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Mediocrity in your business will not find you good employees

People often think of job interviews as something the applicant has to struggle the most with. There are images conjured up of the individual being interrogated, sweat dripping down their neck, the interviewer’s questions weighing heavily on their anxiety. These images – while sometimes close to reality – are not true in all circumstances. When it comes to hiring people, it isn’t just the applicant that needs to be impressive — it’s the business as well.

Consider the following situation:  you’ve gone into a job interview and you’re wearing your nicest clothing. You get through the waiting room, only to see a lackluster office with a disenchanted, uninterested person sitting there. They hardly care about interviewing you and they bring no energy to the room. You can tell that they probably hate their job and that they’re really faking it. All the same, you nail every question and you get a call saying that the job is yours. But, do you still actually want it? Probably not.

Just because an interviewee gets offered a job does not mean they’re going to take the job. If your business does not look like a comfortable or productive work environment, then you’re going to end up scaring a lot of applicants away. Who wants to work at a place where everyone seems miserable? Who wants to work somewhere that looks like a career dead end? No one but the most desperate of applicants, that’s who.

 Mediocrity Awes No One When You’re Considering Hiring!

It is therefore important that your business does not seem utterly mediocre when you’re attempting to attract new hirees. The kind of employee you want to work for you will ideally be qualified enough to attract multiple offers from different employers. You won’t be the only one offering them a job and they might take up a competitor’s offer, especially if your business looks lackluster. This could be the case even if you’re offering more money or benefits. Appearance and environment can mean everything sometimes.

To avoid all of this you’re going to want to be careful about your interview process. Select the right employees to conduct interviews. Make sure they have a nice degree of enthusiasm, but that they are simultaneously reserved enough to keep the applicant comfortable. Be sure that they can speak confidently and earnestly about the job in question, but also make sure that they can do so in a conversational way that the applicant will understand. You should also go through the trouble of ensuring that the interview area is clean and properly decorated. Subtle things can be incredibly important here, you want to attract, but don’t go overboard.

Remember:  if your business or employees come across as mediocre, then all you will attract is further mediocrity. If you want to hire high quality employees then you are going to need to look like you are running a high quality business. In this way, the interview process puts just as much pressure on the interviewer as the interviewee, so consider all of this next time you have a spot to fill.

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