Some Common Mistakes Made By New Entrepreneurs

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When you start learning a new skill you’re going to make some mistakes. It’s normal and ultimately good that you do. It might hurt in the short term, but you learn what to avoid. It’s like falling off a bike the first time that you take a turn too quickly: it’s painful right now, but you’ll never do that again if you can help it.

Being an entrepreneur is no different and you’re definitely going to make a mistake somewhere. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to know about the biggest pitfalls that people fall into. Think of it like wearing a helmet the first time you go out with a bike—it helps to prevent the worst-case scenario. With that in mind, let’s talk about some common mistakes made by new entrepreneurs.

Spilling beans 

To start, many young entrepreneurs are eager to discuss their ideas with anyone who will listen. This is often a bad idea. You should only discuss your ideas with people who you are absolutely sure that you can trust. There are plenty of people in this world who wouldn’t think twice about taking your business ideas – be they for a product, or a startup, or something else – and using them without your knowledge.

So, to protect yourself from this you can – and should – trademark and (depending upon the specific materials) formally copyright everything you plan to discuss with potential partners and investors. This leaves no doubt that you can take legal action against anyone who steals from you.

Never say die attitude 

Another big mistake that new entrepreneurs make is that of giving up when defeated. The first idea they come up with doesn’t work, or the profits aren’t as great as they’d like them to be, and they get discouraged. Soon they start to think that they aren’t cut out for the business world and they pack it in. This is not how you should handle failure. When you fail you need to keep trying. Look at what you did wrong and learn from it. Never shrug and decide that one try was enough for you. Giving up is the last option you should consider, and you should seldom consider it at all.

Being persistent

Though, plenty of new entrepreneurs don’t even make it far enough to be defeated. They simply give up partway through their plans out of fatigue, boredom, or fears of failure. To this we can only say one thing: finish what you started. If you back out or run from a challenge then you’re more of a failure than someone who sees their business idea through to the bitter end. Have some courage and some patience.

The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is popular for a reason, and that reason is accuracy. You’re not going to be a rich business owner overnight unless you get exceptionally lucky. You’re going to have to put in long hours, make tough decisions, and wait at least a few years before you see grand success.


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