Is it a Good Practice to Recruit Smarter People than Yourself?

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If you are in the position of interviewing and hiring employees then you have surely encountered one that seems more intelligent than you. It’s natural to be intimidated in these situations and you may feel hesitant to bring in someone who could outdo you with their intellect alone. But do your best to put your fears to rest, as it is generally a good idea to get the smartest workers that you can.

Of course, we understand your fears. One day you hire an incredibly smart young employee and then a year later they’ve managed to get your job. Who isn’t afraid of someone rising through the ranks and taking a promotion away from them? Who doesn’t fear competition in the workplace? It’s sometimes good to be weary.

That being said, you need to take a moment to think about the success of your business. If you go out of your way to hire people that are not threatening then you’re going to end up with unimpressive employees. These people will do subpar work and they’ll create a lot of headaches for you down the line. Training less intelligent people can be harder and it might take longer for them to get good at their jobs. They’ll make you look like you have poor decision-making skills for hiring people who are ultimately incompetent.

A smart workforce doesn’t suffer from these problems. If you are hiring intelligent people who pick things up quickly then you are going to have a better functioning office. So what if they’re smarter than you? It’ll look great to your higher-ups if your workplace is functioning so well. And if one of your employees does something truly great then you can always subtly mention that you’re the one who had the good sense to hire them in the first place. The success of your employees is your success too, is it not?

Another thing to consider is the type of person who might be aiming for your job. Do you think someone who sought to uproot you or replace you would give you such an obvious warning sign? Most people who wish to do such things are going to go out of their way to make you think you’re in control and more intelligent until the last possible second. People who are earnest and open about their mental facilities are generally trustworthy, as they have not gone through the trouble of hiding their strengths or weaknesses from you.

So relax and do your utmost best to hire the right employees. Yes, some might intimidate you with their brainpower or their credentials, but so what? They’re going to do hard work for you and they will help to further your goals in the long run. And who knows? Maybe you can end up learning a thing or two from them and bettering yourself in the process. There’s always room for improvement in the workplace, after all.

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