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Is Cloud Computing Really Effective for Small Businesses ?

Well, to answer your question in one word, it is “Yes”. The Cloud computing is really quite effective for small businesses. We have explained in this article about why we give support to cloud computing. This approach is catching on across many industries now. Security, data safety and convenience are all a part of the attraction.

First of all, you need to understand what is cloud computing and how it is going to be beneficial for you. Do, here we set it out in an easy to understand way. After all, this could be extremely beneficial to your company, but only when you understand it’s full potential.

Cloud Computing in basic terms:

It is a technology through which one’s files and data can be stored on a remote server and it can be accessed through internet if one has the proper credentials. Normally these files can be automatically synced across multiple computers and/or users.

Now that you understand what it means, you would like to know if your small business really needs to go for cloud computing. So, let’s see if the following could help your company to work more effectively.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

You need not go for Cloud computing just because the entire world is getting onto it. Just see the advantages and benefits for yourself before deciding to go for it. It’s a personal choice, but when the benefits are considered, most businesses can find useful benefits.

  • It is very cost effective: With no cost on hardware or software, you would not be investing on servers for storing of data. And, there will be no cost related to maintenance too. So, the small businesses can focus on being competitive and be free of these costs. Some services may require fees for larger data storage, it just depends upon your requirements. However, most associated packages are very affordable.
  • It is convenient: You could be based anywhere and operate out of anywhere without worrying about transferring your data or servers. You would be able to access the data from just about anywhere in the world.
  • Simple to use: You need not have any technical knowledge or invest in IT staff. The Cloud computing companies will help you retrieve your data very easily and will maintain it too. So, no worries of downtime or losing IT manpower.
  • Synchronization of data in real time: The synchronization of data on all the devices on cloud happens in real time and the data will always be updated. Even backups are kept by most companies, so if you delete something or change something in error, you can return to the last backup of the file.

 Demerits of Cloud Computing:

After discussing the benefits of Cloud Computing, the demerits are quite limited but one needs to understand them too. It is the question of security. When you rely on a third party with your data, you need to ensure that your data is safe too. So, don’t go to just about any cloud computing service but go only to a reliable one, one that has been established a while and that has a good reputation.


Small businesses can reap the maximum benefits out of cloud computing as they are really cost effective and they need not have a big force to manage its data. It adds data security and flexibility to new startups.

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