What Are The Key Practices To Follow To Be A Good Recruiter

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Recruitment is a fundamental part of any growing business or most businesses for that matter. Even with high levels of staff satisfaction, people and business requirements will eventually change. Hence, it is a good idea to have an effective strategy in place, preferably before you actually need to use it.

The initial stage will include defining the needs of the company. In fact, this will later be expanded into a job profile. However, for the immediate stage, someone needs to be planning out what the company needs now and what is likely to be required over the next five years. These business needs will then give you the basic outline of your job profile.

Looking at the business needs, I now try and relate these to skills and personality traits that will not only fit the business requirements but also help the business to grow and to be an enjoyable place to work. Sure, requirements and status are important too, but you need to also think about things like:

  • The main focus of the job role
  • Additional demands/responsibilities of the job
  • Positive personality attributes
  • Existing or future training requirements
  • Opportunities for growth/promotion
  • The flexibility of the job role (to allow for future adjustments)
  • Goals to be set (realistic and possibly incentivized)
  • Other desirable criteria
  • The employment package (salary, hours, pension, vacation, health cover, expenses, etc)

 Attracting and choosing the right people

This is often not as difficult as many would assume. However, it does depend on how you recruit. There are many options for advertising a job. Social media, websites, newspapers, magazines, classifieds, and even recruitment companies. Your approach depends upon how involved you want to be in the process.

The advertisement should be specific, but not too long. It should give the key information, but also link to where applicants can get more information. You want it to be attractive, not overwhelming.

Application forms are normally a good approach to filtering initial applicants, allowing you to choose the ones of interest without having to speak to everyone. If set out correctly, they can give a great insight into the people you are looking at. You do need to interview though, as many initial applications will be exaggerated or even outright lie.

Interviews need to be structured in the right ways and set in a good location. They should not be biased in any way (such as race, disability or gender). They should be held in a room without external influences, but that is accessible by all. When designing questions, closed questions for facts, but open questions to gain an insight into personality, history, and experience. These should be designed prior to the interview to focus on the key elements of the job role. Setting questions about problem-solving example situations can be quite effective, or to ask for descriptions of situations where they used a claimed skill previously. However, remember to be fair.

When deciding on the final applicants, compare each and discuss it as a team. Look at the real benefits of each employee, but also look at their negative attributes too. Someone could fit a job role perfectly, but have a negative attribute that could mean they would not fit your company. If unsure, maybe hold a second interview or trial period.

It is better to take time making a good selection than to have to try and correct a bad selection.

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