Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends in Thailand

Marketing moves at a lightning speed. New trends and techniques pop up and transform the way businesses attract, connect with, and market to their audiences. But keeping up with these changes is not always enough. It is important at the very least to keep up with emerging trends other than keeping up with developments in the industry to stay ahead at the game.

Thailand is one of the most desired spots for all economic activities in Asia. Business in Thailand is always at top speed turning startups to full-fledged established businesses in no time.  In the last decade, the digital marketing trends in Thailand have moved at a speed that keeps most digital marketeers grappling with the situation.

Owning a business in Thailand gives any startup the extra push that is needed to establish a strong foothold. Marketing and promotional activities are given special attention in Thailand. There are many marketing consultants in Thailand that help businesses create promotional plans to market themselves in a correct manner. This vastly helps to not only do business in Thailand but also overseas.

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving marketing trend that has replaced older versions of promotions. New technologies are constantly influencing the world of marketing and to stay ahead of the game one needs to be quick to adapt. Though, what happens next in the world of digital marketing is a mystery yet to be unfolded in a concrete manner; the trend shows what could be the top 6 digital marketing trends in Thailand in 2021.

1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been creating all the buzz around digital marketing for quite a while. But Augmented Reality is a shift that is buzzing around for a while. Augmented Reality helps give one a taste of what it feels like to use or experience a product or service before confirming a purchase. Virtual Reality is an experience all have been getting their hands on since its inception. It helps one transport to another experience from the comfort of their suitable surroundings. Augmented Reality will help one experience the unknown in a much more feasible manner. A company in Thailand will be able to market its product or service to a customer from anywhere in the world, through Augmented Reality. AR negates the need for a large physical inventory for allowing customers to try or experience hundreds in search of the perfect one. Read more – Thailand Digital Scenario-technology focus

2. Marketing Technology

Marketing Technology stack is a grouping of technological tools and software that marketers leverage to carry out and improve marketing activities. Marketing consultants in Thailand use this to plan, create, execute, and measure marketing campaigns. MarTech is a commonly used jargon for Marketing Technology. It automates, streamlines, and simplifies marketing processes, such that it becomes understandable in a common language to all businesses. It is also used to collect and analyze data, give businesses various methods of reaching and engaging with their target consumers. Businesses in Thailand, businesses with branches in Asia, branches in Thailand all can be reached and planned to the optimum using Marketing Technology.

3. Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding is a subset of automated bid strategies. It uses machine learning to optimize conversion value in each & every auction. It is imperative to stay at top of things to stay ahead at the competitive games. Using smart bidding businesses expect increased conversions and better conversion values. Online advertising is the best platform to use the same. Asian business consultants have already prepared to use the same for their businesses. Startups in Asia would reap from the smart bidding, opening avenues to the rest of the world.

4. Shoppable Social Media Post

Most digital marketing efforts focus on social media, where most people spend their time on it. More and more people engross in shopping on these portals. Hence, advertising businesses on social media would be highly beneficial. Consumers come across these ads and are directed to pages or websites where easy purchases can be made. The success of social media falls on the mindset of customers who want a one-stop, or fewest stops experience, which is mostly the case with everyone. All credits to the ever-evolving times, most audiences on the internet are not interested in the same old ads. Creating custom ads feel more personal that ensures customer’s attraction and interest in business ads. A marketing consultant in Thailand is on top of these emerging trends & helps businesses achieve their goals. Messaging apps that come along with social media is also of utmost importance for advertising. Making ads on these platforms can help businesses connect with customers directly their primary means of communication.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is on the rise for quite a few years. Among the most video apps watched in Thailand, YouTube is currently the 3rd most used website in Thailand to watch videos, and among the most used video apps along with TikTok, Netflix, and Facebook. Marketers have been taking advantage of these by placing ads on these platforms.  Marketers in Thailand are always ahead of the game by engaging new experiences and improved interaction to generate a more emotional response from consumers.

6. Voice Assisted Search

As digital marketing is reaching newer heights, the use of voice-activated search has improved and increased. With technological advancements, the voice-assisted search is taking on newer meanings. Businesses with better-developed content for voice search will benefit from the same. Marketing consultants in Thailand are mostly privy of the conversational content required; such that the businesses readily respond to conversational content searches.

Digital marketing is a sure shot way to engage with consumers and at such levels that directly cross the barriers of promotions and reach the daily livelihoods of customers. Thailand being one of the most lucrative business locations, has all the setups for a business to achieve targeted goals in the desired span of time. Marketers & startup consultants in Thailand give just the right mix to all the marketing needs. These top 6 digital marketing trends are sure to steal the show in 2021 in Thailand. Read more about Thailand Digital Scenario 

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