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How To Start A Fruit Business In Thailand

Thailand’s food industry has witnessed a massive change over the last couple of decades. Thailand has always been an agriculture-based country. Over the last couple of years, the country has improved a tremendous improvement in the fruit industry. The government of Thailand has taken a massive initiative to encourage investors to put in more capital in the fruit industry.

Thankfully, the initiative taken by the Thai government is showing dividends, and since 2017; new investments started flowing in the fruit business sector. People have started showing more interest in this sector. Australia is one country that has shown a great interest in investing in the fruit business of Thailand.

Over the last couple of years, the opportunities in the fruit business sector of Thailand has increased by many folds. As mentioned, Australia has played an instrumental role in adding momentum to the fruit business of Thailand. The government of Thailand has also played an instrumental role in attracting more investment from Australia. The reasons why Australia has been one of their main area of focus includes many important points. Here are some of them

  • Australia is considered to be a green and clean supplier. The consumers and buyers in Thailand expect fruits imported from Australia to be fresh and of the highest quality standards. When it comes to natural products that are free from chemical treatments; Australia is considered to be one of the most reliable exporters.
  • The fact that Australia is located at relatively close proximity to Thailand, makes the process of shipment to be much easier and. This also ensures that the fruits in the best of conditions, which were despatched from Australia arrive in Thailand.
  • TAFTA or The Thailand Australia Free Trade Agreement offers many benefits to the Australian exporters in terms of custom and excise duties and other aspects of taxation

When it comes to starting a new fruit business in Thailand, there is no lack of quality products. Thailand deals in different types of fruits; which include those which are native to the country and imported ones as well. In order to start a fruit business, the proper license needs to be acquired from the authorities. This is particularly true in the case of organized sectors, which are planning to deal with exported products. Besides, there are certain quality standards that also need to be maintained and taken care of.

The fact that over the last couple of decades, Thailand has emerged as one of the major tourist attractions of South-East Asia, has made the government pay more emphasis on ensuring that the quality of food meets international standards; this also includes fruits.

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