What is the advantage of forming a Thai limited company over a BOI company?

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Forming a Thai limited company and a BOI-promoted company in Thailand offer different advantages depending on the specific goals and requirements of the business. Here are some advantages of forming a Thai limited company compared to a BOI company:

  1. Flexibility: Thai limited companies offer more flexibility in terms of business activities and operations. There are no specific restrictions on the types of business activities that can be conducted, allowing for a wider range of options. BOI promotion, on the other hand, is industry-specific and comes with specific conditions and requirements.
  1. Lower investment requirements: Thai limited companies generally have lower minimum capital requirements compared to BOI-promoted companies. This can be beneficial for businesses with limited capital resources or those seeking to start small.
  1. Simplified procedures: The process of setting up a Thai limited company is relatively straightforward and involves fewer requirements compared to the application process for BOI promotion. This can result in quicker company formation and reduced administrative burden.
  1. No time limits on privileges: While BOI promotion comes with specific time-limited privileges and incentives, Thai limited companies are not subject to such time restrictions. The benefits and advantages of a Thai limited company can be enjoyed for an indefinite period, allowing for long-term planning and stability.
  1. Greater control and ownership: In a Thai limited company, the foreign shareholders have more control and ownership rights. They can hold majority shares and have greater decision-making power in the company. In contrast, BOI-promoted companies may have certain restrictions on foreign ownership and control, depending on the specific industry and promotion criteria.
  1. Easier compliance: Thai limited companies generally have simpler compliance requirements compared to BOI-promoted companies. They are subject to standard tax and regulatory obligations applicable to all Thai companies, without the need for additional reporting and compliance requirements specific to BOI promotion.

It’s important to note that the advantages of forming a Thai limited company or a BOI-promoted company depend on the nature of the business, industry, investment scale, and long-term goals. It is advisable to carefully evaluate the specific needs and objectives of the business and seek professional advice to determine the most suitable company structure for your particular circumstances.

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