early stages of a startup business

When you start out on a new business venture, it is important to think through your wants and expectations for the company. You need to consider what kind of service and image you want to run within the early stages of planning.

This is because, in the modern world, it is extremely important to develop your brand and image in the early stages. After all, first impressions count.

Many people consider the brand and company image to be the same thing, yet they are not. When you are planning your brand, you are basically planning a theme for your company or product. This is something that will run across all elements of your business and help towards developing the business’s image. However, the image of the company is how it is actually perceived by the public. While branding does affect this, the overall image is a far more diverse part of growing your brand in the eye of the public.

Where to start?

As an independent business owner, you need to have a clear understanding of your business aims and what you want your company to represent. Branding of websites, logos, and social media is important too. However, it only works well if you know the core of your business.

Think about culture, think about what your customers expect and want from your company. Having clear aims will also show focus, forward-thinking and a desire to succeed to both your customers and employees. This helps to ensure your business will be a long term success. Providing a company that people trust and relate to is key. In this way, your customers are not only customers, they actually buy into the success of your business. If you can, even involve customers and the public in this process, making them a part of creating the business model.

Creating the Brand

Once you have your purpose planned and know the business culture that you want to create, then developing a theme for your brand becomes that much easier. You should aim to reflect your core values and your passion. This then helps to enhance the brand and create something people will remember.

This is also where you should then start to think about product names, logos, websites, business cards, etc. This is where you want to prepare everything you need to develop and market the brand.

Advertising is a key part of this but is also relatively restricted by your budget. Having your product or service on TV really helps to inspire confidence in your customers and instantly reach a huge audience. Yet, it will cost an equally huge amount of investment. However, it is often best to think focused markets initially. Focus on one area you want to target and exactly who you want to buy your product. This can then be easily achieved with more affordable approaches, such as Facebook adverts, Google Adsense, fliers and even radio.

Whatever approach you take, take the time to sit down and plan out your ideas. A specialist can offer valuable insights at this stage too, which is likely to save you a lot of wasted money in the long run.

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