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Thailand is a lucrative place to start any kind of business. The infrastructure is developed and there is a huge potential for the country to show even more rise in the economy in the coming years. If you are planning to start a business in Thailand then you have a lot of different opportunities which you can give it a try. However, business-related to education can be a real game-changer in Thailand. The country has a high literacy rate with more than 90% of the people literate. Therefore, people are really interested in getting themselves educated under good educational institutions.

So, if you are planning to start a business related to education, then Thailand can be a really prosperous ground to do so. Providing education is a really noble work that you will be engaged in and the Thai government will help you in different ways. However, there are certain plans and regulations which you will need to follow. We have mentioned all the important details that you will need to consider below if you want to set up an educational institution in Thailand.


Things To Consider While Setting Up An Educational Center in Thailand

Here are the important details and points that you will need to keep in mind while establishing an educational center in Thailand.


Construction of the building

These are the vital information related to the construction of the building.


  • The building must be independent of other businesses and have a fire exit or a fire protection measure of the school
  • The building must be permitted to be used “for education”
  • Area: if the educational course is shorter than six months and less than 600 hours, it must have the operating area not less than 100 square meters and if the course is longer than six months or not longer than one year and not less than 1200 hours, it must have the operating area not less than 200 square meters
  • Study room – the study room must have an area of a minimum of 20 sq. m. provided that it has a width of not less than 3.5 m.
  • The toilet- the washroom must be separated for Gentleman and Lady and enough for a number of students (35 students for one restroom and the other one restroom for every 20 students).
  • The Licensee- the licensee must own the building or have the lease for the term not less than three years from the date of submission. The lease agreement must specify the purpose of the lease, specifically for using it as a school.


Information related to the Licensee

Here is some important information that is related to the Licensee of the educational center.


Physical person

If the owner of the educational institution is any physical person, then there are some vital norms that need to be followed. Here are they –

  • Must be Thai Nationality
  • The age should not less than 20 years
  • Must hold a Bachelor Degree or higher
  • Must have good behavior
  • Has the Honour of democratic form of government with the King as Head of the State
  • Is not by any means bankrupt
  • Has never been fired from any government servant position on the ground of being guilty in a criminal case
  • Should have never had a school license that was canceled before
  • Must have not been adjudged as an incompetent person or quasi-incompetent
  • Was never put in prison or if acquitted, then not less than five years previously



However, if the institute is managed and owned by a company, then the norms and requirements are more or less different to some extent. Have a look at them in this segment –

  • The company’s objective must be for education. If the registered address of the concerned company is the school address, then the company must have only one objective, which is for education. No other objectives of any sort are allowed.
  • The company must have ample capital for running all kinds of school operation (amount at the official’s discretion).
  • The company must have a Thai major shareholder (both by a number of shares and by a number of shareholders).
  • The company must have only one Thai director and the person should have the qualification as an individual applicant.

Legal Assistance in Thailand is available for you on demand.

Teachers & Lecturers

You must hire a teacher who has the teacher qualification license and has never been previously canceled or have been prohibited from attributes for a professional teacher under the laws of the Teacher Council and educational personnel.

The age of the lecturer should be at least 18 years old and as knowledge as required by the rules along with friendly and good behavior with everyone. The person must never have been acquitted of any criminal offense or has never served in prison due to any major crime. The lecturer should also have never been fired from any government position previously.


Final Words

Running an educational institution in Thailand can be the turning point of your life. Not only will you be able to make a lot of revenue if you can run the institute well, but you will also be able to provide the most important teaching and education to the people who want to educate themselves and ensure that they can achieve their ambitions. Setting up a business in Thailand is not the easiest task as of now but it is not impossible at the same time.

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