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Thailand is the hub for import-export trade. India and Thailand share a great trading relationship with each other. Many useful items are brought from India, and from the Thailand market, many important items are sent for fulfilling Indian demands. Food items, handicrafts, clothes, electronics, and other necessary products are being exchanged between these two countries. Both countries make a huge amount of money from this healthy trading every year.

Only profitable products have been chosen so that both countries can gain profits by exchanging them. In most of the cases, consumable products are included within the list for making the trade much more beneficial. Wholesale orders are received and placed for dealing with the products at quite a cost-effective rate. Since bulk products are dealt, therefore, the chances of higher profits can be increased. Governments of both countries are also sharing good terms with each other and this is one of the leading reasons for the continuation of this smooth trading. Startup in Thailand can be highly facilitated by this form of profitable trading.

You just have to look for the most reliable and authentic suppliers or dealers in Thailand in order to make the trade successful. Make sure that the dealers have got proper websites online otherwise, you will not be able to extract enough information. You should contact the dealers with a view of maintaining a long-term trading relationship.  Wholesale businesses will definitely get boosted up to a great extent with long-term deals. You should follow the standard golden rules of export and import trading in order to conduct the business in a legitimate manner.

If you are thinking of opening a business in Thailand, then you should certainly opt for this kind of trading. You just have to make some basic arrangements like transportation, website making, product selection, business planning, vendor selection, and others so that smooth and hassle-free trading can be conducted in the long run.

The best way to get involved in trading business with Thailand and India is to opt for Representation in Thailand which can provide you with hassle-free operations without many investments.

Computers and Other Electronic products

Electronic products especially computers and their associated parts or accessories can be now imported by India at a lower cost. The products are not only affordable but they are high in quality as well. India has got a huge demand for electronics and this demand can be successfully met by Thailand exports. Every year, almost $12.7 billion costing products are imported by India. Dealing with electronics is quite a popular Thai business. This business has got a higher degree of prospect along with lots of profit. Computer-based activities in India are now providing a lot of jobs to Indian people and this is another great reason for the rising computer demands in India. On the other hand, Computer supply from Thailand is also giving great support to the IT industry of India these days.


There are some specific kinds of heavy-duty machinery that is produced in bulk only in India. These machines are being imported by Thailand every year not only for fulfilling local demands but for exporting to other countries as well. Loose parts or accessories are also imported so that full-sized machines can be developed. Indian modernized tools are pretty improved in nature and they are very much flexible as well. Indian manufacturing industries have the highest demand for heavy-weight machinery.

Leather Products

Indian leather products are excellent in quality, and many Asian countries try to pull these products and Thailand is one of them. Finished leather from India is often appreciated by Thailand and is quite lucrative for them because of affordable pricing and can be used for varied purposes. Countries which cannot trade with India directly, contact Thailand for receiving Indian leather-made products. In fact, it is due to the huge volume of leather export to Thailand that the leather industry in India witnessing a promising growth these days. Satisfied quality and cheaper price are raising the demands on a continuous basis. Thailand gathers leather products for adopting the latest fashion. Of course, Thailand has its own tanneries and imports heavily from China, Italy, etc. but still a substantial import from India still seems a viable option for them.

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Automobile Accessories

Automobile accessories in Thailand have got a huge market in India. As a practice, India does not produce auto parts. Therefore, they try to get the same from Thailand and other Asian. countries where these parts are manufactured in wholesale. For decades, Thailand has been one of the leading exporters of automobile accessories to India. These parts come with a proper guarantee and thus, Indian customers are fully satisfied with the products. Since vehicle usage is higher in India, therefore demand for auto parts is also on the rise. Moreover, a sudden slowdown within the automobile industry in India has also forced the country to import auto accessories from other countries. If you are trying to get luxury vehicles or the latest accessories for your automobile business, then nothing can be the best option other than getting the same from Thailand.

