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Startup Options – Doing Business in Thailand

Thailand is a great place to startup your business, but doing business in Thailand has it’s own challenges – language barriers, cultural shocks or discerning Thai laws. To resolve this, we, as Startup Specialists,  provide personalized Thailand Market Entry Services  to start business in Thailand. We guide you through the different intricacies of setting up things which can often be not only quite time consuming but difficult to execute otherwise.

Startup Consulting in Thailand

Starting your business in an unknown territory, undoubtedly is a huge challenge and the foremost and mandatory thing is to get appraised of the local laws so that one does not get into a problem later on.

For Starting up your business in Thailand, you need to know the means of company registration, options available for registering a company, corporate laws, joint venture probabilities, licensing issues, tax implications, accounting procedures, staff obligations, Immigration processes, Work permit procedures etc. Often many business owners are mislead by wrong informations, so our intent is to provide you with the correct and expert guidance on these issues to justify your setup on a solid foundation. Understanding legal and operational procedures are of utmost importance in your business success in Thailand.

Often many business owners are mislead by wrong information, so our intent is to provide you with the correct and expert guidance on these issues to justify your setup on a solid foundation. Understanding legal and operational procedures are of utmost importance in your business success in Thailand.

Starting a business in Thailand – Options

In view of any business expansion plans to Thailand, the options to start up in Thailand is summarized through three different packaged options which is suitable for business owners looking for different models –  Investing to have your own thailand branch setup,  Joining with us to have a representation in Thailand,  appointing us as your Buying/Sourcing agent or simply opt for our Virtual Director service. Every option, though packaged relevantly, are fully customizable to model as per requirements.

Great for Companies seeking support to start their own branch 

We offer pragmatic, customized consultancy for firms looking to enter and establish their own setup in Thailand. From exploration to the actual implementation, we cater to all. With our 15+ years of experience and knowledge of the Thai-market, we offer assured, tailor-made consultancy solutions for business expansion, encompassing all the necessary information about the business market, culture and local, legislation, customs, procedures and representation in the local market.

Depending on your intention and business plans, we provide the right advice and options to setup your own company/brandh  either with their full investment or as a Joint Venture with a Thai partner through our  Thailand Market Entry Services . For more information, please download our brochure – Thailand Market Entry Services

Thailand Representation Services are Ideal for Companies looking to start operations immediately from day one  

Our Thailand Representation Service is meant for Companies/Business owners who are not keen in investing on a full fledged branch but would like to have all facilities of a full functional branch and needs to generate business from day one, at a fractional cost. We offer a comprehensive package of Infrastructure and Operations solution for a representative office including work space, a team of local sales/marketing/admin staffs to take care of accounting, government procedures, total operations, sales and marketing and management services to ensure that your business gets off the ground perfectly without a glitch.

Some of the areas that we help our clients are : Market Research, Legal advices, Tele marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing consulting services, Buying/Sourcing, Distribution, Quality checking, Production Supervision, Sales monitoring, Accounting, Administration and Management Services.   Representation services include all mandatory startup processes like legal assistanceinfrastructure rentalbackend operationsmanpower supportbusiness development and management support. Following your vision, we execute all strategies and operations exactly as your own branch.

For more information, please download our Representation Services brochure

Excellent for Companies seeking an agent to take care of Distribution and Sourcing: Using Thai Startup specialists to make your life easier

For companies, who are more keen to explore the market with just a virtual presence and are more focused only on business development, sourcing, distribution of their products, we have our Liaison services .

This option is particularly suitable for business owners who are in Import/Export trade. They do not really need their own branch office in every country, but rather a virtual office which can act as their Liaison branch for all their customers and vendors.  When retained by an organization, we help them in many ways including Buying / Sourcing products/Quality checking/Production monitoring etc. In other words, we act as their single window solution partner for their business establishment and all their requirements in the region.

The Liaison services is often combined with our Virtual Director option to make the business venture more fruitful, much faster.

Please download  our Liaison brochure for more details

All our Asian startup options are implementation oriented enabling our clients to make informed decisions and start right away if they decide to do so.