Is Building Your Business More Difficult than Starting it Up ?

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Many people dream of starting a business their entire lives but they’re afraid of going through with it. For the most part, it seems that people think of starting a business as too large a task for them to take on; they think that it is a risk or that it is too complicated. These people are astoundingly wrong.

What they need to realize is that Starting a business is easy. You can do it on a whim with a little bit of documentation and effort. What they should fear is building the business up. Is building your business more difficult than starting it up? Absolutely.

It takes almost zero effort to start a business. Give it a shot right now. Come up with something that you want to do—like selling books or building birdhouses. Now come up with a name for the business and do a few quick searches on your favorite search engine to make sure it hasn’t been taken or trademarked by someone else.

Is all of that done now? Good. Pick a type of business structure after that; you’ll probably want a sole proprietorship. Then, finally, search for the documentation to register your business, fill it out, and send it off to relevant the county and/or state clerks. Congratulations! That should have taken you less than an hour or two, paperwork included.

Sure, there are some more complicated steps for some businesses. People who want to open a restaurant or brew alcohol will need licenses and permits to do so, but that really only amounts to a bit more prep and paperwork. On the whole, most businesses can be started by filling out a few forms that are readily available for anyone who wants them.

But what do you do after that? Well, anything after you officially start your business falls under the “building your business” category. You’ll need to figure out how to acquire stock (or raw materials) for a reasonable price, who your target audience is, and what marketing – if any – is necessary. You’ll need to find people to help you fund it if you’re low on cash. You’ll have to figure out distribution and you’ll need to decide how much your goods and services are worth.

Terrified yet? Don’t be. It all sounds scary, but once you actually start the business you can take things a step at a time. Just understand one thing: it will never be easy in the beginning. The building process can be painstaking and disheartening. No one should tell you otherwise. But, what’s important is that this process is completely separate from starting a business. You should never be scared to start a business. The worst thing that’ll happen is that you won’t manage to succeed at building it up.

And so what? You can always try again, and again, and again. Rinse and repeat. Don’t let a little bit of hardship stop you from getting what you want in life. Most people who are major successes today were yesterday’s failures. Failure to succeed in business is only truly a failure if you let it stop you.

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