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It is the highest consumable products in India. In fact, in most of the Indian states, rice is considered as the staple food. But the cultivation cost of rice in India is pretty high and moreover, the country is not capable of producing enough rice for meeting the native demands. This is the reason that different kinds of rice are being imported from Thailand to India at a competitive price. Rice export to India seems to be a profitable deal for Thailand. Thailand sends rice in bulk as Indian demand is higher. Many Indian food preparations are being prepared with rice. Moreover, rice exported from Thailand has got an amazing smell and thus it tastes really great. Incidentally, both country’s staple diet is Rice, which blossoms this industry.  Thailand’s Rice Exports was expected to be 9.5m MT in 2018

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Beauty Products

Indian women are highly fond of affordable, beauty products that come from different Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, and others where beauty care has its name. Thailand deals with a wide variety of beauty products which is now creating a huge demand in India. Indians are quite a beauty conscious than anything else. They can compromise on their food but cannot compromise on beautification. But since locally produced cosmetics are very expensive, therefore they prefer purchasing imported ones. The fashion industry, modeling industry and film industry of India create a high demand for Asian cosmetics. Indians find it quite reasonable investing in beauty products rather than investing in cosmetic surgeries. Thailand uses high-quality products for making beauty products and is safe when used in skins. Apart from cosmetics, other useful beauty accessories especially hair clips, fashion earrings, bracelets, sunglasses, and many more fashion accessories are also exported from Thailand to India.


India is now playing a leading role in exporting onions to many Asian countries especially where the onion production is limited. Indian soils are great for onion production and this is why the country produces voluminous onions every year. Even after meeting the local demands, onions production remains in excess. This excess amount is being exported to Thailand at a good profit. Sometimes, onions are exchanged for other consumable products like rice. Therefore, if you are interested in setting up a business in Thailand, then you can start dealing with the export of onions as the most reliable option. This deal will enable you to make lots of money within a very short period of time. You just have to keep in touch with the Indian onion suppliers so that you can export onions in bulk to Thailand.

For trading business, it is not necessary for you to establish a company in Thailand but you can opt for a Representation in Thailand.


The corporate industry especially manufacturing, sales, and distribution sectors in India are highly dependent on commercial trucks. But most of the commercial trucks are not manufactured in India, rather they are being imported from Thailand. Truck parts or components are imported so that they can be assembled out here for making the whole vehicles. Commercial trucks can be of various kinds and thus at the time of placing the order, it is important to mention the requirement so that the Thailand exporters can provide accordingly. Commercial trucks can be now purchased from Thailand at a greater discount. These discounted deals are really very much attractive for Indians. Production of other industries in India is dependent completely on commercial trucks. These trucks are majorly used for distributing varied manufactured items. Nowadays, Thailand is supplying commercial trucks with advanced technology and flexible characteristics, so that they can be easily operated without any inconveniences.

Air Conditioners

These products are also now treated as one of the highest consuming items of India especially due to the tropical climatic condition. During summers, India experiences terribly heat especially in some parts. This unbearable heat can be tamed only by cooling machines.  In India, the sale of air conditioners is continuously increasing and this increased demand is getting satisfied by those countries that are exporting these machines. Thailand has been currently recognized as a leading exporter of these machines in India. Indian AC dealers contact the AC suppliers in Thailand for bringing these machines in bulk. During scorching summers, the sale of these machines is higher in India. At present, global warming has created an adverse impact especially towards the Northern part of India, where has ultimately increased consumption of AC almost three to four times more. AC packaging in Thailand is pretty impressive and this is another leading reason for the highest sale of these machines in India.


Thailand is the highest exporter of a natural form of rubber. Rubber is needed in India for making tires for vehicles. Without these tires, vehicles are absolutely incomplete. Rubber supply from Thailand contributes a lot to the modern Indian economy. Due to the scarcity of natural rubber, India is recently relying on synthetic options. But Thailand has resolved this issue these days. Thailand is supplying enough of natural rubber for fulfilling India’s demands. Rubber is not only needed in the tire industry but it is needed in other Indian industries as well.

India imports more items from Thailand in comparison to its exports. Thailand’s trading regulations are quite flexible and this is how India gets benefitted a lot. Thailand is working more on increasing the number of exported items. In fact, a large part of Thailand’s economy is filled with the money gained from the export of different useful and consumable items.

Thailand’s exports have also given a lot of job opportunities for the natives out there. If you compare the trading sheet, then you will come to know that in recent times, Thailand-India trading has increased almost 60-percent. Many exporters have currently emerged in Thailand for exporting varied items to India. Since Thailand is offering cost-effective rates, they are getting huge orders from India from time to time.

Thailand exports are now playing a great role in building up the country’s wealth. This is the very reason that the Thai government is encouraging more and more exporters for increasing revenues from exports. The Thailand Department of Export Promotion has opened online trading opportunities for ThaiTrade. for foreigners as well as locals through their platform – Many government programs have also been organized for giving special recommendations to all Thailand exporters including beginners and experienced ones. It is due to the export opportunities that the Thailand market is continuously getting expanded far and wide, and more items are now getting added within the list of exports.

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