How To Mix Pleasure With Business

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Don’t worry, Be happy

In today’s world, it is been observed that there is a cut-throat competition in each and every field and aspect of life. Whether it is a job or doing business in Thailand, people go through a lot of stress phases in life due to the pressure of deadlines, targets, and demands, etc. So in order to ease life and to get rid of a stressful life, it is sometimes good to mix pleasure with business.

It is been noticed that there is a standing rule of not mixing both the fields at the same time. Business is business and pleasure is a pleasure and both should be kept separate. It is been an old norm that mixing both can lead to failure of the business or may result in loss. There goes the saying that ”All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

Today, times have changed and even the perception and thought process of people have gone through a lot of changes. In the past, fun or pleasure was looked at frivolous from the employer’s level. But with increasing pressure and stress level, it may be a pleasure is not seen as unacceptable. But to build up good rapport and relationship with their respective employees, it is required to mix pleasure with business.

Basically, there is nothing wrong to mix pleasure with business Instead, it reduces the stress level which gets piled up due to the constant pressure and it may result that an individual would be able to focus on his or her work and it would be easy for the organization to reach the goal. Some of the important points have been discussed below.

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1. Organize the events outside the office

With the increasing stress level, it sometimes becomes difficult to cope up with the relationships existing in an office environment. One of the simplest ways to start fostering better relationships is to organize small-small events for the employees just like a happy hour which provides employees a platform and a scope to socialize freely with each other. Employees feel more comfortable to socialize and which in turn results in developing good communication. There is one another way to foster communication is to arrange activities that enable the employees to share their interests, their thoughts or their opinions can boost up the interaction level and at the same time can ease their stress level.

2. Take an extra day for yourself

Sometimes it becomes hectic and stressful for those people who are always part of business travel is the feeling of making a rush from one meeting to another meeting. This makes the tour pretty boring as well as tiring. People hardly get any time for themselves because they always have to make a move for meetings scheduled in different places. Just to reduce the pressure, if he or she can convince their company to add an extra day to their travel tour list. Keeping a day for herself or himself would give a person to do things on which he or she would be interested in reaching that destination. It would be an added bonus to this to the hectic schedule which can reduce the stress level of the respective employee by adding bit pleasure to their travel trip.

3. Taking advantage of fitness facilities

Sometimes a company in a business Thailand tour can be so hectic and stressful and nothing can beat the stress of life by adding workout to your stressful routine. The workout always reduces the stress level; try to keep the body and mind healthy as well as fit. So try to check out the fitness facilities if it is provided in the company or while making a travel trip also you can check the facilities that are being added to your accommodation. Sometimes a touch of workout can make a lot of difference in day to day hectic working life

4. Encourage friendly competition

One more easiest and cost-free way to add a little bit of excitement and pleasure in the workplace is to create an internal competition among the employees. This internal competition would not only focus on employee’s interests but would also promote collaboration among them. Sometimes organizing a competition within the organization not only develop a good and healthy relationship but also provide the employer innovative ideas for their business product. So fun and work together can create a great impact on the business

5. Remember to do something that makes you happy

In today’s busiest life, stress is taking a toll on our health. So in order to not get affected by stress, we should remember one thing to do that makes an individual happy from inside.  For example, talking to your family members every day while you are away for a business trip or taking your family along with you on your business trip or doing some shopping for yourself all the small increments that you indulge to do for yourself would pay off in a better way.

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But one thing should be kept in mind while mixing pleasure with Thai business that everything should be done on a limit basis. It should not be overdone. Keeping that in mind it is possible to add pleasure with business in order to get both things at the same time, that results in cum reduction of stress

6. Vacation helps rejuvenate

Vacation is meant to be a time of respite during which you can rest and recharge – but for some, taking a break from work can be more stressful and arduous that going into the office. Planning a vacation, even a short one, allows an individual to unplug from the many different ways we are connected to our jobs. This always-connected mentality fuels three of the top five stressors, because we never give ourselves the opportunity to set things down and let our minds think of something else.

Stepping away for a vacation, even if only for a weekend, takes us out of the surroundings that perpetuate our need to engage in activities that cause stress. Add to this the fact that a vacation spent with family or friends fosters stronger relationships, and you have a stress-relief technique that effectively addresses most of the causes.

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