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Why Internet Marketing Is Important For Small Business

The term internet marketing or online marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce.In other words,it refers to set of powerful tools and methologies which is been used for promoting the product and services through internet.

Now-a-days especially small firms, they do not want to depend or no more reliant on the traditional methods such as radios,television,printed advertisement or rodside billboards.It has become very essential for business to go for comphrensive internet marketing in order to succeed in this competitive world.Its importance has increased because it is the easiest medium to reach the targeted consumers quickly and effectively without any obstruction.There are many advantages of internet marketing.Here we will discuss why internet marketing is important for small business.

1. Get noticed

With the help of internet marketing, the business can get exposure all over the world and it get noticed by the people.As a result it will be possible to gain more and more busines as well as new customers It is a great way to generate targeted lead rights to the respective business and will always have new consumers coming to your way

2. Consumer searching for online products and services

In today’s world internet has become an integral part of consumer shopping practice.Almost each and every consumer looking for online products and services because it is less hectic and less time consuming at the same time.According to the latest report published by BIA/kelsey group about 97 % of the consumer are using the medium of internet for searching product and services in their local areas.Online presence with a good strategy plan make it easy for the consumer to know about the products and the services,which is being offered by the small business companies.Based on the facts and detailed information,the consumer can take their final desicion and can make the purchase.

3. Cost effective

The traditional marketing methods such as television, radio.roadside bill boards etc are quite expensive and time consuming.Moreover there is no such guarntee that these marketing techniques will be helpful in bringing more and more business.Sometimes it becomes very difficult for small business to bear such expenses.By adapting internet marketing method it becomes far more cheaper and easier.It beomes more faster and easier to reach the targeted consumer in a short span of time.According to Forbes,94% corporates are using social media and 85% said, it has given more exposure to their respective business.In other words it can be said that it is cheapest medium reaching to the targeted consumer with in less time and less expenses.

4. Branding can be done effectively

Internet marketing is the best medium or tool that can be used by the small business for branding their product and services.Once the company get exposure to the internet world, the products offered by them get noticed.According to socialmediatoday,83% of the consumer prefer to connect to brand on facebook and 58% on twitter.A study conducted by Nielsen also reported that 46%of online user count on social media while making a purchasing decision and 50% of the shoppers made purchase on the recommendation of social media.

5. 24 hours of visibility

Unlike the traditional methods, it gives 24 hours of visibilty to small business without worrying about store opening hours or overpayment of staffs.Customer can get full information about the products and services irrespective of time and places.It gives the consumer a scope and time to make a proper decision of the product they want to buy, without doing any sort of rush.Customer can even make purchases round the clock .They can browse at any time and place the order as per their convenience.

6. Attracting new consumer

Finding new consumer through traditional methods like radio, advertisement, roadside bill boards etc can be very hectic and time consuming.With the help of internet marketing it becomes very easy to attract new consumer.By creating their own website which wil provide details of the products and services.As a result more consumers will get attract.In other words a good internet marketing plan will gain more business as well as consumer.

7. Relationship

The internet marketing provides an important platform for building a healthy relationship with their customers and at same time help in increasing customer retention level.Through social media it becomes easy to interact with the customers directly.When a consumer purchasing the product from the online store,you can begin the relationship by sending a follow-up email to confirm the transaction and even can take feedback from the consumer about the product or services offered by them.And at same time small business can attract customer by engaging them with interactive methods like asking them question and answer, poll etc.According to reports published by Socialmedia today,53% people using the platform internet as two way conversation and engagment tool.

8. Higher sales

Once your product and services get on the radar screen of your prospect,It increases your chances that consumer will make a purchase.As awareness becomes reality,It is also point where new consumer start to spread their words telling their family and friends about the company and product they discovered which will lead to increase the sale of your product steadily

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