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How Do You Acquire Trust Of A Customer?

Consumers or customers are considered to be the king of any Thai business. The ultimate success of any business depends on the consumer’s loyalty for the product they buy. Organization which are able to establish a good consumer relationship are able to expand their business without any gimmicks, free cut or any sort of special treatments. Consumer doesn’t buy the products from those people whom they are not able to trust. Trust is a very crucial factor that plays an important role for any business Thailand.

Earning trust of your consumer is the key to marketing sales and building client loyalty. Now-a-days consumers are too much careful and concerns on the purchase of the products they are making. They have lot of questions,   queries on their mind while dealing with any product. When consumer trust your product and you, they would be more comfortable to make more purchase from you or your company.   Even they would refer their friends, relatives and their loved ones about your product or the company.

Once you earn the trust of the consumer and get their loyalty for the product, you can charge higher prices in comparison to your competitors that may lead to increase in the profit of your company. With trust, you would have client for lifetime and without it, you just need to pack up your business and go back home. So trust is the most important factor in any relationship. Building trust takes lot of time and hard work in order to make your business going on in a long run. So following things should be kept in mind to gain the trust of consumer that has been discussed below.

1. Providing better service

In order to gain the trust, the consumer must trust the brand of the company. Once the consumer starts trusting a brand, they would start recommending to their friends, relatives and their loved ones. At the same time the consumer would make use of the brand frequently. Customer trust can be earned or gained by providing them a great service. Any consumer would like to get them treated in a well manner. The service which is being provided to consumers should come naturally, instead of being strategically planned. The more time you consume to plan for offering good service, the less time you would spend for delivering it.

2. Value customer suggestions

Customers are considered to be the king of the business in Thailand. It would be easy for a company to build its credibility when a company makes an effort to show the consumers that they value their request and their suggestions that would have major impact on the product development choices. In other words, companies are open to changes and welcome the feedback of the consumers. A company would be able to succeed only when they make an effort to change as per the situation and demand made by consumers.

3. Maintaining transparency

Maintaining transparency is very much required while doing a business? It should come naturally. Now-a-days customers are pretty smart and they know when you are being upfront or when they are being misguided and being lied by your company. It is been said that honesty is the best policy, so each and every business should follow this policy. We all are human and we tend to do make mistakes. Instead of covering up your error or avoiding the topic altogether, it is better to accept your fault and admit it in front of consumer. They would appreciate your effort for accepting your fault and trying to resolve the problem would make the consumer more confident on your product or services. Never try to hide    any issue or errors. Instead address the problem and try to explain the consumers the steps which you would take to resolve the matter. So transparency is very important matter in order to gain the trust of consumer.

4. Be professional

Professionalism is one important aspect in business. Customers tend to trust those people who are serious about their business and take things seriously whatever they do.  People are professional when they are keen to learn about their consumers, their industry and try to learn to accept challenges. To be professional in your business you have to have strong business ethics and under no circumstances they should be compromised. The professional attitude will always help in creating a strong positive mark in the customers mind.

5. Offer money back guarantee

Most of the time consumers do not want to rely on companies because at the end of the day people are scared of losing their precious money. Sometimes consumer does not get content with the quality of the product or the services. By offering money back, it would be easy to dissolve their fears or the hesitation which they show while making the purchase. This will in turn make a customer confident in choosing your business over your competitors.

6. Do not be harsh on consumer

Most of the consumer has faced once in their life rude behavior and that may in turn affect the sales of business. This is exactly how word of mouth can work against the reputation    of a company. It takes lot of years to build reputation but it just takes fraction of seconds to spoil it. It is very important to communicate to the customers in a polite manner and try to pay them respect even if they are at their worst of the mood. Dealing with calm and respect would help to resolve an issue in an easy manner. Keeping your patience is necessary to give your consumer enough room to air out their issue. In turn it creates an opportunity to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The more comfortable the customer is with you, they are more   likely to share their feedbacks, opinions and suggestions that in turn can help to prevent the same problem occurring in the near future.

7. Create a consistent brand image

Having a consistent branding image helps to create a clear identity in front of the consumers that they can relate to. It gives an idea and shows the consumer who are you, what you   stand for and in what way they can help them. Having vision, mission and making customer the sole priority would definitely go in a long way to create a good brand image. Once you have a good brand image, it will keep your existing consumers and attract newer ones.

8. Always try to keep your promise

It is been said promises are meant to be broken but in this case, it is not applicable. If you are not able to keep your promise then consumer would not able to trust you in long run. In order to achieve their confidence try to keep your promise and do what you say. It is better not to make false promises or commit strict timelines which in reality cannot be followed just to win the customer. It will definitely bring the business down in the long run.

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